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I really love the audio feedback and particle effects. Plus, you implemented that wild card very well!

The one part that kept tripping me up was the wall-colored obstacles that block projectiles. I couldn't easily tell where they were, causing some expected hits to disappear early. I thought it was a bug until I finally pinpointed the shapes.

Anywho, great entry!

This is so polished; it plays like it's ready for sale already!

Probably my personal favorite class haha

Thanks so much! I'm so glad to hear the costume icons had enough character :)

I really didn't expect this game to be so scary, but definitely jumped a few times! You nailed the atmosphere here.

Very interesting! The unique presentation and gameplay really helps this entry stand out from pretty much everything else. Nicely done!

I think there's kind of a mismatch in art and sound. The visuals are pretty silly, but the audio is dark and looming. However, this is a really mechanically solid stealth game with well-implemented ideas. Nice job :)

Excellent art and UI design. Everything was displayed very clearly.

My only suggestion for improvement would be to increase the speed of gameplay. 

Fantastic idea. It felt like I was on the other side of an arcade cabinet, thwarting the actual player. I wonder if this idea went one step further and enabled full-on asymmetric multiplayer Pac-Man!

Well done, especially for your first jam in a new engine! The cute blocky visuals actually gave me a Veggie Tales + Miitopia vibe :)

Nice reversal on the tower defense genre! Sacrificing your fellow monsters for the sake of victory stays true to the spirit of the genre. Also, it's real cool that you managed to squeeze in some intelligent AI!

I would say that the hero might need a wind-up included in their attack animation to give a window for attack or avoidance. It feels like the hero's and monster's hitboxes are the same size, and since the hero usually reacts before I can, the monster always gets hit.

Thank you very much! Post-rating, I very much intend to include those additions.

Hey, thanks for playing! I'll definitely be implementing that quantity feature asap. :)

Those are solid ideas and I'll keep them in mind during future development. Thanks for the feedback!

Wow thank you! I'm glad you had such a good time playing! :)

First off, the music is so bombastic and silly. A perfect backing track for the mad dash to pick up loot before it disappears forever.

I will say it is a bit too easy though. By the second room, my success percentage never dipped below 190 and I didn't have to alter my equipment anymore. However, even though my chances weren't in jeopardy I still liked to customize the slotted equipment and see what new designs I could scrounge. There's definitely a solid core to this game with the loot organization and outfitting aspects. Well done!

Such a solid vibe from this game. The music and lo-fi 3D visuals work so well together and capture a unique nostalgic feeling. I couldn't get a run longer than 27 seconds, which reminded me a bit of Super Hexagon.

Really, the only thing negative I can say is that there's not much chance to recover from mistakes, as far as I've seen And, narratively speaking, I get the feeling this anti-hero would have some tricks up their sleeves to trip up their pursuer.

Great work y'all!

Thank you very much :D

My goal was to keep it simple and intuitive, so I'm glad it worked out! Really soon I'm going to add more lines to at least give another 15 or so minutes of gameplay. Then, I can start adding the systems I planned from the beginning :)

I totally agree. More lines of dialogue would have helped to extend the experience.

Thanks for playing :)

Wow! Superb execution on this concept! Strategically moving lines of items around is very satisfying and feels pretty balanced. Plus, your art is fantastic!

My only critique is that it's a bit difficult to tell at a glance the level of each item. The numbers are so small and look similar while glossing over a large group of them.

Truly excellent work on this game.

Thank you! ^^

The GB resolution actually really helped limit my scope creep. Can't have too many systems if there's no space!

Before the jam ended, I couldnt think of a way to show the remaining stock of an item on the order screen. Now, I realize the solution is simply to reuse the same tactic from the main screen - a little counter in the icon's corner :)

Thank you for playing!

Phew, I'm glad the sound effects saved the game! I had to narrow down what needed the most "juice" and only about 5 or 6 SFX made the cut.

Thanks for playing!

I super agree with your feedback! I had the same predicition idea initially, knowing complete randomness wouldn't be very engaging. But sadly, I got caught up in just the basic systems.... Who knew UI could be so challenging? Lol

Thank you for playing!

It's awesome you like to hear feedback!

I often found myself jumping when I wanted to shoot, and shooting when I wanted to jump. I think it has to do with the key assignments. I'm just throwing this out there, but what if you fired discretely from movement? Like, using the arrows to fire in 4 directions,while moving separately with WASD? I dunno, something like that :)

Truly adorable! I really love the humorous presentation of this reckless band of heroes.

So... I don't want to pile on about the UX, but I will say the difficulty prevented me from playing for long using my laptop's trackpad. If I were to do one thing, it would be to bring forward the UI elements that need to be interacted with. Something like hotkeys for spells could do wonders for accessibility!

It looks like you probably did a lot of intricate work on systems behind the scenes (with hero classes and whatnot), but I couldn't really tell what those systems were doing. Some sort of animation to reflect the things that change in the game would go a long way toward making this easier to understand.

Regardless, nice work on finishing and submitting in time!

Thank you :D

In the concept phase, I wanted the ordering to be based on hints given about what is going to happen the next day, like "The Warriors Guild just got a bunch of new recruits" or something along those lines. But, I think your idea of random events is better, actually. They would probably be easier to implement (although, I am often wrong about that) and could vary the visual staleness.

You absolutely nailed the visual style - so consistent! The groundwork is laid for a nice platformer, all it needs is some music and more levels.

I was having a hard time with controls, so couldn't make it past the block climbing level. Sorry!

This is an impressive amount of mechanics and design for such a short period. Nice job!

Glad you enjoyed it!

More lines are a top priority after rating is over :)

Thanks for playing!

I definitely agree with you about the dialogue. More variety would have added a lot to the gameplay.

Thank you :)

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Indeed, from the start that space was dedicated to a randomly generated "side-quests" board that you could assign heroes to fetch materials. Unfortunately, I ran out of time and had to settle for the basic inventory-maintenence gameplay in this build.

I do intend to set aside some time to implementing that feature though!

I'm glad you see the same potential that I do! I am a bit sad I couldn't get one of the main mechanics in, but this jam has shown me that this project can be iterated upon fairly quickly.

Thanks for playing!

This was really fun! Cool concept for movement!

For sure, at some point we might go back to this project and iron out some of those simpler bugs.

Thanks for giving it a shot :)

We're glad you liked it and we really appreciate the feedback! The odd controls are something we definitely intend to fix, maybe with a pop-up menu of some sort.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you!
It actually crossed our minds to consolidate the layout for convenience, but we're glad it still made sense!

Simply amazing comedy.