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I fell in love with the cuteness and style

wish we had more time :(

Görseller ve harita tasarımları hoşuma gitti. 48 saat içn fazlasıyla iyi bir 3D oyun olmuş

I guess I first saw this game during your show-offs on discord. Cards seem familiar. It looks cute and the game mechanic made the game a bit tricky but fun. This could be also a perfect entry for this year’s Mix and Game Jam.

Good Job mate!

Checkpoint: I am here.

Diggy Diggy Hole :D

It is a really nice game. I loved the dwarf’s animations.

It has a nice and dark atmosphere I must say. Lovely models and great game…

Well Done mate!

Nice music, and visuals, and lighting.

3D is something I always afraid of in-game jams, especially in short-timed ones.

But you did an amazing job here. Well done!

Even though I didn’t understand its a connection to the theme, I liked it. It is enjoyable.

Good job mate! Hope to see you in next jams.

OMG. This game is amazing lmao. I laughed so hard while playing. I wasn’t expecting to be catfished by an attractive alien tho. I loved the lines.

Despite it is your first game jam as a solo developer, you did an awesome job.


You finished a game in time as a solo developer which is admirable.

It is a bit hard for me and the heal/ammo delay can be lower maybe. Other than that It is good.

Well done mate.

Oh man, it hits when you have nobody to play with :(

Good job and well done.

I think the aim of those snowball shots can be more accurate. Other than that it is an enjoyable game.

First of all well-done mate. Publishing a game in tame is already hard. And you did it. About the game, it is fun and can be improved with rewards or impact effects.

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So I played this game. Loved the element mechanic. But here are some things that I would like to criticize:

-The stone guys are not moving.

-You can jump infinitely which can cause you to finish the game without even fighting. You fly over the keys and get them since most monsters can’t attack air. (they attack in an arc)

And of course, since it is only a 48 hours game jam. Those kinds of bugs or missing staff are normal. Other than that it is nice and enjoyable. ** Good job mate. Hope to see you in the next game jams…**

It’s a really fun game. I liked everything about it. The music is nice, so does the visuals. Well done mate!

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Well, this game not only has great music and visuals but also really fun to play even though I am not good at it. :D I really enjoyed the well-done graphics and visual effects. Maybe the game can start as slow and becomes faster over time. Other than that Good Job mate. Loved your game

Teşekkürler :)

Your game description made me laugh hard :D With multiple mini-game options, this game can be more enjoyable. Also sometimes when I click It doesn’t count. Good Job my friend.

Played this game multiple times and enjoyed it. It was fun.

Lol your game and our game have a similar concept :D. I loved your visuals.

I love the visuals, they are amazing… They look like they are from a published Steam game rather than a game jam submission. The music was calming and beautiful. I also enjoyed the story.

Man, this game sure fits the theme haha. Almost every block comes up with surprises. I died soo many times. But I liked it. And you were right I couldn’t pass level 2.

Pretty good game. Looks like this is your first jam here.

It’s a fun platformer with equipment mechanics etc. The only thing I don’t like about this game is I have to start all the way from the beginning when I die. You should add checkpoints maybe. Other than that good job man!

Good job man. Working on a 3d game as solo dev is a really tough job. And you did really well. About gameplay: I learned once again why I don’t have a driving license lmao. And the arrow on top of my car put me in the wrong direction sometimes. After a while, I understood It actually shows the shortest distance to the final spot.

I like it. Nice game overall.

Thank youu


Yea we didn’t have time for music haha. I’m glad you liked it

Thanks. Sure I’ll check it out

Thank you <3

Even though I didn’t understand why I am teleporting to wellspring sometimes, it’s a really cool game, and you did very well despite the time limitation. With some polishing this came can be really fun to play. Good job! Nice music.

Check out our game

Check out mine:

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Hi everyone! I like rating games… If you would like me to play your game and review it then send its link below.

Note: I will try to play everyone’s game even if it isn’t listed here. It’s just for priority and for those who want their game to be reviewed.

Lastly this is our entry for Yogcast Game Jam.

This game is really fun! An fps in 2 days. Good job man

Very different and underrated! It uses really nice physics, it has cute music.

Interesting and original game. And it was fun. Unfortunately it faces problems as the game goes on since Web browsers have memory limit for browser games. Which is not the deveopers fault.

This game is really nice! cute visuals.

Game had an interesting mechanics. This can be a beautiful games with improved feedbacks, signals, and visuals for player.

I loved the visuals of this game! I wish it was slightly faster.