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Hi :)

Thank you for playing my game! You raise some very good points. I think changing the show button to something more descriptive is definitely a good idea. 

Yeah unfortunately the battle mode is a bit basic at the moment but it's on my priority list to improve. For example each familiar has stats that in future updates will affect the battle more. Every element will also give stat bonuses each time you level up depending on its style i.e. Earth gives a bonus to defense and attack stats.

Thanks again for playing,


What would you like to see improved or added?

If you find any bugs please describe them here.

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Thanks :D Yeah it was quite basic animation wise and I would definitely add a ton more polish if i was to redo it.

When is the gamejam? :)

Thank you for your kind feedback! I will definitely looking into making the snakes mechanics more obvious visually. 

I'm planning on work on this project a lot more this year and will definitely implement a tutorial which will hopefully teach the player how to play and also some tips and tricks so I can do more complex boss fights without losing players. What features would you like to see in future versions of the game?

Space Race is a game where you battle through bosses to protect your home-world. Currently There are 3 bosses to fight and I am hopeful  to add more. 

Play it here:

As a student I would love any feedback for my game i.e. how it plays or what direction it should head in.

What features would you like to see added? 

Really cool :) orientation of the movement took awhile to get used to though. Also jumping and hooking traps the player in a block.