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Running Vs ChatView game page

Endless runner for Twitch streamers where Chat creates all the obstacles for the streamer!
Submitted by KevDK (@CasperFFarsoe) — 8 hours, 51 minutes before the deadline
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Developer (1 edit)

Mousie was kind enough to try out the game, check it out here!


Really like the mechanic of having chat interact with the player!  

I wish I streamed to have a chance to try the online mode but the controls seemed pretty solid from the offline mode that was provided


Cool idea, obviously cooler if youre a streamer with viewers, but the offline worked just fine. Great job!

Played this cute and addictive game on stream and I had so much fun. I love these kind of games a lot because of the interaction with viewers and their quick decision making to surprise me. My favorite moment was definitely the dog - I simply did not expect that. Would definitely recommend the game!


So ambitious and really well done for a 48 game jam. Allowing chat to interact and control what the obstacles are is genius and I love it. The only thing I can think of is more sounds and terrain variations since the background can become repetitive but for 48 hours its impressive. You should be proud. 

I played this on Phenexa's stream (The link in the description) and it was extremely funny how much I could impact the game as a viewer. And I gotta admit, killing the streamer makes you feel good ;)

Highly recommend trying this out, it's wellmade with lovely music and the surprises make the replayability pretty high. Also super addictive!! 

Hi, very funny and refreshing game! I recommend you to try this game!

This game is super fun! I tried it on a stream, killing the streamer with #cactus felt great. ;))) 


What a great game idea ! :)


If you want to try playing the game as a member of chat, Virtute will be streaming it in the halftime break today (Tuesday). He streams at 7PM - 11:30PM GMT at


Such a cool game..Love it!!


Oooooh this is gorgeous!!! I love the idea + the art is fabulous. My only criticism is maybe the jump was a little hard to time- maybe more spacing between objects + a larger jump could combat this.

Awesome job!

Easy and interactive game with alot of fun potential. And ofc, who doesnt wanna kill your fave streamer with a cactus?????


Had a blast playing this on stream (as you know, you were there :p ). Very simple but fun gameplay, and playing against chat in particular was hilarious!


Really fun as a chat member!

Can't wait to give this a proper shot on Tuesday stream :) 7PM - 11:30PM GMT

I'll give it a shot during the break!


Can't wait to see it in action on livestream!

I think next time you can build two versions. One for streamers and one for offline players. So that people don't delete your game after seeing the download warning.

Good job! Would love to see how you integrated the Twitch API.


Really cute, probably hilarious with a full chat!


It will be years until I fully understand how twitches chat api works and you got it working in like 48 hours.
Thats impressive dude.

Was great fun playing in chat :)

Would definitely recommend if you want to have fun with streamer and entire chat!

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