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All the broccoli trees I've ever met have barked! Smh.

Thank you for playing! We really appreciate it!


Haha! I'm really happy you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for playing and commenting. We really appreciate it!


Thank you for playing and commenting! We really appreciate it! <3


Suspicious indeed! Thank you so much for playing and commenting! We really appreciate it! <3


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Thank you for playing and commenting!! We really appreciate it! <3.  I'm glad you found your lovely warm human in the end!

Ooh BTW if you pop into settings, you can change your keys and infest with any button you like ;)

Thanks for playing!


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Haha! I'm glad you found your perfect human!Thank you for playing and commenting . We really appreciate it <3.


Thank you for playing! Much appreciated!


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Thank you for playing! Haha! Prepare yourself for the Noddy Parasite Butts expansion.


Thank you for playing! Your comment made me chuckle. Never turn your back to a parasite!


Thank you! I'm really happy you enjoyed it! 


Thank you! I'm glad you managed to get away from those pesky humans eventually! Thank you for playing!


Thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed it! 


I LOVE the atmosphere of this game - it was so immersive. Incredibly impressive that it was put together in one week.  The look and feel were perfect. Nice story - loved my companion robots! I hope you continue to develop this. Really fun, well done!

Fabulous game. I'm obsessed with Karen - she made me laugh. The audio was astounding!! This was really addictive. Well done!

LOVE this game - stunning art of course, I love the use of sounds, especially during the performances. I almost felt that rush of adrenaline. What a great way of presenting this and having everyone stare at you while you perform magic tricks. Love the twist at the end too! And the hints of what to do were perfect. Lots of fun!! Well done!! Can't wait to play your next game :)

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Found this game  relaxing and enjoyable! Really beautiful art too. I also liked the handy placement of the controls. Well done!

Really fun game. Love the colours and the graphics too. Well done!

I love the art style! Mothboi avoiding getting papped is such an creative and unique way of making a stealth game. It felt really chill to play - I would have carried on playing if there was more. Nicely done.

Yes!!! CAT! <3  
Really lovely style. I will happily let the cat be boss. I hope you make this a bigger game after the jam.

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What an incredible game! I enjoyed it immensely and would have kept on playing if there was more content. I am astounded that you managed to accomplish this in such a short space of time. The gameplay was really fun, I loved encountering new enemies and controlling my bird.  The writing has its own personality/voice that was engaging, funny (and informative without being too verbose) and kept me wanting to find out more. The story itself is so satisfying - a proper beginning, middle, end and character arc. The flavour text was also a lovely touch and added to the already high polish. Fun, beautiful and atmospheric. One thing though - I kept looking out for my enemy's health bar (there wasn't one, unless I missed it...). Thank you for sharing. Well done!

Love this! Made me feel like such a hacker. I actually had loads of fun digging into the story and reading all the emails... playing minesweeper lol. This game has taught me to pay attention to error messages too. I guess the workers are nomadic - this company sounds like it has a high turnover!

Really enjoyed it!!!

Thank you for the super useful feedback and thanks so much for playing! :)

Thank you for playing. Happy you enjoyed it!!

Thank you for playing our game! :)

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Thank you for playing and commenting, Dalton! Really appreciate it! I'm happy you picked up on what we were going for... a touch of dark humor with the cute eggies :D...

Good point about the slingshot - for predicting aim,  some other people suggested adding a shadow for the egg.  I also wondered if we could alter the background and size of sprites to create an illusion of depth.

Thanks again for playing!

- Sarah

Very charming looking game and really fun to play. Well done!

I loved the dialogue - it really made me chuckle. The first time I played I just wanted to collect all the eggs so I could read the descriptions but then I forgot about my chickens and they died! I played again though - really fun!

Beautiful and fun game.  Quite original. The controls took me a little bit of getting used to but I think thats because I'm used to using controllers. I enjoyed the audio too and the idea for the theme was perfect. Great work! I look forward to checking out your other games.

Very interesting and original game - I enjoyed playing. I appreciated the help screen in the menu part but I kept forgetting what to do. It would be nice to have some tips on the game screen instead to prompt you on how to play? Like hover over something to get a hint of what to do. Anyway, enjoyable game, well done!

Hahaha! Nice ending. I scored 150! I think it may have been too easy - perhaps there could be some earthquakes to keep the game interesting and add a little bit of difficulty if the platform starts wobbling? Anyway - I enjoyed looking forward to a surprise and the music was nice too. Well done!

Beautiful art work - and thank you for sharing the method of creating your animations (in another comment below) it was really interesting to read.

Your music and visuals created a perfect atmosphere in the game. I really enjoyed it! One thing I would note is that it would be really nice if there was some feedback on the cats being hit - like a health bar or a flash or showing the amount of damage just so that I can tell I hit it. Currently it feels like the egg sinks into the cat. I look forward to seeing the rest of your games!

I really loved the idea of this game and the aesthetic and feel is perfect. I can see you ran out of time and there are some gaps in the story - which is a shame because it has such an immersive beginning. I really wanted to know what happens! It took me a little bit of time to figure out what to do but I got there in the end. Really enjoyable game already! One last thing I would say - the font was a little tricky to read particularly with the longer text. Anyway, well done!

Really interesting game and an original idea. At first I wasn't sure what to do but I quickly figured it out after I died once.  Good work!

Haha! This made me laugh. What a story! Really nice touch. I actually want to find out what happened in the end?! Fun game, well done!

LOVE this. I actually played this for a very very long time. Super addictive. Got all my upgrades. Made so much money. Sold so many eggs. Well done! This comment may be due to me playing it for such a long time but I would have liked longer music -  the loop felt like it came around very quickly.

I really enjoyed the game and kept on playing - although I died a lot because of the spikes! Absolutely loved the crafting at the beginning! Art and sound were fabulous too. Well done.

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Beautiful and charming game. You've implemented some lovely touches like the radio and the x-ray ( I think that's what it was). I found myself looking a health bar or something to tell me that the egg was going to hatch soon but I couldn't find one. I had a lot of fun playing this though - really cool game!

Loved this! Very original game that was full of surprises. The audio suits the game, and the art is charming - especially the little egg shaped chick. I actually liked how it retained it's egg shape so you still had the challenge of egg movement. Of course, some more variety in the platform would enhance the game. Very fun and original! Nicely done.

Really fun game. The dialogue was a lovely touch! Would have loved for it to work with controller for more comfortable movement (but this is just personal preference).