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Loved the art style and music! Gameplay was a lot of fun too! The animations for things flying in got a little annoying after a while but I guess that was your intention ;)

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I liked the controls but did not really understand how the collisions worked. I sometimes "hit" a Satan without really colliding with it.

Fun game and nice graphics. I would have prefered to see the controls at the top of the screen though, because I found them a little hard to remember.

Loved the idea and gameplay! The trees' collisions were a bit frustrating though, i was caught between two trees too often

The new map looks nice but there is some kind of bug. I hid somewhere but on my opponent's screen I was somewhere else. :D

Desert sounds nice. I can‘t wait to play it! You could of course make different variations for the same map. That way you could avoid using randomly generated objects but still prevent players from easily memorizing a map. 

Hey, thanks a lot for your feedback! You‘re probably right, maybe it would be less frustrating if you just lost the last two or three circles instead of having to start over. I‘ll definitely work on that in the near future :)

Loved your game, but the map should be randomly generated. Otherwise it becomes pretty easy to catch your opponent after a few rounds.

Great fun game and very easy to understand! The steering felt a little too sensitive though

Thanks for the reply, I'll let you know as soon as I implemented that!

Incredibly fun game and a very great idea! Especially loved the movements of the characters, it makes it really fun to play!

Oh that's great thanks for the reply! I Guess I was just a little too impatient, i'll definitely check it out!

Love the idea and especially the music! But is there any way for me to drive the car? That would put the game on a whole different level!

I did not think of anything specifically but it would be nice to have some variety. 

I actually play the game pretty frequently, it is really great to play with one or two friends!

Really greate and fun game! One of the best local multiplayer games out there! Are you planning on adding some more maps in the future?