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The game reminded me a lot of Hotline Miami. The game is very polished and you can tell a lot of thought went into it. The game is pretty confusing at first, I feel like a quick tutorial on the first level would be pretty nice. Like when you pick up an item it tells you what it does. (I'm still not sure what the green pickup does, is it money?) Overall, an amazing game for 1 week to make.

maybe instead of ct.mouse.down, it should be ct.mouse.pressed

looks super fun for speedrunning

I just dragged it up further... I cant remember fully now though

Yeah I mean its a pretty decent amount of gameplay regardless

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Its a decent concept for a tower defense, however I would have loved a tutorial or something like that. it took me a pretty long time to figure out how towers were meant to be placed. and after the score of 14200 the waves just stopped...

I mean, a maze is a puzzle, so I'd assume so

you gotta build a bridge for him to eat and fall off of then bridge to the other side

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Amazing, loved the way you solved gates disappearing into the rock with just a white sprite :P

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4 different enemies* that was a little mini part of the surprise :P
 and the body staying on the ground was the secret one


Sure! I would love to, on the shooting enemies that get closer to you stage, the enemies just stop where they are and show the death sprite, then disapper, what I would love to see is maybe a little particle effect, and its a bit unclear of if you can shoot through it at first, however the most of the problem isnt in the shooting game, its the parkour game. Whilst playing it, I noticed the majority of the time you die is when the wheels trap you and you dont have enough time to get out of it, the falling brooms almost never cause your death if at all.

The 2 mini games felt a bit underwhelming  I would have loved to see more, the polish also could have been a bit better but overall its a decent game for 48 hours.

yeah, I'm pretty sure the egg grab is the surprise, or at least it surprised me lmao.

eh, we were already running pretty close to the deadline when we got all of the mechanics finished. maybe if we had a bit more time we would totally do that.

It definitely took me a bit to understand what I was doing, however once I realized what I was supposed to do it was really fun, I would have loved to see boosters or something in the water to make you get a bit more xp and a higher jump, but overall the game was really fun.

Well, the idea is to make you conserve the amount of turrets you use, so you dont just spam them everywhere

the POV puts me off because I cant see where i'm going, but other then that its a great game for under 48 hours!

The game is very slow paced, at least for me. and the sounds get a bit annoying if you find a place with alot of drills. Otherwise it feels pretty good.

I hate it so much but its so good lol

an amazing game for only 48 hours of work.

Such a challenging game, but its so good.

Such a challenging game, but its so good.

the 6th level is so frustrating man, but over all great game.

its a great game, with great music and art, its an all around amazing game for being made in 48 hours.

be sure to try out my game-

I wasnt really sure how to win accuratly so I just guessed, is this how the game is meant to be played? I couldn't tell...

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the "surprise" was meant to be the present enemy, however we had a few bugs limiting us on what we could do with it :(

It will be years until I fully understand how twitches chat api works and you got it working in like 48 hours.
Thats impressive dude.


its a very good game with some really cool finding object mechanics which I have not seen in any jam games, however on my first play through I had to restart because I encountered a bug at yog tower that didnt allow me to progress further.

nice, my highest is like second loop lol

Thank you! yeah, about the letter blur, the canvas size needed to be a bit bigger and we already had most assets made. :(

thats a very a spicy a download size!

I would have liked some more polishing, I wasnt able to switch spells even after reading the tutorial, but overall Its very fun to play with the types of spells.

Thank you.

the art is very good, however the combat is very hard to.. control I guess whats going on? alot of the time it feels like because the difference in range between your sword and the enemies hit box is very small, it took me several trys to figure out what I was doing because I simply didnt realize there was a map, or a goal at all, so in the future maybe you should point that out.