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Looks great and a really fun idea. I wish the pace was a bit slower as its quite difficult. That said it gets across "Out of Control" really well.  Well done

So intense. Really great gob!

Nice Job man! It goes so fast, fro sure meets the theme.

I really like the recoil switching on new waves. Cool idea.  Your health and either enemy health or an animation when they are hit would have been helpful. I really like the simple style you went with. Nicely done.

Honestly the keyboard controls are pretty buggy. I spend almost no time trying to get them feeling ok as I startd them with 2 hours left and was fighting with unitys Web Build stuff. But that's game jams I suppose.   Thanks for giving it a go!

yeah, sorry. I only.had time to set it up for the Xbox 360. Thanks for trying. There are keyboard controls but they don't really do any justice.

Nice Idea. The brick breaker felt a bit deterministic, but that may have been just me. It seemed like there was no way to finish them faster. also it seemed like a lot of locks considering the amount of time you had to make level variation. Looks good though, Nice job.

Fun idea. The look is gorgeous. Great job! 

Hey. I Like the concept. It felt like maybe the rocks were going a little too fast, and maybe it would be nice to be spinning but you input to fire. It was a cool game but mostly you just dodge. Good Job!

My game had a similar concept! I ended up leaving the screen and not knowing what was happening eventually, but it looks great and has a cool mechanic. Good job.

Controls feel nice. Good idea.

This is a really neat idea, well done

Great job. The art is awesome. I love the planes idle animation. the keys running out mechanic is really neat.

Rally like the mechanic idea. Couldnt get past one of the levels and it was a bit to get a hang of. Nice Audio as well. Great job

Great Job! Wished there were more levels, which is a good sign.

Great ramp up with the tutorials. Great two player mechanic. Good Job.

Yeah the early level bit could have been designed a bit better to force the user to learn the double jump, it is the most common frustration people have had. I do highly suggest it with two. Did some of the play testing with my kid nephew and it was a blast.

Thanks for giving it a go!

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Yeah , I wanted to spend more time tuning the controls but got hit with a couple painful physics bugs, that luckily, I got resolved but ran out of time.  Thanks for giving it a go, and the feedback.

Oh cool, I did pretty much get that after playing a bit!

The mechanic feels pretty good. I was a bit confused about what was going on most of the time, ie the objective. Music was nice.

I totally agree. Pushing our limits is a large part of why I do these things!

building mobile can be a pain especially if you haven't tried it before. Nice mechanic that's transferrable between PC and mobile though.

It sucks when we can not make all that we want to in the time limit of a jam. Totally understandable. I think it's a really cool concept finished or not.

this is so great. I love the oncoming road treatment, looks great

I really like this concept. I found the text drawing over the play area was a bit intrusive, and it could use some keyboard input for  "new tile" and "rotate" just for comfort of play. I could really see myself playing this for too many hours.

Nice game.  I would suggest in the future for game jams to focus more on the game mechanic and less on menus etc first. That said what is there for the game mechanic feels nice. It would be cool to have streaks or power ups in the game play. Good Job.

Cool concept, it could work pretty well on a phone possibly. 

Great Game, if you continue to refine it, I would suggest working on the AI for the drones so some of them prioritize the base node to make a more aggressive loss condition. I found if I just set up 2-3 power nodes and clustered all the towers around it they all go to it and die pretty quick. I like the concept though, reminded me of my days playing Starcraft and laying out pylons! Good work

Great simple concept, and excellent execution. I initially thought the smaller circles/arms would move with the bigger ones, but this with the length of the timer is paced really well. Take more concentration that I thought at first. Well done.

Tanks for giving it a go. It is far less frustrating with a second.

Thanks for playing. I've found it takes about 10-20 minutes to beat with two people on average. Could stand to have an easier stretch at the beginning.

That's better than I could do,  It really is meant for 2 player but it is fun to try. Thanks for playing.


I totally understand, if only we could implement everything we wanted!

The jump from draw a square had me laughing. Nicely done. Weirdly satisfying. 

Nice concept. Looks great as well

This game looks amazing, nice work. The concept is pretty great as well

This is really neat. Nice job. More power ups would be great, and yeah props on the AI work.

This was so great. The humor kept me playing way longer than I thought I would. I kind of sucks you in more and more as you play. Very well done on every level.

Oh man, Great concept!