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Chicken? ...Or Egg?View game page

Physics based infinite runner for Godot Wildjam #15
Submitted by iwilliams (@iwilliams_dev) — 2 hours, 5 minutes before the deadline
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Chicken? ...Or Egg?'s page


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Godot Version


Game Description
Chicken? Or Egg? Who knows! See how far you can fly by using the floating islands to recover your stamina and gain momentum. Infinite islands are procedurally generated. Post your high score!

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iwilliams#4601, izumi#2192

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Really enjoying the audio track and hand-drawn graphics! Nothing to add to what's already been said :)


Source art is good.
Speed dynamics feels rather frustrating then anything.

Limitations of using cut-out animations were not stretched or artistically accented, so it feels a little cheap.
If you have troubles with making cutout animations look good, consider using OpenToonz for frame-by frame drawn vector animations. 
I used it once in a small experiment of mine and man, OpenToonz can totally make a game feel like Hollow Knight.


86 m, anyone did better?


My highest score is around 600m :P


Haha ! I did 208M after getting the hang of the pace.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

With a little more balance between stamina and momentum it would be a very cool platform/arcade smartphone game.
Drawings are very original, don't know if they are fully digital or not but it gives the feeling of a hand-drawn game and it is really nice.
Music is on point for this king of game, a pleasant and energetic loop.


Thanks for playing! The art was hand drawn and then digitally cut up to create the animations.


That is a cool way to do it.


Btw, what did you use to get the physical drawings in a digital format?

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

So my teammates girlfriend was hanging out at his place when we were working on the game and she was just like "Do you guys want me to draw you a bird?". We both are not artists so we said yes.  A few hours later she sent me a bunch of sketches of the bird in different poses and those are what I used to make the animations. I believe she just took a picture of the sketches with her phone and then touched them up in illustrator and photoshop. 

The original files are actually in the repo at:


This one was super charming. Loved the way it sounded and looked. I mastered it to where the difficulty was trivialized in ~10 mins, but until then I was pretty into it.


Thanks for playing! I tried to make the difficulty easy to learn, but punishing. Your high score is saved so you can come back and try to push it higher.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Hey I came up with mostly the same mechanic. I think it would be a little more playable if you gave more stamina and with faster momentum gain. Still cool for an first time though.


I noticed when I played yours! I wish we could have figured out how to mechanically limit our characters jumps without a literal stamina bar.


I applied more gravity for every second you are in the air as the mechanic. But a stamina bar can work too if you implement it well!