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Thank you very much! :3
I will definitely check out out. Happy holidays!

thank you very much for checking it out!
Glad you enjoyed it, even though you seemed a bit confused at first. :D

Happy holidays!

Congratulations on first place! :D

Hey Ninja, thank you very much for checking it out :D
With a bit more time for additional gameplay that we originally wanted to do, the ability to rotate the camera would have been great!
It is something we planned at first, but then discarded.

Very short, but fun game. Didn't find it spooky at all. A bit more tense music could have helped.
Sound effects were good and the ending was a nice surprise :D

100% my opinion :D
The concept is great; Just a bit skeptical how it actually plays with others.

The owner had enough to drink to believe that is was them who did all of this!
At least there will be presents underneath the Christmas tree...

Thank you! I believe the heat/food values could have needed a little bit more tweaking.

We were afraid that it might not be clear. In the end the game is about exploring and testing out though and I believe it's not too hard to find out how it works. ;)
Have you tried blocking a door with the fridge? :P

Thanks for your feedback.

It looked better when the fireplace was already a bit lit. So the wording should have been changed, but time ran out as we wanted to finish 90% of the game on day 1. ^^"

It's all about training your cats with treats and more treats!

Thank you!

Thank you! We were focused on making it fun to play with the physics. Glad it worked out! :D

Very cute and polished game. Love the voice acting in it. ;)

Yes, there is some exploration involved. Glad you still enjoyed it. :D

There are never too many cats! :D
Thanks for playing. :3

The cute cats thank you for helping them wreck the house!
Glad you enjoyed it. :3

Very fun and entertaining game. Love the art and music.

Might have found what caused your crash already.
Last minute changes are never a good idea. ^^"

What a surprise! This game is not what you think. 
Great fun; The controls feel so good. Reminded me a lot of GunZ. (especially with the sound effects)

It seems to happen every time Santa slams into you. Nothing to do with the health after all.

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Glad you enjoyed it! And sad to hear that you experienced a crash.
Can you provide more details? Was there a specific error?
We would like to fix it :D

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. :3

Hey, good job! Looks great and I really like the concept. ;D

The art and music is amazing! Job well done!
I wish I could finish this, but every time Santa gets to like half life it crashes.

Totally agree with this.

Love the art style and especially how polished the main menu looks.

The game itself is a bit confusing. Had no idea what to do at the beginning and that my left click shot is limited. Enemies feel a bit boring and it's hard to judge your range.
The music however is amazing as well. :D

Thank you! :3

Great game. Will definitely use it while streaming at some point :D

Thank you a lot for playing!
Glad to hear that you had fun wracking the living room. That was our main goal for this jam :D

Update is live now.
The majory was bug fixes and polishing. The game saves now as well and has a proper highscore system ( scores don't get published on leaderboards yet).

Cities and Towns work as inteneded now.

Updates are not live yet on
Uploaded the new version to Kongregate. will follow in a bit. (need to make a different build for it)

It's just rated on avg. score, so that's why it feels like that. 

Still you made a good game in 48hrs and you should be proud of your achievements! 

Go make more games ;D

Hey thanks for playing!
This is just the version we made in 48hrs for the yogscast game jam and right now it's endless areas.
We're pushing an update in a few days with better progression, fixes and a save system.
So the game is going to evolve a bit ;)

Hey everyone!

Thanks for taking part in the game jam. We made a lot of great games.
All of you should continue making games in the future!

Special thanks to all the people from the Discord Server! It was great talking to you and supporting each other.
I created a Discord Server to keep talking an sharing information since the offical Game Jam Server will be closed soon!
Everyone is welcome to join.



Thanks a lot for your kind words. Well we already knew we wouldn't get in because of how the scoring system works, but we received a lot of support and love.
It shows that people actually love the game and we should polish it up and get it out there!
So that's what we're going to do. :D

Thanks. This means a lot <3

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calculated it for you

53x 5 stars
25x 4 stars
9x 3 stars
4x 2 stars
4x 1 stars

Not in the top 10, but look at this Rating Distribution with 95 votes!
Pretty happy with the results.

Congratulations to #1! ;D

Gratz to #2! ;D