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Banana BoyView game page

Collect keys to unlock new fruits - make it through as many rooms as possible!
Submitted by yungcereal — 2 minutes, 12 seconds before the deadline
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Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Godot Version
Godot 3.0

It's a complete mess haha. If somebody really wants it, sure.

Game Description
Collect fruits and make your way through as many rooms as possible!

Discord Username
yungcereal (special thanks to stormyhealer and smlwarren156 for help as well)

Participation Level (GWJ only)
Yes! First time!

Participation Level across all Jams
Yes! First time!

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Nice game, I love the music!! I only made it for the 2nd room. I think that an annoying mechanic was that you can only shoot where you are facing and the possibility to aim with the mouse will probably make it more enjoyable. In the overall it' a good game. Nice job for your first entry!!


Thanks! I had considered aiming with the mouse but decided to go all keyboard controls this game (mainly because it was how I started and I didn't feel like rewriting code). Maybe I'll give mouse aiming a go next time!


Such a fun old school style game! I played twice and only made it to 5 rooms. Sometimes I arrived in a room and the little animals swarmed me before I had a chance to move :D Loved the music btw - did you make it!?


Thanks so much! And yes that's definitely an issue that I was planning on fixing but didn't get around to!

I actually didn't make it - I'll edit this comment when I find the source! It was in a pack of free music assets!


At first i worried it was about animal cruelty, then realized it was about feeding them delicious fruits that they like, so it's all nice. Cool retro feel overall, fun to play, well done!


Haha thanks!


Cool game! The Watermelon is my fav weapon. I beat 16 Rooms. I feel it a bit unfair when there is an enemy on my side or over me at the start of a room.


I had the most fun making the watermelon! And I agree - I need to look at fixing the spawn points or giving the player a quick pause between rooms. But wow 16 Rooms! That's the best score I've seen!


HAHAHA! I had so much fun playing your game, mate! Well done!


Hey thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!


Nice work! At the beginning of each level, I wish I had a "ready set go" warning so I have a moment to register everything. I found myself warping to a level then getting hit immediately with no time to react. But overall, fun little game!


Thanks! And that's what I'm hearing a lot and I agree!


The llama is OP XD, great you did some random generation, my main complaint is it gets hard super fast, the graphics and sound are nice.


Thanks for the feedback!

I agree that it gets super hard haha. I was working on a scaling system where the speed and number of enemies scales with room number, but ended up running out of time! Good to know for the next jam.


Heya! For a first game, this is not bad! :)

A little time frame in the beggining of a room where the player character would be incinvible would have been nice, more oftan than not I died because of spawning right next to a bear in a new room or something. 


Thanks! And thanks for the feedback, I noticed that too. Was on my todo list but I ended up having to fix a few other weird bugs right at the last second!


Hey all! Hope you enjoy the game - it's kind of fun for quick bursts. It was my first "full game" and I'm excited to have something that I could hit export on and be done with!

I used Retro Art as a wild card. Planned on adding in a forbidden fruit (a dragon fruit that attacks you when you open a chest), but ended up running out of time! Maybe I'll build on this sometime and add new room layouts, enemies, and weapons.