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I like the main mechanic honestly, but the problem is really the amount of content. There was like 4 weapons in the game, which made it repetitive fast, and you end up with a bunch of the same weapons, which has no point (well, on the swords, but that's beside the point). The mechanic is smart, just doesn't work with so little content.

To answer your questions, when I say luck based, I mean that you surviving depends only with the red potions dropping or not.

I agree with Bitron that this could be pretty good as a mobile game, but only if it has a lot of content, because your mechanic only allows that


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> I can't stack items that are the exact same

> I saw exactly 2 enemies. That may be because I didn't get far enough (which I doubt, I got pretty far), or  because there are only 2.

> What's the point of keeping Red Potions? Just use them directly

> Wayy too luck based.

> No way of telling how far I got

> I now have 10 dragon swords. It has no use. What I mean by this is I get farther and farther, but items are less and less useful. The only ones that have a use are throwing daggers and red potions

> Where's the theme?

Conclusion: Not enough content. That's the only problem. There's very very little content. I'd recommend adding a resting point, because it pretty quickly gets just "how many red potions can I drink in a minute"

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Next time, don't put all three platforms in one folder .

Other than that, very creative and smart

Love it!

Edit: Wait, it's randomly generated?! AND IT'S GOOD!! 


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It seems like a really good game, but the english is bad (Edit: actually, only in one place), and some questions are "x or y", and I only have "yes or no" buttons (edit: I have been told that it's volountary, to add more stress). Plus, it's so laggy that I can barely read what it says (I have like a frame every 3 seconds)(Edit: The lo-fi version fixes that). I really like it though!

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So, I played the game in its entirety. Here's my review:

THEME: 4 stars. Chain was definitely present, but destruction was a bit lacking

FUN: 4 stars. It was definitely fun, but could have been better. Swinging with the chain is hard but satisfying, but you don't get much chance to do that! Plus, the chain doesn't feel so much like a chain than an elastic, which is OK, I understand how hard it is to make a chain with good mechanics, but I would have prefered to have a chain that collides with the walls, still.

CONTROLS: 4 stars, they're intuitive and there. Maybe reassigning them would've been good.

GRAPHICS: Beautiful graphics,  5 stars. Just found the animation a bit lacking

AUDIO: 4 stars. Music is good, but sound effects don't fit

ORIGINALITY: 4 stars. A basic mechanic, that comes pretty fast, but well extended

TOTAL: 4 stars

Thanks! We'll work on all that in the post-jam version!

My entire team is! And I know a couple people also using Godot

Thanks! I didn't do the graphics though, I did the programming. I was really impressed by what he did too!

Ah, I see. Thanks!

The standing on the walls was... unintentional, but allowed to stay because it was too hard to fix and not a big deal. Is it possible to give it permission to run from Godot?


Also, distracting blocks? You mean the rocks? Those are a bit broken apparently, I'll fix that soon


I'm lost. I can't find a pause button, I can only find a hint button. A tutorial is missing

Very good art, very nice all around. My only complaint is the controls. They're not tight, and that's bad for a platformer, and the run command is bad. Other than that :)

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Great! I still don't know what the controls are though. Do I have a weapon?

Weird. I'll try and export it again, give me a sec

Still doesn't work

Firefox, and Windows10

What h means is that the mouse is in one direction, and the player faces 90° off from that direction

Thanks! A few people said the difficulty curve was too steep, so I'm currently making an updated version

Very nice, and original. The only complaint I have is how short and easy it is. Oh well, short and sweet it was.

1. Release a desktop version, HTML5 version only is not a good idea, because the game sometimes does not load
2. There's no tutorial, anywhere. It's unclear that you can double jump, and what the controls are.

3. Other than that, the game is decent, the art has a very nice style. Good job! :D

Aemetta, guardian of the .pck

The tutorial is unclear. I should have added more explanation. Those weird green coins? They fix all glitching

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I can't play it on firefox

Yeah, this is the old version. There's a fixing thing in the new version that was done in the jam, just not uploaded yet. I'll upload it as soon as I can

Awesome! Very fun game

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I really like this game ;) You might want to mark the windows download though


Yeah, honestly, since I did this in 3 hours, I didn't have time to polish. Most of the time was adding "needed" stuff, and I'm not really happy with this

Oops! Thanks!

Yeah, zombie mode was a bit sloppy

Will do!

Just wow. Holy crap. Two people, 9 days, and yet this is professional. Incredible.

Awesome! Only thing that's weird; no consequences. At all.

Really like it! But... Oooooh god the camera... Bleurgh!