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Horror has broken free — Can you escape alive?
Submitted by Kwabsi (@kwabsel), kiberptah, eHEL, RomeRomey — 1 hour, 37 minutes before the deadline
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Game Description
Horror has broken free — Can you escape alive?

Discord Username
eHEL#5988, romeromey#5100, kiberptah#6842, Kwabsi#0951

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Nice atmosphere, graphics and sound!

Submitted (1 edit) (+3)

Oh my god this was amazing. This legitimately scared me and I hate that monster omg.

I'll just get my one negative out of the way so I can go on to praise this game. I didn't like having to go through the dialog each time on restart. I was just spamming spacebar to get it over with.

Okay, after that, I loved everything.

The sound design is wonderful. Everything legitimately creeped me out, the music was wonderful and I loved the subtle change it had when we turn on the lights.

The proximity alarm is so good, it builds that sense of dread and makes for absolutely wonderful decision making where I'm deciding if I should drop what I have and hide, or continue going, I mean it's only yellow I'm sure I can push a little bit farther.

Whenever the monster finds me, running away is such a tense chase.

The art is also so good! Really good use of a small amount of pixels, and making me feel so small in comparison to the big monster.

The layout of the facility is also wonderfully designed, it was very easy to remember and map out in my head which is so important when I need to change paths to avoid the monster.

And oh my god SCREW YOU!!! When I got to the last door and saw that I had to hold it I was cursing you guys out (in a good way though!) That was such a good and scary decision but NOOOOOOO!!!

Such a good job!!! I cleared it in 1016.8


thanks, glad you made it to the end!

Submitted (1 edit) (+3)

Thanks for the game, I had fun!

I have some minor feedback which might make the game more user-friendly:

- a pause menu on escape to take a look at the controls or just take a break would be nice

- sometimes in the dialog, there is mention of the [drop key] but I didn't know which one it was. I think you can replace easily the [drop key] with the actual key letter via scripting

- I died a couple times. Would be nice to have an option to skip the first dialog.


Edit: jump scare!


I really didn't expect this game to be so scary, but definitely jumped a few times! You nailed the atmosphere here.


This is so good!

The monster proximity sensor alarm helps you know when the monster is getting closer, yes, but on the other hand, is the bigger source of tension in the game. XD
Very good work.


Really cool. Eventually the monster got to me while I was sheltered in a locker - I assume that's because I was taking too long and the monster wasn't fooled anymore?


The monster attacks you if it sees you enter the locker - we should have clarified this better, as a lot of players were caught off guard by this.


Ah, makes sense!


great game.


Very good horror game I loved the audio and  art design :))


I'm not a fan of horror games but I enjoyed the game. ^^


I really enjoyed the graphics and sound on your game. Nice job!


That floating ball of doom scared the bejesus out of me, jeez, the first time i saw it... But honestly good game!


Horror genre is normally not my type but the dark ambient and the sensor frequency really help in creating the tension >_< I would enjoy the game if I have someone accompanied haha


Wow, what a cool stealth game. I bet this was inspired by Alien Isolation wasn’t it?


It was definitely thought about during the production! Especially the motion tracker. 


Very good game, it doesn't even look like a "jam game" to me. It's polished, beautiful, the audio is amazing.

Congratulations to the whole team !


Great 2D horror game with awesome dialogs. Also the attention that was put into the accessibility is outstanding! As the others mentioned it's a bit frustrating to lose all the progress. So that I also wasn't able to finish it.

But besides that it's a super cool submission! :)


The monster adds some great tension, and the spatial audio really enhances it! Really enjoying the world-building as well. Needing to start all the way from the main menu when I die is a little tedious, but it's a small nitpick! Didn't get to finish the whole thing, but I'll likely be back before the end of the jam to give it a full shake. Overall a great experience, well done!

Oh, and the butt wiggle. Whoever put the butt wiggle on the main character is my MVP.


Ha, I'm so glad you liked the butt wiggle! Hearing that people enjoy the work I put into the art is heartwarming


As other said getting caught is more annoying than terrifying because you know you will have to do everything again.

Sometimes I feel cheated because the detector didn’t beep fast enough to tell me he was right at the junction between two rooms (if he run toward me and I run toward it ?).

Something like a password to open a door would have been great way to shortcut when you die.

Overall I like the tone of the game and the visual (it’s “simple” but not in a bad ways). The gameplay is simple but polished, so great game !


Oh, the horror! This is actually scary a bit! :) Very nice audio work and visuals are also great. It was just a tad too hard for me, an d the fact that I had to start from the beginning over and over, was a bit discouraging.


Good art, good sound, and gameplay that both worked, and had good AI. Was quite stressful, but it was a bit repetitive at times, and the cumbersome-nesss feature was a bit annoying. A possible system to mitigate that would be to have a sprint, with a stamina bar, but the bar decreases faster when carrying something. Then, you still move at the same speed but you still have to be careful of the monster. Anyway, very good horror game for a jam


Intense but at times cumbersome. Didn't manage to complete the whole game, because the monster surprised me while I was carrying the fuel. Even so great stuff!