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Thank you I'm very glad you enjoyed the game. <3

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yeah it is,
its not the best balanced but i do hope you enjoy it despise its far from being a finished product.

its quite a fun little mini-game collection, my one and only complaint is that sometimes you lose what game your playing maybe fade out the screen a bit when there not on so the game your playing is more eye caching, it reminds me a lot of a physics based sports game much like yours only difference is that that game used multiple screens , if you can fix a few of the problems such as not knowing the game your playing this game is surely a winner. <3 ill give it a 7/10 if i could rate

its not bad, my main problem would be the graphical style its hard to focus on whats playable i would personally have faded out the background effects, its also very simmler to my game in quite a few ways then both being games when your a ball trying to avoid objects. over all for what it is its quite well executed its just lacking the polish and content to keep someone entertained for a long time (though my game kinda has the same problems), anyways nice submission

Yeah that effects intentional, but I did notice that there is a bit of a bug that makes then clip back, if you go past them the right way. unfortunately I didn't get around to fixing those little graphical bugs in the time limit, luckily its doesn't actually effect the gameplay.

 just started a post jam version with lots of features and more content as we speak maybe even adding 2 player support.

I love that you enjoyed the game a despite things are not perfect and if I started earlier the game would be a lot better. but i did just make it in the last 20 hours, so i guess for my first published game it could have been worse. I'm glad people are enjoying it so far. :D

a absolutely amazing little puzzle platformer game, lovely art and nice compset. <3

i love the graphical style, as well as its a fun little platformer, 8.5/10 from me

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This game is amazing from start to finish, any plans for publishing an EXE version of the game?

thanks. <3

May you post a link to the word-list.

I'm looking into making a text based game as well.