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you can vote on the game's submission page for the jam. Hope you liked it!


a couple of hours ago I submitted a game to a jam and it was listed in the jam's submission feed. Now I updated the game files with a new version, all before the deadline. I expected to see an "updated a game" entry in the submission feed since I have seen those pop up there for other games. But instead the submission entry for my game vanished (and no updated entry either). It is still visible in the submission list, but not in the feed. I had experienced that behaviour during another jam.

How does the feed actually work? How can I get back my initial entry and add an update entry? I have seen that other games have a short update description in the entry, even though there isn't a devlog available for that game. What am I missing?

Thanks, I'm very glad you liked the tutorial, it actually made up a significant part of development time. I agree the game is easy and I thought about adding more and more components for you to connect, but in the end I didn't have enough time left (might add that in a later version). However, I find the guessing part quite fun as it is sometimes surprising how well this works. You just look at the graph and get a feeling for which nodes to connect, so it actually is part of the intended game play.

Oh how I hate it if you have a 95 % probability, critically fail and doom your mission. So it was great to have power over the rolls for a change. I needed a while to figure out how it works exactly. After that I was surprised by how many strategic options you actually have. Well done!

What I found missing is a display for your current shield. I don't know if this is intended but the shield seems to be effective until you cast a new one.

So, I was smashed quite a few times in a row without me seeing any real progress. In the end I managed with an approach I had rejected as short sighted, but due to the enemies coming in quickly and hard it seems it's the only way to go.

Overall it was frustrating at first but great to finally beat it. I might have missed that completely, so you could add for example a beginner's difficulty so people don't just fail again and again and eventually quit.

I like how not only nodes but also connections can take damage, so you get rewarded for building many connections! And nice to see some other node based game. ;)

Yes, you're right that the the game not having a specific achievable goal is not clearly stated anywhere. I will see to that. Happy you find it nice nonetheless, thanks!

Thanks four your comment, I'm very glad you enjoyed the game! I agree on you thoughts about the music - it was a difficult task for me to find a fitting track, so eventually I picked the first one that seemed suitable.

Also thanks for your typo report, I will upload a fixed version then the voting is over.

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The Ferryman is my second game and developed during the Godot Wild Jam #9. It's free and made completely with open source tools.

You have to play a match-3 game to align soul fragments and thus allow the souls of the recently deceased to cross the river Styx so they can reach the underworld. There is no specific goal to reach as the task to help the souls will go on as long there are people who die. However, once you can't keep up with the ever growing amount of souls lining up at the rivers's shore, the game ends. You can play again right away and see if you can reach a higher score.

There is an in-game how to play available to get you startet. For more information and to download the game please see this page:

Thanks! I appreciate your feedback, though being able to remove one of the white tiles would maybe lower the tension too much. Your wish for that is, from my perspective, a sign that they work as intended. Or did you feel particularly punished or frustrated? Were just too many of them incoming at once?

I'll have to think about it. It might confuse users if you can't click a tile you are usually perfectly allowed to click. On the other hand, it should be a very rare case. I can't actually remember having consciously seen any. Another possibility would be to automatically disable the current selection when clicking on a tile you can't swap with, but that could also lower the "fault tolerance" in cases you, for example, click a little too far away. Auto-deselection would force you to click another two times to actually do the move you intended, not just once.

Glad the audio is working, though!

Great, that's reassuring to hear. Thanks again for your report and your kind words, very appreciated!

I could reproduce your report in a Ubuntu 18.04 VM which I then used to compile a new export template. For me this fixes the issue as I was able to run the game when bundled with this template. I gave uploaded it separately, the file is named Please give it a try and see if you as well can now run the game.

Thanks for your report, I will look into it and see if I can provide an alternative build which links against 2.27.

Did you try clicking on one of the actions (swap colours, get hint) when you couldn't deselect anymore? If so, did that work? It would help in determining if it is a more general input error or just the deselection.

Since you're on windows: did the sound effects and the music play properly or did you experience stuttering or crackling?

I will update the how to play with your suggestion, thanks, although only after the voting ends to pay respect to the deadline.

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Thanks a lot for your feedback, I'm very happy you like it!

What version of the game are you using? At least in the Linux build you can deselect a tile by clicking again on it: 


Ah, yes, there is no win condition, it's just a "how far can you get?" kind of game.

Thanks, it was (again) more work than anticipated, but I managed to put something together. I hope you manage to upload a game yourself or at least had some fun and learning while trying to do so.

Sadly, we didn't get a definitive answer to the topic, so I did as apparently everyone else and included some - appropriately licenced -  third party stuff.

Thanks for your input. I might look at the tool you suggested, but I have no experience in making music, so instead investing time i this regard at the very first time I probably will skip music and learn some other day.

I saw the post you linked to and interpreted it as "you can use your own stuff you previously made" and can't see a statement about third party assets. In the end I don't expect we can't use free fonts or the like, but I'd like to make sure before I waste any time on picking some.


can I use appropriately licensed assets in my submission? I'm specifically talking about fonts, sound effects and music. Or do I have to create those all by myself?

Thanks for your thoughts, I'm happy you like my game. :) I don't fully understand what you say about jumping. In theory you should only jump by speeding over a hill. Maybe you can explain again what you have in mind?