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Hm, I can try to find out how they did the mapping but if there is no documentation I will likely not be able to provide support. Sorry.

What is your setup? I have tried it with my Bluetooth Xbox controller and smartphone and it seems to work already due to the gamepad support of the pc version.

Warkus, you have become a master of indie horror games. Well done! :)

Amazing! <3

No just till wave 9. Is there a special ending?

It's sooo stressful. But in a good way. :D It took me a while to understand that I don't have to place them. Made it a bit easier.

Danke für das sehr ausführliche Feedback. :)

Wenn du zwischen Füchsen gefangen bist kannst du das dodgen ausprobieren. Dann ist die Kollision aufgehoben.

Ich liebe explorative Spiele, die es eigentlich nur in Jams gibt. Find die Sound Dateien sehr gut gelungen. Aber kein "Club Mate"? ;)

Das Gefühl den Wecker auszustellen perfekt in ein Spiel gegossen. :)

Mega! 5/5 in allen Kategorien. Wirklich genial.

Coole Voxel Grafik und Gestaltung der Welt. Vor allem die Lichter sind mega. :)

Sehr cooles Thema und  gut geschrieben.

Wenigstens schmieden sie Waffen. ;p

yeah, the Browser FPS can drop sometimes when there are too many enemies. But glad you liked it. :)

(1 edit)

Haha. I see. :D It's a "joker". It can be any letter you want. But if you don't like to use it, you can throw it away.

In the online version it's a bit of a performance killer for long words. Cause it's searching (in the worst case) to the whole dictionary.

A wordgame. Similar to scrabble.

Wow, that's amazing that you recognize it. I tried to tell a story about AI and responsibility here. Did you also have a look into the Devlog after finishing the game? :)

Nice one, ludum dare burger builder fellow. :D

I like the similar concept and how you managed to make it possible to add more of the same ingredients. I also thought about it, but in my concept it would have made it to complex. But here it fits in very well. The "random" key mapping was a bit hard to learn, but I guess that is part of the design.

In overall a very cool game. :)

Great game with great story. I love chickens (alive)! :)

is he on the leaderboard now? ;)

They will be published any minute. It was announced in the Discord channel.

I am really bad at this. :'D But I like the art style very much.

Great idea and nice visuals! :)

wow, great highscore! :D

The camera/lose condition feels a bit unfair at times. Despite that it's a great entry. :)

I am not sure if the sound design is intended, but I love it! :D

Weeeh! :D Sometimes it's a bit hard to predict where to go. But nevertheless a solid game idea! :)

Outstanding music and sound. Also creative take on the theme! :)

morbid... I love it! :D

Nice concept. It seems that the best strategy is to stand in the corner. At least for me. ;P

Interesting concept. The art feels a bit mixed. But it got me hooked anyways. :D

Nice art and style! The only thing that is a bit strange is, that also balls count that pass the basket from below. Nevertheless a really strong submission! :)

Great "getting over it" vibes. :)

Pretty impressive submission. Also good level design. A rotation function would be cool to have a better sight where the holes are. But nevertheless cool game. I have to revisit it to improve my score. ;P

I love the concept and the music. But it's way too hard for me. :'D

Nice concept. It's kind of a brain teaser, but a fun one. :) Is there a intended use for the diagonal ones? I just ignored them, cause I was not sure.

The enemies feel a bit unfair, especially the orange ghost. But the art is gold. I like your style. :)

Great concept! Easy to learn, but hard to master. The only thing that was a bit confusing was how to restart and how to change the name. But these are just small drawbacks. 5/5

I'm glad to hear that :D have fun!

just press space or enter while the leaderboard is visible.