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Thank you for the feed back. The idea was that you would start and heal back up to 15, I should have made that clearer on the card. Initially I was planning on you ripping parts off the card as you took damage, but I couldn't figure how you could then heal after a game.

Thanks for the feedback. I was hoping to add random events to make the solar system seem more alive. I totally didn't think of having to click so much, I will be reworking the cargo system so you only deal in full cargo bays.

A fun farming game. I really liked the simple animations of the carrots walking. The carrot names really had me connecting with them, I ended keep a carrot or two for the rest of my game. 

Thanks for the feedback, I agree with you on the "Buy menu" getting in the way. I should have added on on screen button prompts to show the keyboard commands to select planets. Originally, I was going to have a minigame you could play on the planet to make money but I had to cut it for time. I am glad you liked my game.