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House Husband Interactive

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Hey thanks! Yeah the word puzzle was one of the things we really wanted to refine but hey -- game jam. Either way, thanks a ton for checking us out and the kudos. Cheers

Haha thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it.

So glad you liked it! Thanks for checking us out and getting stressed out on our behalf haha

Hell yeah! Thanks for the kudos. Yeah sadly we didnt have enough time to really improve that word puzzle (it was last on our polish list) so yeah, lets just say its part of the challenge! Great job getting 3!!

Thanks Rusty! Glad you liked it :D

Dude this was super good! The atmosphere that the art direction and audio brought together was fantastic.

this legit made me laugh after the square level! great work

This was cool. Great art, great physics! Really great job.

This was fun and goofy! Great concept for sure. BONUS POINTS

Dude, this was great! I really dig your art style and the animations and particle effects were really satisfying.

I lost it at sautee the awkward silence. This was super cool!

Bahahah this genuinely made me laugh. So perfectly goofy. Great work lol

This was a really cool story. The bundle of sticks was an intriguing plot device!

Dude, this is really dope. Your art direction and sound design really work together super well! Great work!

Hey this game was really cool! The only part that was a little fuzzy for me was when to throw on the ninja level. But overall, great job you guys!

Hey this was great! The mechanic with the robot was fun to play around with, great art direction too. Good job my dudes :D

This was super fun! I really like the wobbly driving physics and the wifi area idea is really cool. Also the music was really good. Game is way too hard tho.

Super cool idea! I really like the art direction. Let me know if you ever finish this. <3

This was fun! Once I got the main mechanic it was really cool to use probability as the choice. Great idea!

Thanks Silveran! We tried to balance difficulty with replayability -- glad we got at least a few tries out of you! Thanks for playing!

Hey man! I think the movement mechanics are really cool. I'd love to see this idea expanded a bit