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Most probably delayed sounds are also caused by a performance load too high for a system.
I need to prepare a low-power setup (physical, virtual or with simulated load) to hunt down such effects.
For now i opened an issue here:

Sorry for a delay
Thanks for playing and critical feedback!
I have thought a bit about things you pointed out.

1. Mouse capture and touch UI:

As i understand i can just make a first screen with 2 buttons which provide a choice between touch controls and mouse captured fullscreen mode.
Such controls will also be used to legitimize mouse capture because this way i can capture mouse inside a javascript input callback.

2. Currently there is only 1 path that is actually technical and is directly about FOSS and OSHW (and you didn't take it ^_^), so i think i can make more interesting technical stuff and make more endings that utilize the lore more deeply.
I have already thought about possibilities, but for initial release kept only things that are easiest to implement.

Story itself can be also made deeper, for example i feel like many characters are too shallow and that if i develop them more or even add more characters they can make things more interesting and unpredictable.

If you have any idea on that (preferrably nerdy), i am all ears because crowdsourced stories are often the best.

3. Delayed sound effect is so far a mystery to me because i can't really hear that.

4. Skipping dialogs might be a bit non-trivial since i want to keep control scheme minimal.
Now i am thinking about HOLDING E to skip a dialog or/and about making a bit of delay before the choice appears so that you have the time to stop yourself.

5. Large dialogues are a problem in themselves. They are obviously bad and i want to eventually get rid of them. Game shouldn't be a lecture.
I have already broken them down and reduced quite a bit throughout design but i feel it is still is not enough and now you confirm that.

For pixelart non-animated graphics I can recommend mtPaint as a very straightforward and easy to use solution.
Unfortunately no bells an whistles like symmetry-related tooling in this one.

And yes, i made a whole game with such graphics too and it was quick as hell ^_^

(1 edit)

Also I found that a surprisingly good drawing tool, including vector brushing, is OpenToonz.

I've actually made a whole jam game with such graphics once although it was rather on simplistic side.
You can measure the drawing time of all assets in making-of video

Because it is a dedicated animation tool you can do animated sprites right away.
And vector-drawn frame-by-frame animated sprites look quite cool and have unlimited resolution.
I have even submerged them into godot 3d space and they still look gorgeous even if i spent like 5 minutes on them. 

It has some hiccups but I found it much easier and quicker to use than Krita on many occasions.

(2 edits)

Actually for voxel graphics consider using voxelshop.
It is also foss but it integrates with Godot far better because of export options. You can export things with color via .dae unlike Goxel.
Just take care to import texture properly as a pixel texture.

Absolutely gorgeous.

Unfortunately cannot seem to replicate.
It was respawning after death with eyelight off.

Tested in other Chromium (qt5webengine)-based browser Eric (specialized browser for web development and debug), this one reports attempts to grab mouse and seemingly grabs and hides it if allowed but the rotation angle is still limited( 
Seems like a persistent problem not limited to Falkon.

(1 edit)

It is just I wouldn't disregard the possibility that Unity or Itch use not fully compliant methods to cut development time or whatever. In this case some settings/HTML shell/Javascript tweaking might be needed.
Unfortunately I haven't tried to make a mousegrab in my Godot to test things so i can't tell what exactly might be going on under the hood.

It all works on Windows too cause the magic of opensource. Almost every foss browser does. No probs here.

Well, Gecko-based browser reports locking and locks allright so at least some locking code is in there.
Most probably it is just how different browsers react to different pointer-grabbing attempts though I don't have any prohibitive settings of this sort enabled.

You probably might want to test with different browsers and try different methods and workarounds. The Chromium-based browser that fails to be locked for example is Falkon (it is not an obscure title in Linux world).
If it turns out to be the problem with the browser you can open an issue here at their repo  with your game as a testcase or even fix it yourself or make a warning on the game page that pointer-grabbing might fail with some browsers.

I mean that when the (hidden) mouse pointer smashes against the edge of the screen you can't rotate farther in this direction.
It is a universal problem throughout the game.
I'm sure that it's the case because when the pointer exits the game area I can see it and see that it is for a fact smashing against the edge.
Though now when I'm testing it the problem occurs only in my Chromium-based browser and not in Gecko-based one.

(1 edit)

Lighting makes this game cool)

The weakest point I've found though is controls. Because the mouse doesn't warp at the edges or somehow else overcome screen limitation you often find yourself in a situation when you can't turn in the needed direction.
Died like that.

Also it feels like probably bonfires should have infinite torches or sth like that.

(1 edit)

Nice concept and usage of the theme!)
Though the gameplay might lack an ending or a score/time system.
A pure sandbox title needs to be more complex than that I feel.

Also if it is a 2D sound the panning is not that noticeable.
If it is not a 2D sound it might be a good idea to make it 2D so that the beast can be tracked better through crumbling sounds it makes.

The game gets progressively jittery/laggy as progression goes on.
Almost seems like number accuracy and rounding problem when you try to add very small numbers to a bigger and bigger float (x and y of coordinate in this case).

(1 edit)

Liked a bit of physics going on that you can actually roll, gain speed and then ramp-fly.
It is a real advantage of the circle - he can be faster than any of them.

Liked the leaderboard.)

Though I missed the opportunity to read what liaison downloaded to an android.

Good interpretation and nice concept.
Even without adding actual gameplay one could for example have a critical force that is enough to pull the iron from the plug and have a game end.

Funny gameplay though becomes repetitive fairly quickly.
Needs some highscore or timer to keep track of progress.

It might be even funnier if deactivated drones stayed there or turned into cubic blocks (to save performance) and AI could jump over everchanging terrain of dead bodies.

It feels like selling more complex types of coffee should earn more _profit_.
Not just ingridient cost+50 ft but maybe more in vein of
ingridient cost*(0.5+0.5*ingridient_count(complexity))+50ft

Got stuck unable to go back after seeing the puddle.
Returned back to the sobbing woman but cannot go west past her.

Neat concept.
Bullet visibility should be improved a little probably though.

My favourite was "The Arrow of Time" back in the day.

(1 edit)

Thx for playing!.
I wish this were a little more about precise and tricky shooting though to be a more of a bow game. 
Right now the narrative part overwhelms actual shooting drastically.

Wind for sure wll be rebalanced in the future.
In fact, since I've alredy rested from jam itself, I can start upgrading this stuff right now for v2 release (but without uploading here until voting is over).

Man, this is seriously hard))

(3 edits)

Interesting mechanincs.

Though because bullet spawns ghost if missed it means that you always should aim _behind_ your target, otherwise the bullet just won't reach it even if you're aiming at the front edge of the ghost
Feels like a hitbox should be readjusted or sth

Very nice)

Don't know how i feel about the controls.
Maybe they just need getting used to and are more optimal than sth more intuitive.

Reset on death feels needed.

The purpose of introvert mode is unclear since the blobs still keep coming even though nobody is talking.

Nice art and animation.

Fishing floats don't really work like that.
No in-gameplay voyaging sadly. You could have been even sitting in the middle of the lake all ths time.

Realism is not that important in non-simulation game development. Like in Kerbal Space Program you DO need it and it is a good goal.
If the design goal were a correct archery simulator it would also be  desired.

But not here.
Here the wind should have been an external element that cannot be controlled, be a variable element of the puzzle that you need to dynamically adjust to and also have a metaphorical plot role in the final level.
However for these tasks it turned out imbalanced and bad.
Ideally for example that almost for any given windspeed there were a shot trajectory that does hit the target except for some plot exceptions, but right now it is not so.
Basically the wind may be somewhat punishing only in it's first occurence and in the last level.
Having a situation when you need to spam arrows in one direction is dull and should be limited to where plot really needs it.

I will need to rebalance it later.

(2 edits)

I didn't go through any walls.
There are stairs in the corner of initial compartment that allow you to escape it and explore structures to the north.
I thought it was on purpose.

(1 edit)

Nice graphics and sound.
Plain and very naive story.
Feels a bit too simple for a stealth+puzzle genre.
Indicators of enemies and their range are nice.

It feels like both entering and exiting closets should be F.  Zero need for additional complication.

If you go to the far right from the very start the door of the second factory won't open but the sound of it opening will still play.

It seems like the death screen is of fixed size which is bigger than my screen resolution (I have a semi-square 1280x1024) and thus it can't fit.

Theme is barely used.

+Meditative thing and produces pleasant patterns. Spent some time toying with it.

- Doesn't really use the "awoken" bit. 

Hope to see what it will mature to.

From some point (after maximum firerate is reached) the upgrade process becomes broken.
There is a sign to press enter, but enter does nothing and sign goes off only a while later.

It feels like there should be something cool at the end, some symbolic ending but there is nothing at least I couldn't see it.

It is possible to fall off the map and go to the shadow zone of renderglitches. 
And to the south of initial compartment is unconfortably big for a dungeon wasteland.

Very nice graphical style.

Sometimes eyelight randomly goes off for some reason.

(2 edits)

*** Pseudo professional review ***
...An epic game where a very slowly moving skeleton  of a former barbarian-woman slaughters hordes of smiling guys from technical support via softly slapping them with a sword (almost looks like without) in what looks like a neverending barn in which for some reason reside the stones of magic that threaten the whole world.


The intro voice acting was the most fun part of it.

One more possible solution is to make a better indication of windspeed and make changing a bit slower.
Wind lines are dynamic and DO reflect current windspeed but probably not that good yet.