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Absolutely adorable <3

That's awesome! Never thought I'd see Benson running on a real handheld :0

Thank goodness for web builds haha!

Thank you so much! I fully recovered from Covid but still have post-jam fever and can't stop adding features :P

Thank you! It was a great time!

Discord is probably best. Zach (Raisins) is a member of the Discord server.

I knew your game would place high! Congrats on placing first overall :D

Your playthrough was unbelievably helpful! I'm so sorry you had so many issues while playing. I've never seen the generator go quite so crazy, wow! Watching gameplay firsthand shows exactly how my systems can fall apart in ways I never encountered. 

I definitely have a lot of work to do in order to improve the game. Thank you so much for playing! 

Thank you! Feedback noted :)

We had such a good time playing your game! It was smartly designed from top to bottom and exudes polish in every aspect. There was even a good variety of puzzles that required actual consideration.

If there was one thing I had to suggest, it would be exiting out of dialogue without clicking through an entire exchange. Really, everything else was pretty much perfect.

Amazingly adorable game. I wish you the best of luck in the jam!

Thanks for finding that issue! I really need to add in the ability to pull items... 

Godot ftw! :)

I'm glad you liked it! Sorry about the inconsistencies in platforms. That's an aspect I intend to standardize when I have some more time.

Thanks for your feedback! 

Yikes. I think about 20% of people ran into that issue. I can't wait to fix it 😥

Thanks for giving it a try though! 

Wow, the art here is really nice. A cohesive palette with consistent shading on every object.

But, yes, the camera needs some tuning. Slower movements, less zoom, maybe just more centered on the character so it doesn't need to shift back and forth? Something along those lines.

Anyway, you did great on pretty much every other aspect. I didn't mention the audio, but it was nice to have an upbeat soundtrack while leaping around. Good work :)

Amazing art! The character portraits really add to the production value.

Your score caught my attention as well, particularly the final stage. The dynamically switching music tracks worked to great effect and kept the level fresh.

I do have a couple suggestions for improvement: more environmental detail, and maybe a more forgiving object interaction range.

Also, I noticed a possible bug on the first level. If the moustachioed man hits the blue button before the lady, the game treats it as a mistake. Though that's a pretty insignificant detail and I might just be making an error lol.

Really great teamwork, you all! I'm glad I got to experience your game :)

It's awesome you liked it enough to see the other ending!

That crane puzzle definitely needs a lot of safeguards to not break the game. Originally, I wanted Benson to be able to pull as well as push the generator... but that obviously never got implemented 😅

Thanks for sticking with it through the jank! 

Excellent point about the controls! I always forget that people tend to have different input preferences. I'll probably try to add a rebinding feature soon.

Thanks for the constructive feedback! 

The crane platforming is a little unintuitive, to be fair. Thanks for giving it a shot anyway! 

I'm pretty much back to a 100% now too 👍

Awesome game! Having to guard previous versions of myself was a really unique twist. And,having a fitting story to go with it was extra awesome! Well done! :D

Clear visuals, solid mechanics, and the such relaxing music -u-

I like the 3D look, but my one mandated criticism would be of the camera movement. Maybe limiting it to just the horizontal axis would smooth out switching angles? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Nice work overall!

Personified paper products possessing peculiar powers is an adorable idea. The art was cute too!
I wish I could have seen more of the game, but once I collected 5 or so paper pals, platforming became particularly perilous because of the oscillating hitbox. Maybe if they were all in a chain, but following the exact movements of the leader instead of extending the shape? Just an idea, of course.

Anywho, great job getting this game finished! And again, I love the visuals <3

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Very smart puzzles. Too smart for me, cause I simply could not solve number 13 haha.
Sound of some sort would have been awesome, but I had a good time regardless.

Good work :)

Thanks so much :D
I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

You accomplished some quality dialogue! I was always happy to read more banter involving Bungus.

Combat was a bit unclear to me though. I don't know if there's a targeting system I missed or maybe some sort of defensive skill, but I ended up just spamming spells, hoping they would be enough to take out the enemies. It was enough to get me past the slime fight, but my journey ended at the goblins' hands.

Overall, an entertaining experience!

Your art is very impressive! Engaging writing, too.
I did find myself wanting to walk a little faster between destinations, although I appreciate that the downtime was in service of the creepy atmosphere.

Overall, nicely executed mystery/horror! Great work :)

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Man, I was so closing to beating that final carriage, but I let myself get surrounded :(
You put together quite the complete experience with amazing art, sound and game feel. You even allow clicking multiple stars in sequence which makes traversal much more convenient.

Your game is one of the best I've played this jam. Truly awesome work!
Also, it's great to see a fellow Godot users!

Thanks for your feedback!
You're definitely not alone in having platforming problems. I was a little worried about clarity during development, but couldn't figure out a quick solution.
It's a top priority after the jam :)

Nice combination of Snake and Pac-Man mechanics. Though, the aesthetic makes it stand on it's own as more than just a mashup. This would feel right at home in an arcade.

What a unique submission! I liked getting into a flow, but ending a word with "Y" always broke my streak haha.

Can't get enough of the atmosphere you've crafted here! I really want to see where the story goes and get more cryptic dialogue from that cat.

Hold on, I just have to *ahem* 
"...Instead of Slay the Spire... it's Lay the Wire!"

Anyway, that was a really game! It had a good balance of planning ahead and on-the-fly strategy. Every building was clearly explained, so I never felt in the dark. Your art direction was superb as well!

You all deserve a top spot for making this gem!

Cute game! I'm certain it'd be a popular mobile app.
This was the best round I had:

844! I got more questions right than expected :D
The only trivia I've played is Jackbox stuff, but this wasn't too far off in polish.
Now, all you need is a silly host!

Slick presentation! It reminded me of Thomas Was Alone.

Your concept is solid as well. I liked having the freedom to use gravity and see the outcome (very good idea and implementation btw). However, being able to start from anywhere, at any angle, in any direction was kind of overwhelming. Maybe if I could adjust the balls' rotation and forces before the simulation began, it would make experimenting more forgiving?

Overall, unique game. I would like to see where you take it.

One-button games are some of my favorites; they always such interesting innovations. Yours included!
The levels were forgiving enough to allow experimentation and not slow down the experience, while still challenging my timing and planning. The presentation was strong, especially the buzzing audio feedback when a ball picks up speed.

Excellent work!

This is something I could see being part of a larger game. If there were more wrong paths and the turning was by 90 degree increments, it could add a lot more interest. 

I really like the art direction and environmental sounds, by the way. Very immersive!

I never ever want to take a player out of the game to refresh the page. Sorry about that!
UI was totally skimped on this time due to lack of planning. It's definitely something I want to practice assembling so I can implement it quickly in the future.

Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks very much :D

Your feedback is invaluable!
And, I agree, platforming sections could be made a lot clearer. The level design is something I want to work more on.

Thank you!
I definitely want to add more story at some point.

You're right about the platforming being unclear. Everything has a black border, but not everything is something Benson collide with.

Thank you for your feedback, it's very helpful!

Thank you!