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oh that’s interesting 🤔 thanks for letting me know. 

What happens when you try to download it?

hey! Ive actually been thinking of picking this back. I can’t make any promises because it’s still up in the air, but there might be an update in the next month or so. 

awesome! Thanks for the feedback. Some notes:

- yeah I recognize visual feedback is something that is super lacking at the moment. Arms/body animations are actually something I’m going to add, but it’s one of time things I just haven’t had the time to get to yet. 

- Swimming is indeed SUPER janky at the moment, and it’s actually the first thing I was planning on working on once the map was finished. I expect an update will come over the next couple weeks. 

- the gun lag is purely visual; when you fire, the gun snaps to the crosshairs and stops lagging until it goes back into a resting state. That said, I recognize how important it is that the gun visually points to where you’re shooting. This is something I probably should have made *way*  more clear, but there are a number of options in the setting menu to tweak things like that. There is actually a slider specifically for how fast the gun tracks to the camera motion.  I can’t remember what the default is set to, but if you wanted to give it another go, you can find all of these settings under the “accessibility“ tab in the settings menu. 


Immaculate vibes - I reeeeally like the atmosphere and the gamefeel. The concept is pretty amusing as well.

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really, really nice work. Nothing really to add other than I wish there was an invert look option for controller. I would legitimately pay money for this if you added that, and then made an actual level with a boss fight at the end haha this game is BEGGING for a campaign of some sort. 

legitimately loved the art, the sound, and the overall aesthetic. No idea why, but it was giving me metroid vibes - probably the music. Anyway, nice work!

I really like this gameplay loop. I legitimately think it could be pretty great except for one big problem: the scrambling idea is a really solid concept, but I think the way it's implemented makes it crushingly difficult hahaha if I were you, I would experiment with other ways to scramble the letters. As it stands -  forcing the player to pick through every single key on their keyboard for the right key, and then making them memorize that along with potentially 5 other random keys, and then furthermore spreading that over multiple other words pretty much halts the action. I think a really easy fix might be to swap letters but keep it within the words, and then to also display that on the UI. For example, "jump" becomes "ujmp", or "jmup". something like this would still complicate things for the player, while still being readable, and it would be really easy to scale that for difficulty. I think it would also be a good idea to give the player the option to unscramble words somehow - maybe through a skill check or something. Anyway, I only say this because (again) its a great concept, and I legitimately think this has potential with only a super small tweak :) good job!

Not so shitty mech game. 

I had fun with it! Really liked the aesthetic and the mech design. I think some better hit registration and lower mouse sensitivity would be really nice, though. 

THIS WAS GREAT. Might be a weird comparison but it felt sort of like a 3D sonic game, were you have this long, acrobatic platforming course occasionally broken up by combat. The only thing I would say is that the enemies felt a little bullet spongey, the camera perspective made some platforming sections tricky, and (this is SUPER nitpicky) the mech's walk cycle felt a little stiff for the style of gameplay, purely from an aesthetic perspective. Overall though, this was super fun, and felt really nice to control. Well done!

THIS WAS GREAT. Might be a weird comparison but it felt sort of like a 3D sonic game, were you have this long, acrobatic platforming course occasionally broken up by combat. The only thing I would say is that the enemies felt a little bullet spongey, the camera perspective made some platforming sections tricky, and (this is SUPER nitpicky) the mech's walk cycle felt a little stiff for the style of gameplay, purely from an aesthetic perspective. Overall though, this was super fun, and felt really nice to control. Well done!

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love the title/theme haha

The graphics were nice, and it's a solid gameplay loop. If I could offer some criticism, I think adding some shadows under the mech/enemies would do a lot for spatial awareness, and I would personally swap the UI for the weapon selection to match the side of the mouse that the player has to click to fire them; currently, the AA is RMB but is on the left of the weapon UI (and conversely for your primary weapon) which makes selecting your weapon a little less intuitive than it would be otherwise.


actually on a second look, there are shadows in the screenshots but they weren't rendering for me...weird. I wonder if this is a bug?

I love the art and the concept. It would be great to see this expanded to a longer level! 

Damn a lot went into this! Between the customization, the story, the voice clips, and the presentation, I was legitimately surprised at how much you all managed to do. I LOVED the aesthetic, and I thought the customization was a really nice addition. My only issue is that I wished the mech controls/mechanics were more clear in game; when I initially played, I had no idea about the different aiming mechanics, the vision modes, or that weapon groups existed. I didn't know until I closed the game, went to the actual game page, and saw how much I missed. Definitely going to go back and try again with this knowledge, though, because I had a great time with it overall.

This is great! Really loved the aesthetic and the gamefeel, and the gameplay was super tense and engaging. Also a survival/horror twin stick mech game is definitely not something you see every day, which is definitely a plus. Overall it felt polished, although I did notice a bug where objects sometimes wouldn't activate, and some objects lacked feedback when using them, but things like this are definitely to be expected from a jam game. I would absolutely play a longer version :)

AWESOME. Thank you, that was exactly the vibe I was going for haha

Thanks! Oh man it's funny but a few of those things were actually on my to do list but I ran out of time; the turret alignment button, the radio, and destroyable trees, specifically. That shield idea is pretty brilliant, not going to lie haha I'd love to keep working on this to some extent, so that would be a great addition. 

There's a lot to like, but damn you NEED to tone down the flashing lights. I'm not particularly photosensitive, but I found it legitimately hard to look at during certain combos nonetheless. This could actually be a big problem in some cases as flashing lights can trigger seizures for certain people. Not trying to be negative; I just see the potential for a fun game here, and I don't want it to get bogged down by something like this.

Awesome game. Really, really well done. I loved the focus on puzzle design and exploration as opposed to fighting; speaking of, the puzzles were incredibly clever, and very satisfying to try and work out. The one criticism I have is that the perspective really, REALLY does not work in the game's favor. I constantly found myself accidentally running off ledges, or pushing the wrong object off a cliff just because I was positioned just slightly off, even though it may have appeared that I was positioned correctly. It was bad enough that the final puzzle felt like I was being trolled, because of how precise you needed to be. I feel like if the player had a slightly bigger base of support (meaning they could get a little further out on a ledge without falling off) then this would be a non-issue. That said though, I honestly had a great time with this, and I'll absolutely be coming back. It's just too clever, and too well made not to. 


GUYS. I've been waiting for the itch page to drop. This looks so sick. 

Really really well done. Everything felt super polished, and the concept was clever as well. My only complaints are that I wish there was audio, and that the controls felt clunky. I think raising/lowering the mech would feel much better if they were handled with left control/space rather than f/v as those correspond to how most PC users are used to thinking about crouching and jumping - not exactly the same as raising/lowering, but on a conceptual level, it might be more intuitive. Anyway, aside from that, I had a really good time with this. Good job!

Unironically one of the best looking games I've played yet hahah I absolutely love this aesthetic. Always have. Reminds me of all the old DOS games I used to play as a kid. I think if I could offer any criticism, it would be that a mini map would do this game a ton of favors; especially in the second level, I found myself wandering around looking for the last few targets. I also think this game needs some juice. I would advise adding a bit of screen shake, and making the bullets just a bit chunkier. If you haven't yet, look up "the art of screen shake" on youtube for some really fantastic insight into the kinds of things I'm talking about. Overall, this was a lot of fun. Good job!

Really nailed the feeling of the armored core games, so it was cool to play through this. I really would have liked to see this with a more complex level, as well as a way to reload your gun. 

visual design was really good, but the camera could use some work; I found that enemies could attack you from far off screen, which made defending the base pretty difficult. I noticed it was also possible to lose the mech behind a building, and because of the tank controls, it wasn't always easy to get out. I would recommend pulling the camera out a bit, and angling it down more. 

Cool concept, but it was super hard haha I think something that would make it much easier would be to automatically swap to a new mech if the mech you were controlling gets knocked down. It seemed that most of the goals against my team happened as a result of me being knocked down, and therefore having zero influence over the situation.

Really loved having the chance to play around with each of the mechs! The aesthetic was also absolutely on point. I had a few issues, though. First off, the restart button didn't seem to actually restart the level, but rather only you and the mech that you started with. This was a big issue in the boat section, because they didn't respond well to player input, and the starting boat got away from me - when I tried to reset, the heli and my starting mech warped back to the start, but the boat was gone. I also found that the goal of each level seemed to just be "get to the end" regardless of what mech you were using, or even if you had no mech whatsoever. This means that you could skip entire levels just by flying to the goal. Anyway, it might sound like I had a lot of issues, but I really didn't haha this was a really enjoyable experience. I think it could be something really cool if you wanted to put more time into it. Good job!

thanks for the feedback! yeah I definitely intended to add a sensitivity slider but ran out of time. The performance was also something I struggled with quite a bit in the end game; it used to be waaaaaay worse, but I recognize there's still a lot that can be done to speed it up. This is something I'll be continuing to work on over time (the intent is to actually turn this into a full game) so all of that will hopefully be addressed with time :)

thank you! yeah this is something I think I'll continue to develop, so you'll definitely see more in the future.
as for the command button sensitivity - it's funny - it used to be longer, but I ended up shortening it at the last minute because I thought it felt too sluggish haha I guess I went too far in the other direction x)

ahhhh sorry! I didn't have time for a proper tutorial. You have to find and build the ore collector before any enemies will spawn. It basically just looks like a big ghost cube before you build it  (like the turrets except bigger)  and it can be in one of three locations. 

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Looks great but unfortunately it's too hard to hit anything. I'd really like to see what this game would be like with a more complex level with some cover, because the actual controls/game feel is pretty nice. 

really, really polished. Game feel was also really nice. The only thing I can say is that the enemies came so fast, and so frequently, that spending pretty much any time away from your ship resulted in it getting swarmed. I think some things that would help balance this would be to make the enemies come in waves, make your weapons stronger, or maybe give your ship some turrets to help defend itself without your help. 

Awesome! Great presentation, and everything worked really well. I think the only bit of criticism I can offer is that I think the gameplay was a little simplistic; I wish there was more depth beyond just making as many units as you can, and sending them off to capture buildings. 

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Honestly I really liked this haha it was a little rough in terms of presentation but that's kind of expected for a jam game. The campaign was pretty impressive considering the time constraints, and the mech felt appropriately clunky. Something you *really* need to address, though, is the use of flashing lights in the cutscenes; I'm not photosensitive, and even I felt like I had to avert my eyes because it was uncomfortable to look at. I can imagine this might be a legit issue for someone who has issues with flashing lights. Overall I thought it was super charming, since it really nailed the feeling of playing the old Mech Warrior games, which I used to binge as a kid. Well done!

I always appreciate when a jam game has a story mode :)

really liked the overall presentation! I wish there was more direction because I'm not sure what the win condition was, but I kind of like the idea of a small scale RPG, so I hope this is something that you continue working on :)

Hard to believe this was made in two weeks. Super polished, and I actually really dig the story. That said, I found it very difficult to aim considering the camera angle; the bullets didn't seem to want to travel to where the crosshairs were pointing. I also wish that dying didn't force you to start from the beginning. Overall this was pretty cool! Hopefully it turns into something bigger. 

absolutely loved the presentation. It felt weirdly (or appropriately) grim, especially with the music. Overall I think it was a nice little survival shooter, although I wish there was more direction, as I wasn't sure what I was supposed to be doing other than wandering around and trying to survive for as long as possible. But yeah, I had a good time with it :)

cool concept, and I really liked the visuals. I can't decide if I wish the mech were easier to control, or more difficult haha I think it would be more immediately satisfying if it were easier to control, but I really like the idea of a mech that is SUPER complicated to operate. I think right now it's sitting in the middle, where it's not quite arcade, and not quite simulation, if that makes sense.

Perfect Dreamcast vibes. Really liked the concept and the presentation; everything had so much character, and I loved that :)  My only gripe about the gameplay is that I really wish you could control the camera, and that there was more of a difference between the mech and the car.