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Diggy-Diggy DeckView game page

Dig as deep as possible and gather as many items as you can!
Submitted by Axol Studio (@AxolStudio), nazunaan — 1 hour, 5 minutes before the deadline
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Lovely game, superb.


Really original and fun to play! Awesome stuff :)


Quite addicting game! I liked the card based mechanic. I think the delay between selecting a card and doing the action is quite long, I died because I digged too late and was killed therefore. Otherwise really fun and entertaining game!


Really great idea, enjoyed playing it on stream - as you mentioned, maybe making it turned based would make it more strategic. Also I think adding mouse controls would be a good idea :)


Very nicely put together deck-based digging game (though quite difficult with the enemies moving in real-time). One improvement could be to add tooltips to the cards when you have them selected, to know what they do within the game. It's very polished and has good potential for replayability.
Good job!


A really cool concept for a digging game adding cards into the mix and there is tons of potential to build on this idea with more variations of cards, enemies and maybe even a choice to spend your points on upgrades or buying cards in a store adding that bit more strategy to the game. More scenery styles or hazards would be cool too. Well done adding the modifiers and Good job with a really fun game.

Please check out my game for the jam if you have the time.


Really nice art style (I particularly like the card art), and using cards for digging is a fun idea.

I'm not sure about the real-time enemies because the cards play-out quite slowly so it can be very difficult to time your movements - I think it would be improved if either the card effects started instantly or the enemies were slower or even turn-based.

If you did want to build on the idea, I could see it potentially being a fun little deck builder if there was a wider variety of different cards and the player could mix up what they wanted to bring with them.


I'm really digging (pun intended) the card mechanic, the map and the visuals! On the other hand, I feel like the pacing could have been improved, and I had to mute the audio because of the sound effects. With a bit more work I could see this as a great standalone game (I'd play it on my mobile for sure).


Amazing game,

4.9/5 Yogstars

Make sure to check out my team's game. :)


This is a great game! There are cards, there's digging, there're enemies, the whole package!


amazing game


Cool concept and mechanics, pretty fun, good job!


Played more today (this is my favorite of the jam games so far), and it's really difficult to time playing  the cards and avoiding the gear things. A smoothing out of that mechanic seems like the biggest change needed. I do really like the card mechanics, especially as we made a card game as well for this jam!


If we were going to build this into a complete game, some of the changes we would make would be:
The enemies move only after you move - so instead of everything just always doing their own thing, they're all frozen and then when you play a card and after it resolves, THEN all the enemies would take one step, etc. This would make the game way more strategic.
We would also want to do more with the cards - like, when the game starts, ~10 hazard cards would get added to your deck, and when you drew one, they would cause an effect. And just a lot of variety on the kinds of cards you have...
Maybe removing Health and making it so that getting hurt causes you to discard a number of cards at random instead - so that everything is better tied into the Cards/Energy system.
But... I don't know if we'll have a chance to come back to this one... it was a lot of fun to work on and we might see some of the pieces make it into future games... ;)

Thanks for playing!


Those would all be perfect changes. I do hope you get to work on it in the future, but I definitely look forward to your future games!


The game is very slow paced, at least for me. and the sounds get a bit annoying if you find a place with alot of drills. Otherwise it feels pretty good.


Could be a great mobile game if you remake the sprites and polish the game a bit!


I guess I first saw this game during your show-offs on discord. Cards seem familiar. It looks cute and the game mechanic made the game a bit tricky but fun. This could be also a perfect entry for this year’s Mix and Game Jam.

Good Job mate!


Super cool concept! Also, this is my first time seeing a game made with HaxeFlixel. Looks interesting.

Good job Naomi and Tim!


Such a cool concept~! The idea of using a deck builder/card game as a in  a mining game~!

Please rate my teams entry~!


While I was at the discord server I saw the few sneak pecks you leaked and I thought I looked very fun, it certainly didn't disappoint me.


Impressive that you incorporated 3 different sub-genres into your game. I liked the different mechanics that you have implemented and it is quite fun to play around with for a bit. The animations were pretty well made but sadly also took very long which meant that you didn't have too much time to plan ahead your next move because 50% of the time a card was playing its animation and the 50 saw blades surrounding oneself didn't make it easier :)

But what can I say, it was a 48h GameJam and you did a good job creating this game. Well done!

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