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I have never been so immersed in deeply, truly loathing a phone line in my life

Having played quite a lot of the original Laser Squad, I was not mentally prepared for BATTLE TIME but man if I didn't have a big goofy grin on my face when it happened. Great work on this.

I have never felt such sympathy for the poor climbing dude in Tetris DS. Fun little game! If you do a postjam version, it'd be nice to see a grab bag style piece randomizer like the official games use to avoid getting half a dozen O blocks in a row, as tends to happen with completely random selection.

P.S. gotcha

Man, this looks great! My only major issue with it is that you can't see the rest of the Halo ring in the sky like in the games, so it doesn't quite feel like you're on one, but otherwise it's very nice!

Really fun little game, I love how the weapons feel to fire!

The coin pick up sounds remind me a lot of the opening to Rain from Halo 3 ODST. I'm okay with that.

Glad you liked it, that Window to the Soul one has to be my favorite for the sheer absurdity of it.

The gameplay feels very simple, and I feel like I actually have more control with spells than walking around, but man if it isn't well presented.

I am so hopelessly and completely lost.

The controls feel a little bit clunky, but it's still pretty fun.

Requiring specifically an Xbox controller for a game jam game seems... unwise. Also, you left in a folder called "RoboShoot_BackUpThisFolder_ButDontShipItWithYourGame" which doesn't inspire much confidence.

I have absolutely no idea what's happening but I think I like it?

I see where the idea is going, and having items to modify how the teleportation works is cool, but it just isn't implemented in a very compelling way to me. For the most part it just manifests as blind luck hoping you don't teleport off the edge of the platform you're going for, which isn't really gameplay so much as rolling a dice to see if it's time to restart the level.

I don't really know what's happening or how to deal with it because I couldn't move in the tutorial for some reason and thus couldn't see any of tutorial messages other than the one telling me to move.

Reasonably enjoyable, although I do wish you could hold a button to speed up the ship; it feels like a lot of the game is just waiting for it to get to where you need it.

I am real hero now thank

It's far too common to have devs on Itch mark their NSFW game as NSFW in the tags, but not in the actual metadata that would cause it to be filtered out by anyone that has them set to hidden in the settings. Therefore, if a game has the tag added to it, it should also update the actual metadata to reflect that (or the NSFW filter option should filter out games using the tag as well as ones with correct metadata).

This game is way better than it has any right being. Much more playable with the non-3D camera angle though, the default is a bit weird to adjust to.

Pretty neat, although increasing the Gravity on the buttons in Unity's input settings would fix the weird overstep issue.

Fun little game, although being able to extend the signal by clicking would feel a lot better than using the spacebar due to the latter's high travel time.

It'd be really nice if we could filter out tags. I can live without scrolling through seven thousand visual novels when I'm looking for stuff to play.

Very promising, but I've noticed that just about none of the buttons in the pause menu actually work, which isn't ideal.

This may be the first game I've played to actually sync up to the music I put into it with some degree of accuracy.

This is pretty good so far, although I do think it'd be nice if the walk speed was a bit higher and the text scroller quicker; as it stands, it feels a little slow to play.