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Submitted by Ereborn — 2 days, 8 hours before the deadline
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Game Description
Humans ditched the God of Nature in favour of the God of Technology. The God of Nature is very unhappy about this. Is it wise to defy the powers of nature? - No. No, it is not.

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3rd time already!

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I like the audio a lot, fits nicely. The game play is all right, though I prefer to have logical challenges over remembering. Considering you gain just one blessing on level completion the cost of one blessing for an extra peek seems very high to me. If I were that human sent to the island, I would take notes while I could, so having this ability in game would increase the accessibility for me a lot. Yes, I'm aware I could take notes in a text editor or even take screenshots, but that would be cheating, right?

Like others said I got fooled by the left and right instructions. A simple tool tip for each instruction would fix this misunderstanding. Trial and error is fine if the penalty for being wrong isn't too high, but as failing costs you the tremendous amount of two blessings this could be improved.


This one is really nice and solid.
Liked story, animations and main theme choice.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Really great story, and the way it is linked to the gameplay itself is really cool.
The curses/blessings mechanic is the perfect mechanic to make this kind of gameplay very interesting and.
Hard to master but easy to have fun with, good job!
Edit: as other said, left and right is a bit tricky at first, since I initially thought that "left" and "right" meant "go left" and "go right" and not "turn left" and "turn right". Also, left and right perspective is not immediate from a left-to-right oriented game, it should be more like "up" and "down". I think that this is a little feature that could let people give up before engjoying the gameplay.



Yes, maybe adding the word "Turn" to those two buttons could avoid the initial confusion. I was hoping that people would simply try the commands out, see what happens and then understand it. I am guessing "up" and "down" are equally confusing, if not more so, because after turning their meaning would change. At least the meaning of "left" and "right" remains consistent from the island's point of view. But you are probably right and I should expect some people will give up when something is not directly obvious.

Submitted (3 edits)

The "trial and error" was the thing I did actually, and I like this mechanic, but it is a mechanic that should be implemented in one of the first levels with a flat difficulty curve. If people is supposed to explore and understand how a game works, it becomes stressful and unwanted if the game itself changes its difficulty or mechanics while people is trying to learn the game via trial and error. It is not about something being "obvious" since I hardly believe people would have fun with an obvious game, and I personally found your game really fun. I had a couple runs... it's just about creating a ground on which people is free to learn the mechanics while understanding what actually is going on.
I'd make some features (like commands or point of view) more intuitive more than obvious  :)


I see your point. Yes, it would probably have been better if you cannot get cursed during the tutorial stage. Something to remember for next time!

Same thing as the others; cool game, hard difficulty spike. Plus, I messed up on the tutorial, and I ended up with like 0 blessings after a round


Thanks! Because people have to rate so many entries in a game jam, I expected that I could not keep your attention for more than 5-10 minutes and I wanted every player to experience the curse mechanic. So the game is very evil and always forces you to get cursed after, IIRC, 2 rounds following the tut ^ ^. A more "real" version of the game would probably give you more of a fighting chance.

I love it's story. It was fun.


thanks! Glad you enjoyed it


I like how the story was told in the opening, the pacing and animation made me actually want to read what was going on instead of spamming through to get to the game play. Interesting take on the theme too, really wondering what the hell they put on that island haha. The programming mechanic is fun, I was confused how left and right worked at first. 


what they put in the island is up to your imagination :D glad you enjoyed it!


I loved the story motivations - definitely elevated it. Because of the procedural level generation, the difficulty spiked really high for me after the tutorial. I ran out of all of my points on just that one! Anyway, nice game :)


Thanks! Although it is technically possible to last a handful of rounds, the curses do make it more difficult every time you fail. Then again, you're not supposed to win :)


Yeah, actually the curse mechanic was neat. I thought was just going to die, so it was a pleasant surprise.


cute game.


Hey! I tried to play your game but didn't understand the control....what I can do to send the island to exact place? I used keyboard, mouse nd everything but the island is not moving. their is a speed bar at the right corner...did we have to use it to control the speed?


hi! The game is a programming game. You only need the mouse. You should have seen some text explaining this and a "programming panel" (see last screenshot on the game's page) where you drag instructions into place. If you did not get to see that there is a bug! Which version did you use?


it's drag and drop, btw


More people have commented on how the drag-and-drop is introduced, so now I updated the game to show a little animation explaining how to operate the instructions. Hope it is all clear now!

Thanks for the feedback!