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Haha love to hear it


Very sudden ending... Cool drawings though

Very fun to transform into different types of enemies but I think the combat could have been improved

Fun idea and cool execution!

I got 100! Very fun idea. Could work as a two player game.

It says for me that this game is disqualified from the game jam. How did you find this game to play? And I think it should work with google chrome maybe

It says for me that this game is disqualified from the game jam. How did you find this game to play? And I think it should work with google chrome maybe

If this is original then amazing! This type of game could truly blow up if polished.

I see the potential in the game, but the climbing mechanics were just very glitchy.

Good use of the theme and fun gameplay.

I couldn't figure out how to make the big leap at the start of the level, so I'll come back to this and play it fully if I figure it out.

I got 38.36s. Fun and visually impressive, but too difficult in my opinion. I think I would remove the chaser's ability and maybe make the player take less damage from hitting the boxes, but great fun nonetheless.

The hero's movement feels a little inconsistent sometimes, but otherwise, the gameplay was fun. 

The crocodiles have a pretty low chance of spawning so I'm not surprised

Mobility was a little clunky, but the adventure was still enjoyable.

I made it! The game really did feel like a mental prison at some points, but reaching the end made the struggle worth it.

I got 58! I like the premise of the game and the gameplay was somewhat addictive as well. Good submission.

Never seen a game like this. It was nice.

Very fun! It worked just like I imagined it should.

Intense but at times cumbersome. Didn't manage to complete the whole game, because the monster surprised me while I was carrying the fuel. Even so great stuff!

You can fly by spamming "w" and spacebar, which helped me a lot in completing the game, because it got quite difficult. I liked the story you made for the game. Nice one.

Great story and gameplay. Nice job.

A tad too difficult for me, but I liked the idea.

A clever approach to the theme of the jam with very original gameplay. The visuals and audio are great as well. My only criticisms are the game's lack of challenge and slow pace, but the end battle was great closure.

The game looks and feels fantastic, but is unfortunately very short and easy. Great submission nonetheless.

I liked the art style and the idea behind not being able to kill yourself, but there are some glaring issues that I am sure you will fix in the upcoming updates. My suggestions for making the game better would be to let the player control the character with wasd, not have the player glide towards the direction last pressed when in the air, fix the endless void at level 2's ending, and make the third level's circular saw booster thing work properly more than once. Other than that nice submission!

That's a feature. A hidden easter egg! Yes.

True true but I'm just confused as to what the real mean in this scenario should be.  My ratings on assets have been quite inconsistent and have been heavily influenced by the game's overall quality, because I'd like to see the better games succeed even with the assets. I don't want to give two 1/5 and bring down their score, because of the assets. I guess I'm going in circles and at the end of the day it doesn't matter that much.

Great game. I felt really powerful when striking with the lightning. I think this should win the jam.

 Yeah I noticed those bugs too lol. I was a bit of a donkey in this game jam for having a scope too big. Thanks for playing.

Yeah I think it would be better if there was just one path and you could focus more on the labyrinth sections inside the shapes rather than have the space be massive and full of dead-ends. It would make the game simpler and less luck-based.

The spirits collide with each other and I felt like the other mechanics weren't working like they were supposed to either. Pretty cool that you've managed to make your own game engine though.

Yes but I think it's a bit different with assets. If you saw a game that had great textures, but then found out that none of them were made for this jam and instead borrowed from somewhere else,  what rating would you give? In a sense I would be tempted to give only 1 star, but that would bring their average overall score down as well, which is unfortunate, because assets aren't disallowed and when they made the conscious decision to use some, they most likely didn't expect to get bad ratings from it.

My experience was totally opposite of ramidrejus's. I could stand next to a lamppost and the enemies would come to me and die. But then at 97 seconds the enemies didn't die from the light for some reason and killed me. Fun game still.

Pretty good. I think the power source mechanic worked very well in the gameplay. The game could have been a bit more difficult though.

Otherwise good, but too many dead-ends.

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Surely I don't give it 5 stars, but would only 1 star be too cruel then? Do I go in the middle and give a 3 even if the dev hasn't made it to give him some points for picking good art? Because it's pretty unfair for the ones who have made their own art in the given 3 hour time period.