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This prototype has 18 levels (made by Aaron Steed), lacks sounds and lacks a bit of polish and currently the undo button is nonfunctional as of right now.

i just want to make it extra clear that the levels are not mine, I've been geting lots of hate due to the levels used but there only there due to lack of time and i do not intend to profit on this version of the game.

if you at all like the game feel free to give me a rating or a comment.


thanks for being understanding but you are useing much higher than 84 x 48, you can see particals going inbetween pixels just becose your title screen is at that resolution that doesn't let you off the games resolution being whatever the players screen size is, the jam specifically states that the game has to be 84 x 48.

hehe dont get me started on how much i wanted to add to my game... like i only have one level on my one (though the big thing with my one is that you can make your own levels and stuff but still).

if you like you could always make a second version of it with your spin on it, im quite interested in what spin you'll come up with for LightsOut. <3 

just so were clear, the alpha channel isnt alouded, its 1 bit that means one color or another no inbetween (if you want a 3rd color use flicker like my game does to exress). also the game uses a mouse also agest the rules (has to all fit on a Nokia 3310's numpad), and bigist of all is your resolution is not 84 x 48 (very clearly see-able when partials are onscreen).

a fun little demake of Quicxo level design is fun, fits the system perfectly though graphicly it does come across quite basic though looking though nokia 3310 if you shown me this i would say it was released at the time (ignoring the date on the title screen of course). 

very fun and i can 100% see this being a game made for the 3310 nice levels nice charitors the slighty over use of dithering that was oh so overused on games on systems like the 3310. though all that said its really just lights out not that its a bad thing i was just hopeing with all the effort put into the game when it comes to art menus and sound it would be something a little more creative, though its still one of the best games in the jam ive played so far.

Quite a fun little game only probblem is that its just not realistic at all for a Nokia 3310 to run, and its really just a filter put over a 3d unity game and that creates quite a lot of the games floors. such as trobble telling whats ahead and everything feeling sort of messy. i would have much reathered you removed the filter and make it its own thing really, the filter lets it down masively.

the games quite enjoyable and sounds quite good though in my opinion the game does feel like you just got a higher res 3d game and put a Nokia 3310 filter ontop, not that the games bad not at all its just doesnt feel even somewhat plausible for the 3310 to run.

if you made it a bit more like Sonic 3's bonus stages i think it would have felt much more at home on the system.

aww i want to keep them there so cute, though i dont like the politcal stuff i find it quite offputing though the cuteness kinda makes up for it. ( just my opinion really could have had another baddy other than you know the president of the USA...) still not a bad game.


on a more seruse note this game is cute any game with dragons gets a good vote from me though the gameplay does leave a lot to be desired, it felt kinda like you had 12 hours to make a game and 36 hours to make it look nice.

neat concept but i dont have a working scroll wheel makeing a lot of the game nearly unplayable but from what i can see its very moble like though it didnt have any new mechacics and felt kinda flat to me so its a pass from me, still not bad game.

if you took a screenshot of this game i would put it as a wallpaper but as things start to move they start to slowly fall apart the VGS (or whats it called) color pallet is exicuted very well but really there isnt much more here going for it, sorry. better luck on your next jam though this style made me the most exited to play just by seeing the art alone so props to that. :3

a nice basic shooter, though background made me not sure if i was moveing a number of times and the black popup boxes was without warning and it too me out of the game. Hp packs hitboxes are way too slow but i really love the way you did giving and resiveing as a mechanic amazing idea (might steal that idea for one of my own games :P ) . overall a very fun if very simplelistic game

the arts so cute and well exicuted only probblem isthe color pallet is makeing the game feel well a bit flat (this is 100% excusible for a jam game) my only complantes was the controls felt a little inprosise and droping boxes felt a tad floaty (not that it was ever a probblem it just buged me) and slopes felt a bit clipy, still an amzeing game it just felt like the art was carrying quite a bit of the load.

sounds a bit gradeing on the ears and a bit loud, and slopes dont seem to work well at all and the player isnt centered on the player, and you lose all you momentem when jumping and infenet jumping all add to a quite a sub par expernce im my book i understand you have limitations just next time make sure that you have good control before you start to make levels or just make levels around the problems in your player controller. still not a bad game just letting you know its falts so you can improve.

this game reminds me of Getting Over It but it also feels kinda rushed no real waypoints and stuff and it makes the game feel a bit same-y not the best but far from the worse ive played so keep on working. :

good themeing but quite unpolished around the edges, reminds me a lot of old flash games but far from a bad one, its just the kinda feel i get from this game.

not a bad game but it does feel very unpolished to move and look at, still not all that bad of an atempt.

feels very basic and didnt really have much feedback when diging and moveing, felt pritty flat but still not a bad attempt.