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Making the world vibrant.
Submitted by PDarksbane, kzhu, nightworks — 1 hour, 26 minutes before the deadline

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Really cool concept! The platforming physics could defiinitely be improved, but overall I enjoyed playing through this cute little game : )


very cute and charming! the music was very pleasant, the art was nice to look at, the platforming felt good, and i loved how the world developed and as my ability to jump changed, i could start to rely on the stuff i'd made vibrant to help me get through the level. this is super good and creative, great job!!


Really fun little game, played it through to the end. Was cool replaying the level each time and having to figure out how to use the environment in different ways. Would love to see this polished up and developed further in the future!


cool game and nice concept the art and music is great it works well nice job

if you have time please check out our game too!

thank you!


sounds a bit gradeing on the ears and a bit loud, and slopes dont seem to work well at all and the player isnt centered on the player, and you lose all you momentem when jumping and infenet jumping all add to a quite a sub par expernce im my book i understand you have limitations just next time make sure that you have good control before you start to make levels or just make levels around the problems in your player controller. still not a bad game just letting you know its falts so you can improve.


Top notch application of the theme. I like it :)


Took me a couple levels to realize I couldn't jump as much but then I got it and realized how great of an idea this was, good job!


I really enjoyed the concept and how near the end you need to use just the elements of the world to make it across, but the jumping noise was bit brutal on the ears till I turned it down.


This is one of my favourite games in this jam. Needs some polish but nevertheless great job!


A very sweet, wholesome game which honestly gave me a smile the whole way through.

The mechanic of colour, and it limiting your jumps , was very nice - and I must admit it took me a while to realise that the animals would help you (and weren't reawakened enemies!)

Good work!


I like the look of the game, and the music is very relaxing.


Genuinely cool concept, nice minimalist art style, and satisfying gameplay. Played it to the end, I really like this one!


Cool game! Liked the art a lot

Submitted (1 edit) (+3)

I really like this one. If I have anything to say, I think it could be more effective if it was more obvious what was happening to the character as you give colors away. As it is now, the path is more or less the same until the very last segment when you have no color left; it would be fantastic if maybe each time you give a color, certain paths get progressively trickier since your character gets less effective the more it gives. If there currently is any change per level, I didn't notice until the very last one when literally all your powers drop off. Honestly I hope this is something you continue to develop because I think with some tweaks, it could be something really awesome.  well done :)


Nice game, but I couldn’t see much giving. I love the cube also!


Big props for the idea, loved the concept. I'm absolutely terrible at platformers, so I got an embarrassingly short way through the game, but far enough to get it. The music was lovely too. It sounds small but my biggest gripe was the jumping sound, but that's obviously a very easy fix. Would be interested to see what you could do with this idea with more time - do you plan to do anything with it after the jam?


At the moment we are unsure if we will be continuing the project but there is a definite possibility. We recognize the sound effect design could use a little polish (it was one of the last things we added) but thanks for bringing it to our attention!


I didn't have my volume on so I couldn't hear the music but I loved that the platforming and art! It was simple but with new things being added and taken each level it kept things fun and interesting.


I like the art and how the game builds up till the end.
It's a fun platformer, but feels a bit too repetitive for my taste.

The sound effect of the jump is way to loud and get's annoying after a while.

Still a great little game. Good job!


This game is so sweet and the music is beautiful. The last level was very much a roller coaster of emotions! With an aesthetically simple game you managed to send quite a message about giving, congratulations!


Usually not a fan of these kind of games, but you kept my attention till the credits :)

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