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Fun game! The upgrade system was fun. I really like all the little characters you made!

Very cool game. Unique and fun movement mechanic. Interesting to explore. It'd be nice to be able to teleport to already reached buckets to make going back to get shells a bit easier. Got 7/12 tonight, going to go back and try to get them all!

Awesome, awesome sound, and outstanding art! Fun little game to play had a great time--super impressive for a week of work!

Cool game--nice story, cool art, relaxing music!

Cool game with an awesome vibe! Loved the graphics and satisfying drifts!

Cool game and concept! I like the art and music a lot. One thing I would've liked is to have it zoomed out so you can see the whole moon--it might make it easier to set things up if you know exactly where everything is. I'd like to see more!

Cool premise, cool art, nice challenge, lots of fun! Well done!

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Haha funny little game and loved the art! Simple to play and fun to push your luck to keep that score increasing! Cool splash screen too!

Cool art and sound design. The guns you had implemented worked well--I liked the shotgun a lot. Finding a way to make the game a little faster would help, but I had fun!

Loved the art direction! The player moved fine and shooting was responsive, but it was a bit hard to hit enemies, and there was some downtime waiting for more to arrive. But pretty cool game for a jam! Was really impressed by the style and movement.

Cool little game! I found it somewhat difficult to find enemies, but I think zooming out a bit would help with that. Cool art and good sounds, and awesome that you got a leaderboard working!

Super cool game! I loved the art especially--the mix of the pixel art with the hand-drawn levels was cool, and I loved the colors. I can't even pick a favorite animation amongst the wizard blasts, bat animations, and beetle flying. Great little game!

Didn't finish because it's late, but I'm gonna hop on tomorrow and get all six!

A little bit hard to control on slope, but there are easy fixes around that! The gunshot sound is very satisfying. My favorite part is the art--the pixel art is so cool, and I love those blasting craters!

I've never really touched it, but it probably has some good uses! I prefer doing with code as much as I can though I find it easier to keep track of everything I'm doing.

But visual scripting can be very powerful! I know Hollow Knight used it a lot and that game is great.

Neat little game! I like the  art style and the penguin character. If there had been more time, I'd love to see a few more enemies!

Thanks for the feedback I'm glad you liked it! And I think if I were to remake the game again I'd do something like that or make the stage a little bigger.

Gotcha! And I was playing with a trackpad so that probably made things harder than it had to be haha. I'm sure with a mouse it's fine!

Good point didn't thing of that! I'd maybe make next turn a key press then so your cursor can stay near the cards! Still fun!

Thank you so much! I added that toward the end of development and I think it improved the game a lot! Next jam I'll shot for more character animations too!

Very well done! The aesthetics are awesome and the game is fun to play! I think maybe highlighting where you'll go before you place the card would be helpful (but maybe too easy). Either way, great job!

Pretty cool, but kind of confusing what I'm doing sometimes. Still, neat concept and good game for a 72-hour jam!

Nice idea! And the art was awesome! I liked this game a lot. I'd maybe make the swing radius a little larger. Also, the score/timer section wasn't working (at least on web). But still, very fun game! I'd play more of it!

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Haha giant business card! I'd maybe make the movement a bit less "floaty." Nice little game! I liked the sprites and music.

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Fun game - but tough! My strategy was to use the fireballs from the demon guys to kill off the hands, then lob them to kill the demons! Art was cool and movement was smooth! I'd maybe make the sword have a broader swing. Also, what does the sideways arrow card do?

Neat! I like the main character's design! I'd make it so the enemy turn takes place automatically after you move so you don't have to keep clicking next turn. That way you only need to click it if you want to wait. But cool stuff! Loved shooting fireballs at all the Heracross! Haha

Nice concept! I liked the art as well! Maybe make the camera either move with the player better or allow for manual controls. It was hard to see sometimes. But all in all creative take on the card limitation! And I liked the option to just buy a new component and win haha.

Nice game! I think the screen shake when moving was a bit much and kind of hard to see. Maybe switch it so it shakes when an enemy is hit, not when you're moving. But I really liked the art - it looked great!

Neat little game! If there woulda been more levels and cards, I would've kept playing! Nice job for 72 hours! Only thing I'd change is the camera and making the sprite face left after you were moving left.

Neat idea! Man, there's some gruesome deaths and people in these decks!

Not bad! I would maybe reverse it and have it so you can't let something coming toward you touch the ground. And maybe speed everything up a bit. But still, nice little game! I popped 100 balloons!

Thanks for the feedback! And I agree - starting out is the most difficult.

Thanks for the feedback! It definitely takes some practice, but once you get into a groove it's pretty fun! Glad you liked it!

Thanks so much for the feedback - I'm glad you enjoyed it! It definitely takes some practice!

Audio was made by MD Wade - he did an awesome job!

Thanks for the positive feedback! And yes! I started using Godot recently and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon!

Thank you! It is a difficult game - takes some practice! Glad you like the music too. It was made by MD Wade. He did a great job!

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! And I agree a damage cooldown would be nice - next time I make a game like this I'll play around with adding one in!

Thanks! The music was made by MD Wade! Met him on the discord and he made me this awesome track - I love it too!

And thanks for the art feedback. I'm still pretty new to pixel art (second game using it), so I'm still getting used to things! Next jam I'll hopefully have some more animations.

Glad you liked it! And thanks for the feedback - I agree it can be a bit hectic. I usually end up picking a random card I'm near myself. Maybe a bigger screen would help! Something to consider for next time!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it! And I agree that could be helpful - I'll have to figure of a way to do that next time I make a game like this!