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Thank you =D Oxalotte did a great job!

J'adore, tu as vraiment eu une bonne idée =D Tu tiens un bon concept que tu pourrais continuer à améliorer en changeant les musiques et en rajoutant des boutons. Bien joué !

C'est vraiment très propre, les visuels sont magnifiques. Je pense que tu as une bonne base pour développer le jeu sur mobile, et j'ai hâte de le retester quand tu auras fini d'implémenter toutes les fonctionnalités :)

J'espère que tu vas rajouter d'autres niveaux parce que le concept est vraiment super intéressant et plaisant à jouer :o

I love the character animations! And I like the concept of the game, there are some very interesting ideas. The title screen with the mess in the menus made me laugh ^^ It's really a nice little game, good job =D

C'est très bordélique mais très fun à la fois! J'ai trouvé ça super marrant les beignets diaboliques dans le premier niveau qui te pourchassent x) J'ai bien aimé joué avec la physique du jeu, par exemple détruire les plateformes dans le second niveau j'ai vraiment trouvé ça sympa. La musique colle plutôt bien au jeu. Les particules de sang sont particulièrement bien faites :o

En tout cas pour moi ça répond complètement au thème, et je trouve ça dommage qu'il y ai ce bug majeur qui empêche de voir les autres niveaux. Beau travail quand même :)

Le jeu est beau, clean, polish, j'adore les transitions, l'animation de mort, les effets sur l'écran... Le concept est vraiment sympa et marche bien. Il y a beaucoup de niveaux alors que vous avez eu seulement 48h pour faire le jeu, c'est très impressionnant, GG à vous !!

I like the idea, I think the theme is very well interpreted! I'm really bad at this game though, I've died so many times ahah x) Good job =D

I like the art of the game! It's probably weird but I enjoyed contaminating as many people as I could :o

The title screen is styled with the animal showing the selected button with its hand :o The concept is nice and original, good job =D

The idea is really super original and well found! With a few adjustments it could be a good mobile game. Good job =D

Awesome art and great concept. Well done!

The game fits really well with the theme and the idea is super interesting :o It's hard and frustrating, but you still want to persevere to see the next levels. Good job !

The game is nice, I like the scoring system you implemented :) On the other hand, the text isn't too readable when you're in the dark, but apart from that everything is well executed =D

Wow, big work on the atmosphere, the music fits the game perfectly. The interpretation of the theme is really interesting and original. Well done :)

Oh my god this is so hard but so fun ahah! I like the idea and the art is nice. If you can make the game a little less difficult, that'd be great =D

I love this little robot :p The music is catchy, it's nice. I really had a hard time jumping on some platforms but otherwise the controls were reactive.

The concept is really interesting! But it's getting too complicated for my brain ahah

It's a brilliant idea! It's hard, but I really like the concept. Graphics are nice. Good job =D

The art style is really nice and the little music fits well to the game but damn it's hard and frustrating! The concept is interesting and I think it could make a good mobile game. Well done :)

I like the idea a lot! It's complicated with an azerty keyboard but it adds difficulty ahah

I'm a big fan of your amazing graphic style, it's cute, colorful and unique :D

Thanks for this funny video! Indeed, the music is gone after seeing all your failures x)

Thanks for showing the game in your video! I'm sad that you failed to pass the level, I didn't think it was that hard xD

Thanks for your feedback, I'll take all that into consideration! And well done for your perseverance, the last level is not easy :o

I really like the concept of playing with our own bullets that can kill us. The introduction at the beginning to explain the game is a good idea and is well executed. The music is well chosen. Visuals of the game are very nice. It's nice to play even if at the beginning I didn't understand why I would die all the time x) Good job =D

I really like the atmosphere of the game, the visuals are nice. I got scared when the zombies woke up and started chasing us x)

I love this minimalist little game! The concept is clever and the puzzles have a nice difficulty curve. Well done =D

I love the intro and the little music that goes with it. The music of the game is also very good, although a bit repetitive. The visuals are excellent :) I have to admit that I spammed the third spell because it seemed to me to be the most efficient x) A limited number of spell uses would seem to me to be a good idea. Good job =D

It's a tough game, but tough in a good way. It reminds me of the games of the past. I really like all the messages built right into the game to explain how to play. The sound atmosphere is nice. The idea of being able to control the enemies' bodies to our advantage is a clever idea. I think with a little more polish on the visuals the game would be very good. A change that might be nice: press R to directly start the level again and not go back to the menu. Well done!

Thank you very much for your comment! It's really appreciated!

I love the concept, it's a really good idea! The sound atmosphere is also nice.

Hello =D These are really good ideas! I'll take note of them for a next update. Thank you :)

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Wow, I never thought of that! Maybe I should add a second pool of water for those who have the same idea :o

Really nice little game that would be perfect on mobile!

Thanks for your feedback =D Sorry for the last level, you were probably too good than I expected x)

I think it's pretty impressive how much you've been able to do considering your experience in Unity. I love the effects you've added. A few details to improve the game : slightly reduce the camera shake when you shoot and be able to go to the next level instead of going back to the menu. Good job =D

Hi, you're totally right about the theme, I got lost. Basically the goal of the game was to prevent the character from reaching the end of the level, but it was too easy. I panicked and went to something else x) Anyway, thanks for your feedback.

Graphics are really great and the game is very polish. I think it could easily be adapted to mobile. For the moment, the game is a bit too simple, it would be really nice if you added some new characters, or even a kind of boss! Good job =D

I like the little introduction at the beginning :) It would be nice to be able to pass it quickly so you can start playing again faster. I think the ending is a little rough ahah! It might be interesting to unzoom the view a little bit, to better anticipate the enemies! Anyway, good job :)