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Hi spoonsweet,

amazing pixelart as always! :) The coyote jump would be a great addition. And I had difficulties to understand the new skills at first, cause I did not see the arrow in the hint. Maybe it could be visible a bit longer or until the player managed to execute the new skill.

I am already looking forward to further levels! :)

Thank you for your kind words! :)

Great puzzle design! :)

Not by me, but I agree. ;)

You can find the interprets in the credits menu:

 Silent Partner - Bet On It!
 Cynicmusic - Calm Piano and Calm Ambient
 Giovanni Puocci - Dark Ambient

I struggled to find out what to do, but after trial-and-error I found out that I can move the grey box and place seeds with space bar. After that I was in the flow.  ;P

As the other have mentioned a tutorial would have been helpful. The art was on point and I definitely see the theme. Great game! :)

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Nice concept. The puzzles were a bit too easy. If you add other elements like mirrors, auto-moving clouds or things you are not allowed to hit (polaroid photos?) it has a lot potential. :)

Cool concept that has a lot of potential. :)

A very literal interpretation of the theme. ;) I like the unconventional resolution. I was a bit confused by the fact that I'm running away from a black hole and also have a timer? And I had problems to get into a flow. But other than that it's a cool and solid entry! :)

I love the idea. Simple and great. A little better graphics and the game is a gem! :)

The art style is nice and the music is perfect for an idle game. :) Without the youtube video I would have not understood how to play this game. A more interactive tutorial would have been cool.

Thanks for playing my game. :) And I have the strange feeling that you can speak German. :P

Strange. I tested and developed it on a Linux machine. Can you send me the Exception? You can find my Discord name on my profile.

11:52. Best moment. :D Thanks for playing my game!

Thank you so much for making a video about my game. I really enjoyed it! :)

This game is a great ode to the GWJ community! :)

What can I say? The art is outstanding, The music is great, the coding works (don't know how to compliment this any better. :P). The sheer task of coming into contact with so many Godot developers is just phenomenal for such a short time. And many thanks for featuring me as a character in this game!
The only thing that I miss is some kind of tutorial. But other than that it's a top entry! :)

The global leaderboard is now live. ;)

I now feel ready to apply to a nuclear fusion plant. ;) But is there a way to lose?

Astonishing simple idea that makes a lot of fun. Great job on that. :)

This game is a gem. it's a simple concept, but well executed. The one feedback I have, is that the progress is a bit slow. But other than that it's a cool game. :)

Thank you so much so much comment. Made my day. :)

The ghost sprite looks adorable. The game itself is solid. :) It's a bit hard to get the idea and get good scores.

Simple and clever. At first I thought it's kind of a typing game, but I love the fact that all the key combinations are consistent throughout the game. I had a lot of fun playing this game. :)

I must admit I'm in love of the cover logo. *_* The game is also great, but I think one piece is still missing. Cause the merging makes not so much sense at the moment. It's purely based on luck and can not be used on purpose. Other than that it's a good game of skill. :)

If I play this for too long I will get dizzy for sure. :D Nice effects, especially while aiming.

Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the game. :)

That was fun. In the long run it gets a bit repetitive, but it was a nice experience. And the art is top.

I'm just wondering what's the story behind this game. A barefoot guy in the wood collects random stuff and beats monsters. :D

Cool idea that is well executed. I wished it was a bit clearer at which point the yellow cars are autonomous. And I love the fact that you added a feedback for close merges. :)

Finally! A tomato smoothie. :) Very cute art. The camera movement in the start area is a bit weird, but that's okay. Great work!

Really cool low poly style. And the concept is well executed. Great submission! :)

I really love the idea and the art style. But boy, some of this games are really hard. ;) The menu beat is a very neat extra. Good job!

Unfortunately there is no online leaderboard. I had it on my TODO list, but I ditched it for a paintthrower. :P

Nice concept. I find it a bit hard to focus on the right combination and to also dodge the bullets. But nevertheless I had fun playing your game. Great job! :)

It's in the upper right corner. Every enemy kill gives you 100 points.

Thank you very much for playing and commenting.

I forgot to add the "obstacle" mask to the bullets. :| Thanks for pointing that out. I try to fix it in the post-jam version.

Thanks for playing. I didn't understand a word. So I hope you enjoyed the game. :D

Really clever game. Had some nice brain teasers.

Is it the Spanish version? Nice to see it in another language. :) Is it a good dictionary?

Undo is now here. :) Press CTRL + Z and your mistakes are gone.

I try to add an undo button. Let's see how easy it will be. ;)