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Yeah, that was what u was thinking with Sofia, Liz, and Rachel each having their own spheres of influence and are enemies. Soft a managed to get in close to the player character to help take down the other pranks to be the last one standing. There is also mention of the tapes being deleted from the last case which would have been her. Some people not completing correctly could be a bug, I changed around how some of that works in the last few hours to make the mechanics more consistent, but something could have slipped through the cracks.

Loved it! The concept is so strange, but completely understandable once you get into it. I very much enjoy how big you can make the carrots. Nicely done, and so unique!

SPOILERS BELOW, Also solutions in the image if you want to complete the game.

Glad you liked it! I have made a complete graph for you, though I'm not completely positive that every connection is fully justified by the text. I should definitely add jazzy noir music to the background, that could make the tone really cool. The planning of the game was done in a few parts. First, I thought about different relationships or structures I wanted to be in the game, so I wrote those out to start with: "Femme Fatale", Not being able to tell twins apart, a strangers on a train style not knowing the accomplice, and looking back on past cases to inform future ones. Once I had all these tropes, I created a rough outline of what the connections graph would be. Then I brainstormed stupid pranks that high school kids would do to make up the cases. Given the connotation of the cork board with strings being associated with conspiracies, I thought that the competition would make a good fit. I then implemented the cases in order, trying to give each something interesting. One thing I quickly noticed is that with how I wanted to structure the game, with new people being added to each case which fit into previous social structures, that each additional person adds a whole lot of complexity. After the 14th person, I no longer felt that I could add anymore and still finish on time, so that was when I locked it down (About 24 hours remaining) and took the rest of the time to polish the experience.


A bit messy, but it needed to fit in the comment image size limitation. Also, I don't think there is any way to arrange it such that it isn't messy, but I kind of liked that, I think it creates a fun chaotic feel to the game.

I like the music and overall feel of the quite a bit! The dragging lines mechanic worked well, and circles turning multicolored was a good touch.

The idea of connecting stars to form constellations is a great one. I can imagine a very zen game where you create your own out of a full skyscape. Very solid mechanic!

I like the name generation that you do. It seems to work pretty well, and I like that it can generate one word names, I got "Yann" on my screen now which I feel is a good name.

Support for emojis will differ between browsers and devices. I've tested it on Windows Firefox and Chrome on a pixel phone.

Yeah, unfortunately there were a few loose ends I didn't have time to close up, like what the vampire was talking about and the painting you get from the artist. The money was from the mermaid. Also yeah, it was real hard to get it down to as frustrating as it is now, (Emojis are kinda the worst).

Love the sound effects and music. what do you mean by "the character will respond better and better, as in the hands of a player in a classic metroidvanias"? I did notice some randomness about whether or not I would make a jump or dodge a bullet, but are there mechanics behind that like you imply?