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Unrelated. If you need any closed beta testing (especially on Linux) I would be happy to help!

Ah! Nice, that explains the responses coming in the middle of the night! :P

Where are you from btw? Denmark i guessed from snooping on old sites.
Im from Sweden myself

I got three of my friends to play this game yesterday about 4 hours before this update.
And we talked about these exact problems! Nice that they where being fixed at that moment.

Anyhow, happy for your publishing deal and future plans!

Really like the game! I like the M*A*S*H-vibes it gives!

Im playing the game on Linux (Kubuntu) and im having a problem with patients not spawning. First time no patients spawned at all, the second run i got two and then nothing. Just a heads up!

Thanks for the feedback!
In the begining i had the game running while the menus where up but that lead to people ignoring what decisions they made since the didnt have time to read the text and since most of the humor of the game is in the text i
I have a couple of ideas to increase the different tasks you do as the manager like going in to a conference meeting.
Creating powerpoints, Mandatory team building exercises with the HR department and similar.
Im just kinda drained with this game at the moment. Perhaps i will look into adding these features soon though!

I played it! And its much improved with the music but when when i talked about multiple lives i had in mind that you could try three times on the same "frame" and not having to restart the whole game every time you died.
Perhaps you want it to be permadeath and really hard, its up to you.

I could not get past the second stage... The one with the first wall climb.
Every time i tried to jump through the water i got killed.
I really liked the idea though

I liked the game.
Though the graphic felt a bit mismatched, the ships and projectiles where pixelart but everything else was highpoly 3D pre-render. 
I dont know if you made the ships graphics but if you did i think you should make pixel versions of the upgrades and menu buttons as well!

You have solid gameplay here but not having any lives and the music starting over every stage makes it a bit annoying. (And it was supposed to work on Linux and Mac but there is no such versions in the RAR)

Thank you! :)
I used the classic strategy controls of right click to move and left to interact, i tried it and it felt natural. Im not a Mac user or owner besides an old borrowed iMac that i test builds on so i havent really tried it on a macbook with the trackpad... Perhaps i can make a single button control scheme in the future!

7Cool game!
Just wondering, what makes the level light up in some places? Is it when enemies explode?

 Did you create the AI for the opponent during the weekend as well? Impressive anyhow
This is not an attack, just wondering, where does the theme come in? :P
Nice game! i liked it!

Im running Linux Mint so its a Ubuntu derivitive.
my DE is Cinnamon

Cool game with alot of depth!
I got a bit annoyed at the crafting gifts part since i had to wait for the animation when i wanted to go back to diggin.
I liked it though!

After three days of programming this was a bit to much to remember! :P

Thanks man! Glad you liked it!

Great idea! Nice graphics and sounds!

The game starts but its only a white window.

Nice simple idea! Like the artstyle, feels like an old flash game.

Great game!
Are they hiding yogventures gold in the walls? :P

Great Graphics and classic gameplay!

Cool how you managed this in a fantasy computer!
The sound and music ir really nice!

Great game! I thought it would be some kind of jumping puzzle but then the drums came in!

Yeah ive thought about it and i agree!

Nice game! I liked it!

Cool Graphics!
I had some problems with timing the jumps making the game quite hard

I like Fantasy Computers!
I didnt get far since im alone but still!
I like the pixelart!

Weird... im developing on linux so i havent tried the latest version on windows.
I was about to upload the Webbased version but didnt have time but ive uploaded it to my homepage
Play Here!

I really liked the game!
Nice idea and easy to understand!

What do you do to progress from the first level?
Ive given the guys their presents but i cant do anything else

Nice game! The art is really good!

Really liked the artstyle and sounds!
A bit confusing that you got dirt from digging grass but not actually when you dug the dirt underneath.
Good though!

A really impressive game!

Thank you!

Cool little game!
Kinda intriguing that you've managed to make a game that doesn't use any form of button
Just dragging the mouse. I liked it!

As opl said. i picked the pck file from the windows version as well.

Cool little came. Perhaps a bit disorienting.

As opl said. i picked the pck file from the windows version as well.

Cool little came. Perhaps a bit disorienting.