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Establish the connection to send your message
Submitted by Denzel (@deniz__akyildiz) — 23 hours, 29 minutes before the deadline
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The theme was interpreted as building connections between two things. That again brought me to the idea of having some sort of internet connection or other signal that has to be controlled to connect two devices.

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I liked the concept behind the game. I liked how the timing of the button presses tested the player's reflexes and punished trigger happiness. I, however, thought the game was too harsh in its punishments and I disliked this. I found it unfair that the player had to restart the whole game once the player failed. It was very frustrating for me to lose so much progress. This is because I did not like repeating everything I did in the game again.


Hey, thanks a lot for your feedback! You‘re probably right, maybe it would be less frustrating if you just lost the last two or three circles instead of having to start over. I‘ll definitely work on that in the near future :)


Fun little game, although being able to extend the signal by clicking would feel a lot better than using the spacebar due to the latter's high travel time.


Thanks for the reply, I'll let you know as soon as I implemented that!