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I delved further into the Witch's house. I really love how consistent the atmosphere in this game is - it feels like I'm being stalked pretty constantly. Also appreciate the added puzzles and tying it into the universe. Always impressed by Emika Games' horror titles

There's something about that persistent atmosphere in Emika Games titles that I both love, and keeps me on the edge of my seat whilst playing. 

How is the full game even scarier than the teaser? 😱 Absolutely loved every minute so far

Part 2 of my video is up now :) 

I encountered a couple of bugs but the gameplay loop on this is great, I loved that I couldn't settle and felt on edge the whole time playing it. Thank you for making this game

This game scared me so bad I quit...

I went into this game without any expectations but  was genuinely blown away, the pacing, puzzle difficulty and design elements from classic survival horror make me excited for the full game. Thanks for making this! 

Thanks for making this, I had a lot of fun with the demo and I'm definitely interested in seeing more. Gives me Silent Hill vibes, I also appreciate how the game has a modern feel and attention to detail whilst nailing that PS1 look. It feels like how I remember PS1 games looking at the time, not like how they look when you boot up an old game now. I recorded my playthrough and some thoughts from before and after playing the game! 

Here's my final part and thoughts on the game, thanks for making this - I had a lot of fun and can't wait for From Day Today!

Thanks for making games worth supporting 🙂 happy to any time!

This game gets more and more intense, I've just posted part 3 of my Find Yourself gameplay

I just posted my second part of playing through this game. It keeps getting scarier and scarier 😱

I definitely can relate to this game, I'm in a country where we're in lockdowns too.

I hope there's an end to it in sight where you are and you keep updating this

This game scared the heck out of me, I put the first part up.

Thanks for making it :) 

Great ideas are timeless, I suppose :) 

I loved this game and posted a few clips to TikTok! I think they enjoyed it over there ☺️

I went in to this blind and honestly had so much fun with it. I think I found some sort of super secret anniversary ending? 🤔 Also I found out what happens if you try to trip the trippee

Thanks for making it, I really enjoyed my time with Death Trips!

I was fortunate enough to play this wonderful silly game when the demo first dropped and I just realised I'd not posted it here before. It's 100% worth your  time!

This is an awesome game, I was fortunate enough to have Gojirra join me in chat as I played this indie gem of a demo through. ❤ Definitely recommend!

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and here's Veinless Property - I love the artstyle for this game. It's striking and really unique, whilst drawing on a Junji-Ito style :D Love it! Thank you for sharing these games.

Here's my playthrough of Maybe Another Life - I thought this was really interesting. Thanks for making it, I'd like to see more from all of you - as every part in this horror collection is unique and enjoyable

Fun game but getting headshots is a little unreliable, I'm having a lot of fun with it though :)

Thank you for making this game, I really enjoyed my brief time with it. Definitely following you for future games!

This was really cool, reminded me of The Window Next Door and I loved the art style, I hope you make more titles in this style!

I forgot to update, I got together all four endings and recorded it :) So I'll be putting playthrough and everything on YT soon :)

This was a lot of fun, thanks for making it! I wasn't able to find the secret ending though

I really enjoyed this game, thank you for making it. The first scare got me good and I love the idea for this, keep it up! 

I had so much fun playing this! Thanks for making it

Thank you for making this game, I love how unique and atmospheric this game is =) I got to record my playthrough and went back to see if the game has an alternate pacifist ending 😂

This game is hecking mind bending 🥴😵

Can't wait to give this a proper shot on Tuesday stream :) 7PM - 11:30PM GMT

I'll give it a shot during the break!