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Great entry with outstanding art. Especially the caravan. I think it should be a camel, but it looks like an adorable alpaca! :D

Definitely one of my favorites in this jam!

I love the high contrast art, reminds me of the good old DOS games.

The lack of a description what to do, made this game a bit hard to understand. But as far as I figured out what to do, it was quite fun. Also adding some sound would improve this game a lot!

Nevertheless it's a good game! Great job! :)

The intro is awesome! Very powerful. But as a non native English speaker I'm really bad in typing games. :'D

What interests me: Is it possible to die in this game?

It takes some inrun to get the jump right. I think the reason for this is, because midair no input is allowed?

I love the art style. I reminds me of the old time of DOS games. from the gameplay side it's a solid snake-like game with a nice twist. I had a lot of fun. :)

My score: 630

The samples are really great! Also the art and chosen colors are adorable. :)

I don't know if that is intended, but the controls were very clunky. But somehow it fitted the gnome and made this game interesting. ;) Very good job!

"Stay with Niko" - That moment was really sad. :|

Was it inspired by "Adventure Time", or is it just me? Unfortunately the art style is not very consistent and the turn based battles break the flow slightly. Besides that, I had a good time playing your game. :)

Pretty good pixel art and nice interpretation of the theme. I played longer than I intended. It's really captivate - good job! :)

A very neat game. It's a little bit hard to learn and the controls feel a bit clunky. But I guess that's the point. ;) The few animations are also really great!

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Nice concept and cool Art! :)

Very adorable and nice art! Enjoyed playing this game.

Very solid platformer! I enjoyed the soundtrack and exploring the levels. The secret levels are well designed. But at the moment stars have no effects, do they?

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Wow, I must admit the weapon does feel really good. And the procedural part works great on this game. The only thing I would love to see in this game is a sensitivity setting. ;)

Nice submission!

Very interesting concept and neat low poly look. Unfortunately most of the weapon feel the same. I see that they have different stats, but due to the fact of missing feedback and sound they feel a little bit dull.

And I'm not sure if I did something wrong, but I was not able to get any weapon at the second level.

Nevertheless it's a solid base for further development. Great job! :)

Found this game, cause says it's related to one of my games. ;) And I must say this game is really nice. The mechanic is cool. The music fits in perfectly and the aesthetic is neat.

Had a great time playing it! :)

Thanks a lot for this comment! This idea has indeed potential. Maybe I will make a sequel someday that has more enemy types and more items. :)

Thank you for trying out my game. :)

Yeah, the walking enemies missing a little bit of spice. The problem was, that I hung with the idea of procedural generated enemies, what made it a little bit harder to work with the animations of the enemies. That's  the reason they are a bit boring and look so stiff.

The idea of this game is really good. But I think there should be multiple levels, which increase in the sense of difficulty. Cause I was a little bit overwhelmed of this disharmonious flat share. Everyone had a bad conversation. Everyone was searching for poisons, guns and knifes. I was like "what's happening here? Will they all kill everyone?" :D

But as I said the underlying idea is top! Time well spent! :)

Awesome story and amazing art style! Enjoyed playing this game a lot! :)

Wow, the art is just on point. The color palette is experimental, but is really cool. Outstanding submission for 7dfps!

Wow, that was hard. I did not make it till the end. And now I'm feeling dizzy. But the idea is very cool and if it was your goal to make me unoriented, you succeeded. :D

The controls are a bit hard to master, but maybe this is part of the journey. ;) Nice submission!

This is very well executed. The world design is great and the NPCs are challenging.

For some reason the hovering did not work out for me. And I was constantly in this black out mode. What was a bit annoying, cause it made it really hard to aim.

Nevertheless I had a good time playing it! :)

I like this procedural generated maps. They look very natural. Only the missing skybox is a bit strange at first.

Without the screenshots of a compass and a map, I would not have found them. Cause I pushed every button and nothing happened. It was a bit confusing, that I have to look down to see the map and the compass. To be honest, for this small map size they were no big help either. But I guess it was kind of a proof of concept thing - which is fine. :)

Enjoyed playing it!

I like the idea of the three different weapons, which can be skilled. And this dark atmosphere you created in this game is really unique. The 3D models and textures in general can be improved.

But a very solid fps game for 7 days! :)

Thanks for commenting! I created the models myself in Blender.

Great idea and good execution. Especially the soundtrack makes thhis game really addictive. Never thought I can solve so many problems with my foot.

The difficulty escalates really quickly in this game. But it's definitely fun to play. Also great level design.

Very atmospheric. Loved my companion ball. But as soon as I have found another ball I felt irresolute how to react.

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This whole game reminds me of the jar jar binks scene on tatoonie. But this time I'm jar jar binks... This is a horror game. D:

But honestly: Very good execution and nice idea!

That's really cool. I like it! :)

I'm not a big fan of horror games, but I thought I should give it a shot. And it was really frightening and uncomfortable to play. But that's the goal. Very good horror game for this time frame.

The idea was also very neat. Although I think a study that triggers panic attacks would not be done alone in real. At least I hope so. ;)

Hey together,

I released my first 3D game for the 7dfps/Procjam. Although it's not perfect, Im glad how it turned out. Here's a video of the game.

It would mean a lot to me if you give it a shot.

Seems to run a little bit slow in the browser. If I click something, the application freezes for a short period.

But the idea and execution is really nice!

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Thank you for playing my game and commenting. I'm surprised that you liked the sound effects. Cause I made all of them with my headphone mic and audacity. And I'm definitely not good at it. ;)

Most people hate the spiral attack. And that's fair, cause it combines very lousy. But I like the idea that not every spell is a direct upgrade. The only combination that works quite well with the spiral is the nova. But this one is hard to find.

This game has a strong The legend of Zelda vibe with this treasurers and how to overcome things with new abilities. The first two levels (Tower and Snow) were really funny. Also I was not able to overcome the snow mans. As I entered the next level (Pyramids) I got stuck in the ditch. I was not able to get out with my new skill. So that was sadly my whole experience with this game.

But I see a lot of work in this game and a promising concept. If you are working further on this game I would love to play the finished game! :)

The sprites and effects of this game are really polished. The setting is a little bit strange. Why can a cactus fly and why is he fighting against bats and ghosts. That's definitely new. ;P

One things I struggled the most with were, starting the game. Needed way too long to hit enter to start. :D

Wow, that game is really hard to beat. I did not manage to come to the other levels, which I see in the screenshots. But I like the atmosphere and the spell/summon mechanic. The graphics are also super cool. One thing I would change is the difficulty level at the start. Because the first two books are already really hard to kill. Or is it just me? :o

Overall a very good dungeon crawler!

You definitely need a better cover image. Because I clicked this game way to late in this game jam. What's a shame, because this game is well executed. First a little bit confusing, but fun to play. :D

I also like the fact, that you introduced a color blind mode. That's really cool. Great submission!

The main idea of this game is very solid. I just miss another element that works against the player. Like some physics or a more complex sorting, like color + genre or color + publish date. That would make it harder. Maybe this could be introduced by different levels? Just an idea.

But for two days this is a nice casual game! :)

I like the concept idea. But after the start this book manipulation mechanic never reappears - unfortunately. This game has potential for further development. At this point is a very solid starting point and I liked playing it. :)