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Improvements? Sticky

A topic by Double Helix Studios created May 21, 2019 Views: 55 Replies: 2
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What would you like to see improved or added?

All the main components are there. I think you need to take each aspect and make a TODO: list of things your Dev team could work on. Some thoughts from my initial play are. 1.  The command list at the bottom of the main screen says "show" but we don't know what it refers too. Maybe "command" or "options" or something else would make it more clickable. Once it's showing " hide" is fine as we know what it's hiding.  2. The AI in the battles could do with a bit of work and the balance of the weapons. I could defeat the enemy with several rapid clicks of the middle option "earth power".


Hi :)

Thank you for playing my game! You raise some very good points. I think changing the show button to something more descriptive is definitely a good idea. 

Yeah unfortunately the battle mode is a bit basic at the moment but it's on my priority list to improve. For example each familiar has stats that in future updates will affect the battle more. Every element will also give stat bonuses each time you level up depending on its style i.e. Earth gives a bonus to defense and attack stats.

Thanks again for playing,