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just so were clear, the alpha channel isnt alouded, its 1 bit that means one color or another no inbetween (if you want a 3rd color use flicker like my game does to exress). also the game uses a mouse also agest the rules (has to all fit on a Nokia 3310's numpad), and bigist of all is your resolution is not 84 x 48 (very clearly see-able when partials are onscreen).

Thanks for the feedback, didn't realise I wasn't allowed the alpha channel :/ And the game is in 84 x 48, if you freeze the game then count the particles you can see that it is. You can even check the source code and the resolution is 84 x 48.

thanks for being understanding but you are useing much higher than 84 x 48, you can see particals going inbetween pixels just becose your title screen is at that resolution that doesn't let you off the games resolution being whatever the players screen size is, the jam specifically states that the game has to be 84 x 48.