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Kenney's assets are exactly what I had in mind. Thank you for your answer!

The rules state that "reusing existing code and assets is allowed". Does this include assets made by someone else or is it only allowed to reuse assets that I created in the past?

I would really like to use some free 3D models because I am really bad at making 3D things.

Really nice concept! While watching your video I had an idea: there could be a power up that lets you play as a differnet piece for a short amount of time (for example as a queen). 

Other enemys than pawns could be very hard to defeat for the player, because many chess pieces have more than one possible movement direction so you would not know where they will move.

Additional Info: 
The complete decision tree of the game is stored as JSON file. So it is very easy to create new scenarios without writing a single line of code.

My current Idea is to make a game where you play as one of the chess pieces (for example as the queen, with other pieces the freedom of movement would be more limited). You can talk to the other pieces and you can discuss who should move. Sometimes this can be very hard, for example when you try to convince another piece to kill itself only to save you. The setting leads to some interesting questions: When do you win? Do you still count it as winning if you will live but your king is dead? Our will you sacrifice yourself so the king can live?  Or maybe you can convice your oppenent to make peace? Maybe you can kill you own king to save everyone else in your team?

The whole game will take place on a standard chess board with the standard chess figures. You won't be able to move free. You will always be presented with a bunch of options you can choose from (examples: "Sacrifice the pawn next to you" or "Go three steps left"), but the options will depend on your choices in the dialoges before. After your decision it's time for the enemy to move too, so it's kinda turn based like real chess.

Screenshot of Prototype

Currently I use the Low Poly Chess Assets made by Devil's Garage (, but for the finaly version I will make my own high poly chess pieces (I plan to rig them so that they can show "emotions" by deforming themselfes).

Some chess rules won't be taken into account. For example it is possible to move if you are the player between the king and an enemy. You will sacrifice your king then.

I really like the pixel graphics and the sounds! Reminded me of some older games. It's actually pretty hard to watch all the three hearts at the same time. Great game!

I like it! The red eyes kinda freak me out every time the vampires open up.  I really like the delay between a vampire appearing and the vampire opening up. If I don't concentrate I always try to shoot the vampires in the moment when they appear and not when they open up. It makes the game more interesting because I really have to concentrate on the game. 

Thank you for this jam! 

Nice game! This would be perfect as a mobile phone app. I just tried to play it on my windows tablet and it is really fun to play with a touch screen! Nice idea and great implementation.

It's really fun to play and it's a nice idea to shoot what harms the heart. Great game!

(Although I really hate to shoot the hamburgers, I really love to eat them!)

Thank you very much! I actually plan to do something with similiar art and a longer gameplay. But  it will take some time... my classes at university just started again so I won't have much time for coding and drawing stuff.

Great concept! It is quite addictive, although I should probably start working on my stuff from university instead of playing games... The controls are very simple (and I think thats a good thing).
Nice work :)