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I love these. I use the tablet and controller atm. How about a steering wheel one too? One for driving cars and one for flying planes maybe?

awesome job <3

I'm also getting "invalid authorization" when trying to connect the program to Twitch!

I couldn't get it to run in windowed mode either, I'd love to know if anyone gets it working!

Great music!

Ouch my ears.. the music is a tad cacophonous? Is it just me?

Wow... just wow! Great job!

Thank you!

Oh right, sorry!

Ah ha ty!

I really like the elf-Xephos sprite, but the movement seemed weird, like I kept teleporting?

A gamer after my own heart I see! Another game where you get to play as Sips! Yeah!

Thank yooou!

Making a multiplayer game in 48 hours, impressive!

Okedokes, I will!

I like the story and the in-game graphics look fab too. Problem is, I died almost immediately to the slime and if I wanted to try again, I'd have to re-watch that whole intro...

Wow thank you, I did try with the little time I had :)

Hehe yeah it does, thank you!

Yeeeah thank you!!

Best. Game. Ever! Drunk you is best you!

Lovely spritework, the Yogs and Yog Towers were recognisable too!

Lovely graphics and gameplay! The background looked a little weird to me, but apart from that, good job!

Lovely happy music and graphics, reminds me a little of Wario's Woods?

The music was all crackly but I'm still giving you 5 stars because I guess it's a problem at my end. I *adore* the gorgeous pixel graphics, seriously! Great job!

Interesting choice of title hehe. Lovely graphics and it looks wonderfully fleshed out for just 48 hours too!

Woa this is a new way to take the whole digging modifier. I like this one a lot!

Lovely action-packed music and cool CRT screen-effects too!

It looks really fun but the music for me was loud and crackly/distorted? :(

"Borf" really cute sprites. The intro cutscene was so sad though ;'(

Cute graphics and wonderful music!

What a pleasant little game! Cute santa sprite as well!

Amazing sprites and music btw. I love this concept too <3

Lovely game boy-esque feel and the music feels apt too. Very nice job!

This is really, really great! Nice job! The intro comic was wonderful and it's really satisfying to throw presents down the chimneys!

SO FAST! Wow! Really incredibly sprite work and backgrounds!

Yaaay thank you!

The best music of all of the games I've seen so far and a lovely unique concept too!

Okay this is a good'un! Lovely art style and I've never heard of a game with this kind of mechanics. You can give your heart to an enemy and they become your friend.. wow!

Charming music and a nice concept!