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Very nice! I really like the art! I just miss having some music and sound effects

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I really appreciate the art in this game, I can see a lot of thought was put into making it! It's unfortunate that a lot of your ideas were cut off due to the time constraints, but I can see you guys tried your best. The enemies weren't dealing damage to me and I fell in a hole on the first level and just kept walking below the level so there are clearly some bugs, but I appreciate the effort you guys put into it!

Keep on making games!

I really like the sound and art design! It's really a delightful game. I just have one criticism about the walljumping mechanic, it counts as a walljump even if I am standing on the ground running towards the wall, which caused some mild inconveniences when I just wanted to jump up and it registered it as a walljump, making me jump backwards! And since the jump is fast and you can hold the spacebar to keep walljumping, sometimes I just pressed my spacebar a little bit too slow and the character counted that as two jumps, if that makes sense, making me lose control of the character a little bit!

Other than that though, I had a lot of fun digging my way through the levels, the digging sound is very satisfying too, and having all those golems following me around is very nice, I love recruiting large amounts of npcs in a game, so that was fun! Good job!

You mean to tell me you named the skill "Killer Queen" after the actual song and not JoJo?? Hahahaha my mistake if that's the case! My inner weeaboo is out of control. 

You made Terraria in under 48 hours! Hahaha, but in all honesty, I really enjoyed my time with this game, digging was very satisfying and I love the sound effect for it. I ended up digging really far down and I couldn't dig anymore, I was just floating in the air, I don't know if that was supposed to represent me hitting the bedrock or if it's a bug. Great game nonetheless!

Oh that's a shame. Really wanted to play this! Looked really interesting

I'm very impressed at how you managed to do this in under 48 hours! It looks and plays amazing! Shooting at a giant floating Donald Trump as an avenging penguin couldn't be more satisfying!

I really like this game! I really enjoy the gameplay loop because I do like shooting things. I do miss it not having sounds for the shooting or anything except the music, but I can understand due to the time constraints. Otherwise, a very good game I enjoyed quite a bit! Well done!

Thank you!! I'll play your game right now!

Very fun game! I love the lights and how chaotic it gets on the later waves with so much stuff flying around! The sounds are very fitting too! Loved the JoJo references hahaha

I love typing challenges and this was a lot of fun! I was pleasantly surprised when I opened this up. Well done! Wave 5 was a real killer though

A solid game! I love the sounds and the pixel art! The sounds they make when you fully deliver their presents is very cute. Had a lot of fun with it! Well done!

Thank you!!

Thank you! I'll be sure to check out your game too!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you!!

Thank you!

No problem! I'll play it again as soon as I get back home!

Thank you so much!!

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Thank you!! I agree about the text being too slow, it can get really annoying when you just want to restart and have to sit there waiting for it to pop up slowly hahaha. Thank you so much for the feedback! It really helps me out hearing what you have to say!

Calling it one of the more polished games of the jam really means a lot to me, thank you so much! I definitely will check your game out as soon as I get back home today!

That's such a good compliment, thank you! I must say PRISM was amazing too, I loved every second of it! Thank you!

Thank you very much!

A really simple yet cool game! I think you nailed the shooting as it is quite satisfying!

I love the models and the references you sprinkled in there! That cybertruck really caught me off guard, if you'd made its windows cracked I'd have lost my s*** hahahaha

Beautiful sound and art design! The gameplay loop is engaging and rewarding. Kinda wished the checkpoints worked though, as it can get tricky sometimes! I think it would fit really well as a mobile game, I'd love to play a completed version on my phone!

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I'm not usually a fan of these types of games but I just had to know what the hell Lewis would do next hahaha, this dude recovered from insomnia then caught insomnia all in the span of 10 minutes I don't know how he does it. Very fun game! Loved the sound and art design!

Thank you so much! It really means a lot to me!

This game is so sweet and the music is beautiful. The last level was very much a roller coaster of emotions! With an aesthetically simple game you managed to send quite a message about giving, congratulations!

Considering the short amount of time you got to work on this game I'd have to say it's very good! I'm sure if you had more time this would develop into something very special. The sounds and the pixel art are very good, and the digging is very satisfying.

This game is really polished and I love the art style. I didn't know at first how to feel about the dragon, if I should be sad for him or if he really didn't care lol, but surprisingly enough, in the short amount of time it took to beat the game, I was quite fond of the big guy. 

Flying around as a dragon  wearing a shiny plate helmet while burning wolves alive is very fun indeed! I also enjoyed the dialogue and the kobold character, I found the way you portrayed their voices as very reminiscent of Undertale, and I enjoy that style a lot!

HAHAHAHA not gonna lie, I laughed so hard at your comment, that's just the perfect description of the absurdity that is this game

Thank you for that! Really appreciate it!

This game is so well done! For only two days you managed to accomplish something resembling a finished product! I love the models and watching my little elves walk around the city

This really put my short term memory to the test!! My highest score was 7000, I always ended up missing one item! The art style is very pretty too!

Thank you!

I absolutely agree with you. 

Once I got one of my friends to playtest it, he immediately did the strategy to stand on top of the bauble and accumulate enemies below hahaha! I chose not to remove that feature though because I wanted the arena to be more than just a flat area and for the player to have a fallback option in case they got too overwhelmed, that'd initially be in the form of an area-of-effect attack but I didn't have the amount of time necessary, so the easiest option that I thought of was for the baubles to stay

I'm very glad you enjoyed it! And thank you for the feedback, I very much appreciate it!

That'd be adorable hahaha

I really like the art style and premise of this game! Very interesting idea you came up with in such a short amount of time. Well done!