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Like the other person said, immaculate vibes! I had 2 problems; it was unclear what regions to click sometimes (clicking the papers or towards papers was weird), and I still have no idea how the lens puzzle works, I solved it by rolling through them randomly.

Other than that, great stuff, very immersive! Surprised that (spoilers) we don't die lol.

Quote from the post:

  • Automated Speciation System + Tree of life

That's a classifier, so yeah, it's already planned for 0.6.0. The rest might be planned too

Wow, this is really good! There's a lot of upgrade branches, although you don't really have time to explore a lot of them with the length of a game. It's pretty easy once you figure out the balance, but all around this is super fun. Would be even cooler with a multiplayer version!


I have the same issue as you on linux lol

awesome, thanks!

Title. Erased about an hour of work when I meant to press shift+R :( I think it really should either not do that at all, or at least give a warning. I've turned on autosave now at least

Deepdwn version: latest
OS: Pop!_OS 21.04

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If you put four $ in the same line, then the text between the first and last becomes highlighted like latex, however in the preview it is not (which is correct).

Version: v0.30.0
OS: Linux Mint

awesome, thanks!

alright, thanks!

Awesome, thanks! I can't seem to make them work though... There's just no highlighting or anything, and neither the preview nor the exports show anything other than the standard characters. Am I missing something?

The formats I tried:


$ test $

`$ test $`

$latex test $

$` test `$

wow, okay, I see! Thanks! Perfect, I'll start using deepdwn fully for my notes, then!

Apparently itch decided to not show the screenshots I put...

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Deepdwn version: v0.28.1

OS: Pop!_OS 20.21

Any text put inside any html tag will not be parsed as markdown. Some highlighting works, but not the rest.

Text given

fair enough, but it seems like most of those are just delimiters? So either there could be custom delimiters, or people can just find/replace if they want to adapt it

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nope, I just hadn't realized that I needed to use the preview to see them, I thought they'd pop up like all the standard markdown stuff, sorry!

edit: how do I close this, btw?

That's great, thanks!

Deepdwn community » Requests · Created a new topic Integrated HTML?

According , markdown should support raw HTML in specific cases. This allows infinite flexibility, which is nice when you want to use pure text files with some extra flair occasionally. One way I've personally used them is with <details>, for collapsible sections in HTML. Anyway, is it possible to have raw HTML support, or does it violate some philosophy of the project?

Thanks in advance!

Integrated latex sometimes uses $ as a delimiter. I already have some notes in this format, and it'd be great if I could use it (especially since writing ```latex is unwieldy, particularly to take notes for classes..). Alternatively, custom delimiters would be great.

$ is generally for inline math, and $$ makes a new centered line with just the math.


the movement is wayy too slow to get anywhere in combat, but the rest is really well done

you've got some great levels here! Get some better art and you can definitely turn this into a full game

(Also, shouldn't the "mouse controls" button rather be called "rat controls" :P)

alright, just finished it! great visuals, love the movement!

5/5 in my book, with more levels could 100% be a full game. Understandably though, one level that's already pretty large and detailed, plus all the other systems... for one person, that's already a lot

ah no, I thought it was just the sentries

I can't seem to open the first nucleus... the targets randomly exploded and it did not open

great concept, but there's a few issues:
- difficulty is very inconsistent

- rewinding time doesn't heal your health up, making it... pretty useless apart from specific cases, where you're stuck and had sometime a few seconds where you're safe

oh wow that's really neat, if you're doing well it gets harder, but it really feels natural, well done!

Yes it does, thank you!
What about linux?

Completely forgot about surrendering, that's a good idea!

I feel like beating the true villain is practically impossible, especially with what I had. I had a Hero and a 22 target card, which meant I had to purely count on luck to beat him. What would have been the correct strategy?

67 lines, phew

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Any possibility to get an export for mac/linux? Almost got it working with wine, it doesn't crash (icon.ico was corrupted), but I only see the arrows, and all the icons, so no text.

Edit: Somehow, it works now! I think it's because I installed the font in the app.asar. An export would be nice tho.
Edit2: It seems that I need to maximize the screen before it works. Weird, but whatever

Good art, good sound, and gameplay that both worked, and had good AI. Was quite stressful, but it was a bit repetitive at times, and the cumbersome-nesss feature was a bit annoying. A possible system to mitigate that would be to have a sprint, with a stamina bar, but the bar decreases faster when carrying something. Then, you still move at the same speed but you still have to be careful of the monster. Anyway, very good horror game for a jam

The theme fits well and the artstyle is very cute! I had two issues with it: applying spells to an ally is quite hard, because they constantly move and mass heal should apply to everyone immediately. Second is that the balance might need a bit of work, since I never ran out of many, but was constantly applying spells. Other than that, very nice game, great work!

Very well made! Not much to say, there was very good AI, you always know who's who, and it works!

Does not seem to load on web for me, on firefox

Well... it works, and it's not buggy! Although it's quite small, everything is smooth, you've got music... You did a good job for this jam for sure, since you knew what to scrap and you ended up with a playable game!

Very nice! I agree with the other commenters on how there should be more time. I barely could organize my pile before it messed up again, and I definitely didn't have the time to make the gear swap to the right enemies. I feel like a better item movement control would be necessary, like being able to pull an item back. This would also fix my other issue of putting items on the edge accidentally and being forced to throw them out. Very good concept and very well executed for a jam though!

Ah, I beat the game for real this time

what a bittersweet ending...

very nice :) I'm guessing there's no resources after the bedrock. Since I mined everything, I think I can say I 100% the game

Definitely has a lot of potential with more variation for the different mechanics