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Oh wow! Thanks will for sure check it out!

Glad you liked it! Thank you!

I personally always wanted to try out making a sailing game, it's just that this Jam gave me to incentive to go ahead and try it! Thank you playing!

Quite a challenge! Unfortunately I was only able to get 39/50 as my best! I still prefer that to being squished by a pineapple! 

Nice job!

Oh gosh! I never knew a conveyor belt game could get so stressful! Chocolate is supposed to take away the stress! Not cause more of it!

Great job! Very fun!

A journal would be a GREAT idea to keep track of everything! The sailing mechanics were very fun to design, although when doing my initial researching I discovered a lot about the physics of modern day sailboats which seems way more cooler/complicated!

I'm glad you enjoyed the little silly jokes I made! Had to make an attempt at entertainment in some way! Thank you for playing my game!

Thank you! It's basically my only mechanic! I'm glad you liked it!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you!

I was worried about that when I was testing it out! Although maybe I can just say that is part of the challenge! Thank you for playing!

Thank you so much for playing! Yeah! I wish I had time to add more! Those deadlines can really prevent features from getting done in time though!

Thanks for playing! Glad it worked with you!

I always love these type of control schemes where you can use the mouse to aim and click! It's also a cute little character player you got! Good job!

This is GORGEOUS! Just plain gorgeous! If I had a suggestion it would be to use the up and down arrow keys to bring up the bounty poster! It just makes it easier to play with one hand!

Fantastic work you did here!

Now thats an interesting way to approach the team! I learned a new word! To Bount!

Betraying others to get ahead! Now that's being a dastardly pirate! Reminds me of a movie I've seen before! (Although it's somehow difficult to recall! *wink wink wink*) Good job!

Ok! So I Loooooove the effort that was put into all of the art and the sound design! Fantastic job there! This game is QUITE difficult though especially when you got everybody trying to ice you from the bottom! Fun game!

Oh wow! I was thinking this was just a fun "OH HEY!" yelling game but there is a lot of thought into making it a type of balance game! Great idea!

Great job! Fun little story with a unique artistic style! I liked it!

Nice little story! I got the candy at the end! Good job!

Great job! It's always a huge relief when you manage to upload in time!

Alright got my submission in on time! Sailboat Explorer! I'm getting some sleep and I'll check out all of your submissions when I'm up! Good luck to everybody! Hope you all had fun!

After 2 days of non-stop background running, the game has finally been won! All 70 million presents have been delivered and we are now at negative numbers of gifts to store for next Christmas! GG BeHAYMAN, GG!

Hi there! Sorry never got a change to rate your game  but wow it's fantastic! Very cute dialogue, beautiful artwork for the worlds, and I liked the handling of the controls!

(Never figured out where to find the last couple of presents and toys though! D:)

Fantastic work!

Love the polish and sprites created for this game! Very  cute! Would love to see this as an endless runner sometime maybe!

The game DID get difficult for me though on the 3rd level! Curse you elves! Gonna kick the heck out of them!

A hah the infamous Gario team! Good job! Options menu was pretty funny lol

Fantastic game! Really fun launching presents at the evil balloon president and sliding on my belly!

Clever art and smooth gameplay! I really liked all the polish put into this! 

A quick question though: Is there a reason you have sooo many different fire buttons? It interested me in seeing such the long list lol

Honestly, I kind of liked it that sometimes I felt like there was no right answer, and you had to decide "which is the least punishing"!


Oh my gosh the story in this was BEAUTIFUL! I'm so happy for you and your girlfriend and hope your wonderful relationship stays strong! I almost completely missed the story because my volume was so low!

Very straightforward mechanics, however solid level design that made it not too hard to get lost!

I wish I could listen to the whole thing all over again just on its own! It's such a sweet story! I accidentally skipped a few lines though when I finished a level too early!

The only thing I'd like to say is that you should BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! I noticed you kept putting yourself down in the story, but be proud of the work you do! Even if you think it's bad, its more than a lot of other people have done!

(Low key wish the rap could've been played at the end though, although that's probably very very personal so I understand why its kept private!)

Thank you so much for the well-thought out comment! I really appreciate it!

My next goal is probably to go back through a lot of my games, and do a sort of "polishing and republishing" phase where I fix a lot of issues and convert them to Web in-browser versions!

Very solid and polished game! I love these types of "pic k a choice" game, and this one did really well! Especially in the time-scale! I liked how the background changed with reputation, and I thought the dialogue was pretty funny!

Oh gosh! Yeah t the very last couple of rounds it becomes extremely ridiculous! Poor Ben taking all the poons!

Very fun game! It took me a round to figure out it was a typing game, but WOW that got difficult very fast very quickly! The super zombie elves with two words are HECK! Never thought I would be so focused on typing fast! 

This would be a fun type of game to reskin in other ways as an educational tool as well!

That's a brilliant name! I've used Ben Boomerang but that sounds smoother! Thank you for playing!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you!

Thank you so much for playing! I'll check it out for sure!

Great job! Thank you for playing! (Level skipping is pressing the "P" button, for "Please skip this mess!")

[The ending is just a little text-message + snow effect though lol!]

Thank you for playing! The levels are actually procedural generated, and I only had time to make the system for essentially 1 type of wall! I completely agree with you that sometimes the levels can be very "bland" so I'm thinking of figuring out what I should try in future games!

I'm glad you liked them! They were the first parts I worked on! Thanks for playing!