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This is fun! Good job.

Good game. Can't say that I understood how to match the items to the king's current mood. I gave the king smelly cheese, which is supposedly a "rare delicacy", when the king was feeling boastful, but that didn't jive with him and he preferred player 2's albino rate. Seriously, it's smelly cheese. Come on. Had fun playing this one. Really good cover art and player art (rockin' racoon).

Fun game. I like the look and feel. Mac version didn't run on my Mac. Played the web version. The item that gives you double damage but gives enemies "slowness" doesn't make sense: it debuffs the enemies. Juicy game though, had fun with it.

I really love this. Light-hearted, entertaining, and fun to play. The difficulty curve could use some tuning, I think. Oh and I *loved* the 3D effect of kids falling from on high. It's a neat way to telegraph the position of incoming enemies.

I really like the low-poly 3D look and the lighting.

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