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Basically the game is composed in such a way that NO LEVEL EXCEPT FOR THE START seems like it has any purpose (win has a meaning or even can be assured that is achievable).

The player is just being plainly stubborn and more and more so towards the end even with criminal charges mounting overhead
(SPOILER ALERT! They don't do anything but YOU DON'T KNOW THAT and that's the main point!).

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I know. Sorry!

I'm not that confident with sound yet and I thought that sound bugs/imperfection and solutions would have thrown me away in schedule and waste too much time. Time is too critical for 48-hours envelope.

I do think of upgrading this with sound and stuff eventually since it really turned out quite sweet and it would be a waste!

Thx for playing!

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Thx for playing. Because the level title is rather abstract it's usage ned to be kinda deep and might not be always obvious (though I TRIED to obviate this and permeate the theme as far as possible through the game).

 The gameplay is the Road from an Archery Fest casual bystander to a (false) self-assurance that the problem is solved.
+ The level of self-confidence of protagonist (a self-ssurance in his capabilities) is obviously rising from the start to end.

+ This level of self-assurance is constantly contested by oppressive practices to the point that conflict between external oppression and internal self-assurance in general is the main conflict of the game. 

+ Even working with the randomly changing wind, esp on the last level demands the self-assurance that the level is winnable.

On the last level for example the need of self-assurance is obvious since the King says that this level is _unwinnable_. Moreover  for a fact he is RIGHT and it actually ISN'T winnable it is just you assured yourself that you won it.

Because controls are not relatively-rotational (like turn a little bit left) but absolute  with fixed directions, aiming is troublesome.

Also would like an ability to drive backwards.

Nice explosion effect)

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Controls are wonky because it doesn't really warp a cursor and it smashes against the edges of the screen(

Yeah, that's much better. Thx!

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Yellow and green variants that are used by this game are near undistinguishable at least on my screen.
I genuinely thought i discovered a bug until I processed a screenshot in an image editor.

The example gif is seen ok, the screenshots if I upload them to Itch also seem ok (although significantly less) but in game itself - no way to distinguish at all.

seems to be fixed now

Managed to reproduce it, although not with the first scene but with the second one.
There is something fishy going on with the pool of scene bubbles and I'm not really sure Godot behaves correctly, it might be an engine bug.

For example I've seen there residual things that are not nulls but also not sth else which is really weird.

There is a story going on.

A button on the bottom tells you what is needed to advance.

First you get 3 girls and have a scene with a RichGuy

Then you scale your business and get 1500 milk (again, button at the bottom tells you) and have a final scene with conclusion.

seems to be fixed now

Ok, reproduced it probably. Will fix shortly.

OOOPS! (regression)
updated. Seems to be fixed.


Though not sure if further accuracy upgrades are actually significant.

made a try to somewhat fix the problem however cannot test it is gone.
Would you check if bubble problem still persists?

I've really tried to include stuff into dualogues without ruining the tone, but you can also have a look at updated TIPS section in the description on the game page

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You probably should've linked libraries statically for Linux  or had it packaged so deps are autoinstalled
For example there was no allegro on my end.
Also, terminal output of 66666666666666.... :-P

Very nice and enjoyable.

Though it feels like it is not really for my aspect ratio (1280x1024 display)


Though would like to have a restart option (like hitting space on gameover screen)

One of the possible solutions to cow-aiming problem would to actually make them go FASTER but stay in place a bit longer, so that you can better aim even though tick time is the same (and thus economy speed)

Hmmm... text not deleting is probably some compatibility stuff.
I actually had several friends play it to be sure it performs ok if not on mobile and there was no such issue.

It looks like variations in browser setups/OS-s do affect Godot in nontrivial ways which are hard to detect and debug because of their setup-specific nature.

One would think that converting to webassembly/asm.js should eliminate most platform differences however it seems not to be the case and probably it even adds extra factors because of differences between webassembly implementations.

It might actually be that plain Java games are a bit more reliable, so i need to look into more minimalistic options next time

hmmm... now there are two of them. Are they breeding parthenogenically?

if so (tried to load the moment i changed files) all you need is just reload the page (though it might not be the case).

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Also it might happen you tried to play it RIGHT the moment I updated it, idk if it might be the case.

now there are reset and skip buttons

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Are you from mobile?

Rebalanced a bit + added reset on death and scene skipping

Atmospheric little story, simple gameplay.

Nice and short.

Though It would be nicer if there was at least one choice of a player, like what to really do with the criminal.

exactly my thoughts on the post-jam improvements

It's just I was dead tired by the end of this, sorry
Will be sometime soon, not too hard to do probably.

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Uh! Sounds like really bad design choices were made with this one.

Good luck then. Will watch your progress. :-)

Maybe if you manage to produce sth extraordinary I'll buy it to support you. (Prefer donations though. More fair.)

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Have seen a Nookrium video on this.

Seems like a decent attempt to recreate and elaborate a bit on X series, and I personally like the political stuff that wasn't in the original.

Claiming sectors is sth that Egosoft always considered but never actually did.

Would play/help a little if it was a FOSS game but paid-for and closed - no. 

Esp. when FOSS stuff like Endless Sky is around which has a similar or higher level in a sense and in which you actually can participate/modify and whatnot.

A better Linux port is needed.  Without .exe and without mono.

And _without_ exporting system environment variables that might be used for sth else, you know.

Please, for the sake of Linux (and anything else) compatibility and for performance, DON'T use C#. Just don't. It's a pure poison from Microsoft. Ruined so many games' compatibility I can't count.

An AUR "zerok-git" package would also be quite nice.