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Submitted by Escada Games (@EscadaGames), Sucraiso (@sucraiso) — 31 minutes, 33 seconds before the deadline
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Game Description
An experimental "game" about finding out what I forgot to include in it.

Sure! The link to the source code will be on the project's page.

Discord Username
Delta-key #2283, Sucraiso #2335

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Wonderful! The success of something like this rides entirely on 1) your ability to make it polished and 2) your commentary. Both were fantastic. It was a fun little interactive story that was surprisingly satisfying to play.


Well that was meta. Really funny and original idea for a "game" 


Great and really funny idea :D


Honestly really good. The names really fitting with the game too XD


It's all fun and games, but... HOW DARE YOU not YSort the trees? Literally unplayable :)


I know, sorry about that!
I actually tried using them about 3/4 through the development, but found some problems. If I recall correctly, the trees were overlapping the player even when he was below them (the player global_position.y was greater than the tree global_position.y), and also the background was giving a lot of trouble (I used a sprite2d node for the BG, and somehow it ended up being on top of everything, and changing its Z value ended giving me odd results, like the player getting invisible after a certain y).

I don't think this is a Godot glitch, but rather a result of my messy project hahaha surely it can be fixed, I just need to get the courage to do so. Anyway, thanks a lot for playing and giving feedback!

Submitted (1 edit)

I also had issues with YSorting this jam. Here's how I did it

1. Ground above YSort

2. on each non-ground entity move sprite up, so that it starts at Y=0 and goes up (trees, player - whatever needs to be YSorted)

3. Use YSort instead of Node2D as containers 

4*. (In my screenshots root YSort node on all props (trees, trunks) is actually disabled, as I didn't know what I was doing - you should use Node2D there (or Area, KinematicBody,...) :)


I am so happy I clicked to try this game out. It is meta indeed.

The whole part about "3 years ago" was so touching. I think many people taking part in this game jam wouldn't be able to believe the stuff the can make now. Every time learning something new, pushing themselves to improve and be better!

Thank you for this submission. Truly.

PS: For wildcards, technically the square is different than the plant art, so doesn't that count for the wildcard?

And who is to say these handful of pixels aren't oregano?


 Wow, thanks a lot! It makes our day when we see that people enjoyed our games. We like developing them, but getting seeing that others enjoy playing our things is awesome.

 About the 3 years ago part, while developing this "game", I decided that I would focus on polishing things instead of, well, making the game. And I remembered how when me and my friend Sucraiso started making games, we thought we could make awesome things right way, and of course making games is quite harder than we think... but still, we kept making them, and just like you said, every time we get a bit better at something, and this is so great... even if it is, I don't know, learning how to use a Light2D node or learning a Fantasy Console, it is quite good to get better at making games, specially after growing up with them. 

 Thanks for playing and giving us feedback, I'm really, really happy that you enjoyed it! Like I said, making games is nice and all, but knowing that people enjoy playing them is the absolute best. And sorry for the long text!

And also, you are right I believe, the square is quite contrastant to the rest of the screen, my bad not noticing that hahaha and the oregano wildcard could enter too, my bad as well!


I enjoy the long text! You are absolutely right on all the levels! (However, I have to learn more about Light2D nodes and I have no idea what a Fantasy Console is :D)

About Wildcards, I thought you were being even more meta by not listing any! It followed the whole theme of: "this is not a game so there is nothing, no theme, not even a wildcard, and if you as a player think so, thats not on us".


Not much of a game really, but a very nice idea. Brightened my day!


Thanks, it's great to know that! Glad you liked it!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Cover image is a bit misleading :D

Or am I missing something? 🤔

Edit: My fault for failing to use the controls right :D


Play until the end and you will find out :) it's just about 3 minutes long!


Nevermind. Forgot to press "C" 😂

Totally delivers what it promises!


Oh, that explains it 🤣 thanks, glad you enjoyed it!


Very Meta!