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Give the children what they deserve! Presents! Created for the Yogscast Jingle-Jam Game Jame 2019
Submitted by Big The Dave (@GeeItSomeLaldy) — 2 hours, 14 minutes before the deadline
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gameplay is slick as hell. Good aesthetic. 💯


Clever art and smooth gameplay! I really liked all the polish put into this! 

A quick question though: Is there a reason you have sooo many different fire buttons? It interested me in seeing such the long list lol


A fun and quick little game. Love the graphics and sound. It gets very hectic after a while though!


awesome game although its a bit easy i think the enemies are too slow and there seems to be only one type. but the visuals are amazing and theres a very good style throughout it so well done

if you have time please check out our typing game too!

thank you!


Really good game, loved the art and the music does the job. I managed to get to level 16 without much problem but then the difficulty ramps up quickly. If you were to work on this further I would love to see an upgrade system for the points you get and maybe balance out the later levels a bit so people can't just drop in your head and do damage. Overall though, amazing game!

Developer (1 edit)

I had originally thought of giving you max HP and ammo upgrades, but it was hard to balance (too much ammo made it too easy, and lowering it made it frustrating). You originally had 10 HP but you could just tank hits until the cake arrived.


It looks really fun but the music for me was loud and crackly/distorted? :(


Very polished for 48hours. Great art and gameplay.

Good job!

Loved the art style and music! Gameplay was a lot of fun too! The animations for things flying in got a little annoying after a while but I guess that was your intention ;)


Pretty fun little game you got there. I enjoyed playing it, and the sound effects were really good as well : )

Only thing that could be improved is the difficulty curve. It was a bit too slow until it started getting hard I think


Just a quick PSA, as some people seem confused about controls:

This is mouse enabled, you should be able to aim and fire with the mouse (and it makes the game much easier than using 8-directional twin-stick).

If you prefer moving with the arrow keys rather than ESDF, you can switch to the Left-Handed control scheme in the options, or the pause menu.


I really love this. Light-hearted, entertaining, and fun to play. The difficulty curve could use some tuning, I think. Oh and I *loved* the 3D effect of kids falling from on high. It's a neat way to telegraph the position of incoming enemies.


Very polished and nice art style? Did you do the art by yourself? Great job either way!

Feel free to check out my game as well:


Really neat, polished retro shooter game. Great job!

good style. really simple and fun game mechanic.


Cool how you managed this in a fantasy computer!
The sound and music ir really nice!


Love it, being able to do a twin stick shooter by using both player 1 and player 2 controls is genius! Also especially love the sprite scaling effect as the enemies fall from the sky.


I like the style of this game, but I think it felt a bit empty due to a lack of music.


not bad atempt at a twin stick shooter in Pico8 though the controls feel a bit clunky.