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Fun couple of minutes!  Noticed a little cheat where you  can push the car with the bridge parts before you start the game, which lets you "carry" it to the end!

Oh yeah of course no problem!

Yay! Finished in 78 hours! I love the idea of a "Game Jam" time-management game! I really like how you can take your pleasant time to enjoy life while jamming!

Great fun!

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the strategy aspect of it!

I do agree that there are some features which are not explained too well in-game, so I like that idea of adding challenges to introduce different mechanics to the game! It could help a lot more than just reading instruction or being forced through a tutorial!

Thank you so much for playing! It really was fun learning how to randomize names based on a text file this jam! I'm glad you liked the game!

Thank you for playing! That would be an interesting idea to create a need to sell carrots to survive, however I wanted to make this a relaxing experience where you don't need to sell any carrots technically! I'll keep that in mind however for future projects!

A hah! This is so brilliant!

I've noticed that some of the "Completed" connections on people like "Hank" arn't showing up on my game for some reason, even though everything is added correctly. For example, my Hank/Nathan enemy link never locked down! I think it might be something to do with me accidentally solving the case early without making them enemies, but I'm not exactly sure! 

Additionally, thank you for the reference image! It makes things much more easy to understand!

Also, thank goodness you told me it will stay messy! I was rearranging the board so many times to try and find a secret "Mastermind" over everything! 

(Sofia is the mastermind... right?) I'm still trying to piece together an exact "timeline" of what was happening!

Since it appears to me that she was trying to manipulate all the other students into several other pranks as diversions to plan the big prank? 

Sofia, Liz, and Rachel were all the "brains" behind most of the major pranks, with everyone else acting under their supervision mostly corect??

Once again, thank you for this amazing experience! It's a little tough to start on, but gets so good once you really get into it!

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you liked the unique experience!

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This is the most brilliant detective game I have ever played!!!!!

THE TWISTS! THE TURNS! THE DISCOVERIES! I finally figured it out! I SPENT HOURS on this game, listening to jazzy noir music the whole time! THE SEUSS IS REAL!

Though there were some people I were unable to full "connect by the end of the game! 

PLEASE tell me you have an "answer key" which explains the whole entire story in full! I NEED to see this entire mystery completed solved together!!

How the heck did you plan this game out?!

I NEED to see the COMPLETE cork board!!!

I had to rearrange the entire board several times over to finally figure everything out! I was placing everything in chronological order, checking times and dates, writing cheat-sheets for myself for reference!


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I saw this on the Extra Credits Twitch Party Stream and I needed to check it out!

Aww it's so cute once you finally figure out how to get the best ending! 

[Edited out spoiler]

Great job! 

I accidentally stumbled upon these interactive case studies while on! This is a unique way of creating an interactive learning experience and I really like it!

I'm glad you liked it! Thank you for playing! It really is terrible when the bug eat them lol

Oh very cool! This would be a fun  party game to try out! Tetris Battle Royale!

Good work!

I see! It's always neat to see in the mind of the programming!

I really did! And that's awesome realizing I found the best strategy recommended by the creator!

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you really liked the progression and the GIANT carrots!

Thank you for the feedback about grabbing areas! I'll keep it in mind for future Jams!

I've always had a weakness for games with grappling hooks! Nice work! The combos are fun to make! Good work!

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Hi there! I really really dig the artwork that you've done for this game, especially the moving city in the background! Unfortunately I'm a bit of a dummy and have no idea how to get past the first level with your robot buddy! It's literally impossible for me to figure out how to align the robot and the man to open and close the door for each other. The buttons are not evenly distanced on either side! Do you have any advice?

Nailed it with 245! I was digging the visual style and music combo! I was a bit confused exactly on what the rules were for where a web would be drawn, but it didn't stop me from having a good time! Nice work!

Oh no! I lost! Though... maybe its better I lost than having to try to "connect" with an Amebas in a connecting room. I wouldn't want to get the flu lol.

 I really liked your cartoon-y art style! The scientist reminds me of another scientist somewhere else, although that other scientist is much more meaner and cynical! Nice work!

I'm glad you figured it out! Now go forth and conquer the world with your army! Thank you for playing!

That last level was tricky but I'm glad I beat it! This was a pretty fun game! There was some issues with sticking to the walls, but aside from that the rest of the game played really smoothly! I liked the short puzzles you made! Good work!

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Aww. Such a cute little game! Its quite delightful to listen to the bells of the stars and constellations as you click different stars. There was absolutely no difficulty curve, and I loved it. This was just a fun game to chill out and just enjoy the experience.

Great job!

Also, I learned from this game "THE UNIVERSE IS A CUBE!"

Thank you for playing! I'm sure Ohio loves you too! 

Oh gosh! That was a tough fight! I finally beat them! This is a really fun strategy game. This was my final push before victory!

The trick was to expand in a diagonal direction with cheaper turrets, while balancing reinforcements with walls and upgrading your income! This keeps the enemies away from your "farms" while also letting your innacurate LVL 1 turrets have all the enemies spread out to be hit! Try to get 2nd level turrets ASAP. Then finally you can build up an army to finally push back against the defenders and give yourself a proper chance at winning! Then it's just maintaining your towers until victory!

Really fun game! Good job!

Oh Scrap! My first play-through I tried to shoot each of the enemies thinking I needed to clear them before moving onto the next level! 

I then realized I could just rush past them and get to the next level!


And then I realized they followed me into the next level which terrified me and make me want to rush through more levels to get away from the horde that I aggro'd!

You got me to Scrap myself indeed! Great game!

I really liked the art tht you did for this game as well!

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you made some emotional connections with some carrots and kept a handful! 

The walking animation for carrots is actually what I used as my "Extra-Remix" feature! In another game of mine, I rotated a tall grass sprite using a cosine wave whenever a player walked through it, and now I reused it rotate giant living carrots!

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Aww it's such a cute little game about connecting little buggies butts lol.

For some reason I couldn't figure out to win because I did not ever have 5 pairs of bugs to match though! 

I still really liked the controls, and it really is meant to be played with a controller!

Good job with the game! You've increased my love for bugs just a tiny bit more!

Edit: I figured out what the Florida Meter means now. LOL!

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Awesome! I got it to work and was able to play it!

This was nice interactive story and narrative that you told! I really enjoyed the focus on art and writing, although there were some typos I noticed. I got the [B] ending and I was quite satisfied with how it finished! 

The only downside is tht I could not find a way to skip through the dialogue quicker the second time around for the other choice!

Good job on the story!

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I watched this on the Bean Borg stream, and I decided to give it a look myself! I like your distinct way of writing! I liked being introduced to this strange new world! You really "painted" a distinct picture within my mind! Good work! I wasn't able to read all the endings however!

I wish there was a way to see which number ending you got at the end of the game!

I'm gonna try to figure out the best ending with everyone getting the letters they want the most probably lol.

I see! So it really isn't some crazy algorithm or Deep Learning AI! Its really cool hearing how these work when explained by the dev! Thank you!

Wow this is a really intuitive to learn puzzle game! I love how you made the puzzles kind of build on top of each other! Makes you feel very clever! Also that "victory" song is very satisfying! Nice work!

Glad you liked it! I'll send the love over to Mend!

Yes. All of this is true.

Thanks for playing!

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Check out more stuff from our Audio Lead! []

Short and simple experience, but still quirky and fun for what I got out of it! Good job! (I only broke pots to get through the secret room btw lol)

Also, I really liked how you added the mouse control for the movement! I noticed there was arrow key movement  as well, but I found the mouse controls VERY satisfying! I would love to play a Legend of Zelda Action RPG with that type of movement! 

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Oooh I love this idea! It's like a fill-in the blanks improvise party drawing game! I could easily print this out and just have it lying around! 

One idea you could also do to modify this game is to just cut out all the pictures, mix them up, and put them in a hat! Then you pull out two randomly, and then have to draw/explain what happened!

There's a lot of possibilities this game-concept can be taken to!

Great job! I can definitely print this out for a quick party game some time! I also love the little cartoon art style that you got going!

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Cool concept! I was kind of guessing a lot, since sometimes I just found it impossible to logic out a path, but I eventually beat one of the randomized easy levels!! This could make a solid mobile game, with maybe just a tutorial and maybe some fancy particle effects! Good job!

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Aww its such a cute matchmaker! Unfortunately I mainly only mathed people who liked puzzles because they walked the slowest lol! Nice and simple concept. and solid pixel art! Good job!

Sacrifices must be made for the greater good.... RIP Orange.