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Wow, what an amazing game. Definitely one of my favorite entry for this jam. I like the atmosphere, story, style and the sound design. Keep up the great work! :)

Typically I play on my tower. But I was outside with my laptop and wanted to try some entries. So it’s definitely not very common that the right mouse button is hard to access. :D

This game has a lot of potential. I love the world building, but I think there are some missed opportunities to build up some atmosphere. I guess some sounds would do the trick. Nevertheless it was fun to play this entry and experience what you did with the theme! :)

Really cool color palette and graphics. The audio was also fine, though the voice acting was a bit too silent for me. I also like the ideas in this game, but they could have been built up a bit better. Nevertheless a great entry! :)

Great gameplay, it first feels a bit clunky, but as soon as I got the hang of it, I really liked it. Also the ending was scary - at first. ;)

Interesting concept. Also nice build-up of the atmosphere. I would have loved an alternative input system, cause left and right click was not optimal to play it on laptop.

The art is really outstanding. Also the cutscenes contribute very well to the atmosphere. Although I must admit, that I didn’t fully understand what was going on. But maybe that was part of the design. Great work!

Thanks for playing. Maybe that’s a story for another time to tell. ;)

Thanks for playing! :)

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Thanks for letting me know. I was able to debug it. It seems to be related to NVIDIA GPUs and how they treat UVs. I deactivated one shader. Now it should work.

Edit: If someone facing the same issue. Make sure that you are using the newest version (>=1.1).

Sorry to hear that. Can you provide details on your setup and maybe the command line output?

I tested it mainly on Linux, but a quick test on Windows also looked fine.

I like the aesthetics very much. Very eerie and ominous. I am not entirely sure, but there seem to be a skill menu, but I clicked it away, because I was in the middle of shooting something. :D

thanks for the feedback :)

I removed the browser version, cause it ran not that well on some devices.

I love this “simple” idea and how well it is executed. Very cool game. :)

Amazing game. I love it!

Very cool and outstanding graphics! I love it! :)

Thank you for playing and your interest in that game. Unfortunately I will not continue working on that game.

Oh you found a bug, thanks for recording, so I saw it first hand. I will fix it in the post-jam version. :)

Sorry to hear that, and that the pacing did not work in your case. It was a thin line creating the feeling of strenuousness and not hinting everything. I can see that this can lead to the feeling of boredom.

Thank you for your honest feedback.

Thank you very much for the kind words! :)

Another lighthouse gamedev. :) I like the atmosphere. It could have been less keys and maybe some other mechanic. But nevertheless a solid entry!

Outstanding art style! I love it. Also the story was great. One of my favorites so far! :)

The feeling of being lost in a maze and that something unknown is lurking I liked very much as a premise. To give a very vague map was a great design decision. Solid entry! :)

Very cool artwork. A feedback on what is currently selected would be nice. :)

Very solid entry. The level design and progress is good and the art is amazing. :)

Hey Drent,

Could you priovide a Linux build? Would love to test your game. :)

Wow, thank you for the detailed review and I'm glad to hear that it was useful for you to study some mechanics - even if you learned how not to do stuff. ;) At this time jump'n'run was not my on my strong side. And I would argue it's still not, but I learned also a lot from this game.

I think I will not work further on that game, although I had a POC where I introduces moving platforms and a small shopping system. But never polished it, so I guess it stays like it is.

If you need a playtester for your upcoming game, feel free to contact me. Would love to test your game. :)

Form valid words where all words are connected. Red outlines mark invalid words. If everything is connected and valid you will get a new letter and a point.

Sorry to hear that. I develop under linux and have no capabilities to test on mac systems.

Strangely enough I have 700+ mac downloads and no one brought it up. Do you have an ARM processor?

This game is great, has the same addictiveness as the original one. And finally I can root with the bad guys. :D

Great graphics and cool idea. :)

I feel strong "Getting over it" vibes. Really clumsy - in a positive way. :)

Nice setup. Not sure if it was the inspiration, but there is a movie with exactly that premise. Unfortunately I do not remember the name.

I was a bit puzzled that the "good" sheep also had red eyes, so they felt also kind of evil. :D And the hit feedback felt a bit dull, but other than that cool art and good controls.

Amazing puzzler and really great polishing for a game jam game. And congrats for being featured on the godot website. :)

Thank you so much for your kind words. Between us, it was the Labyrinth Junior version, but I wanted to sound cool. :P
I will definitely add some levels, but not sure about the full game part yet. :)

Thanks for playing! :)

I totally agree, I am currently doing some small bug fixes that will be released after the jam. But after that I will try to design more levels. Currently just the first level has an unique solution. ;)

thanks for the detailed review. And I feel kind of the same. While designing the levels I wasn't able to eliminate all not intended solutions, so I kind of embraced the multiple solutions. Although there are a few levels with extreme shortcuts.

Thank you very much! :)

Thank you for the feedback. If you find it, I would be very exited to test it and maybe copy some stuff for the post jam update. :P My inspiration was "Das verrückte Labyrinth", a boardgame where you need to move tiles to reach the goal.