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Just some decorations and lighting 🤷‍♂

The 'redacted'? That's just a random reference, nothing special. :)

That's awesome! Thank you :) Impressive how you got stuck though haha. I hope you still enjoyed the game.

Yeah honestly I also didn't like the elf model haha, but I couldn't find any good low poly elf models anywhere sadly. Thanks for your feedback and playing the game though! :)

Thank you so much! I really appreciate that! <3

There's not really an end point, the last thing you can unlock is the portal. Other than that you can just keep playing as long as you enjoy it! :)

Wow that is amazing! I never even got that high haha.

Here's my submission :) Rate Santa Clicker Tycoon by PseudoBytes for Yogscast Game Jam 2020 -

Here's my submission :) Rate Santa Clicker Tycoon by PseudoBytes for Yogscast Game Jam 2020 -

Here's mine :) Rate Santa Clicker Tycoon by PseudoBytes for Yogscast Game Jam 2020 -

I rated your game! :) Here's mine: Rate Santa Clicker Tycoon by PseudoBytes for Yogscast Game Jam 2020 -

I rated your game :) Here's mine: Rate Santa Clicker Tycoon by PseudoBytes for Yogscast Game Jam 2020 -

Yeah I agree that some sort of ending would have been nice, I sadly just did not have the time. Haha yes those elves definitely don't belong, it's just the only half decent rigged model I could find.

Having a goal to work towards with those upgrades is really nice. Though it was a bit unclear what to do at the start.

You definitely had us with those surprises, good job.

Like the comment below said, not being able to see the next jump is super frustrating and caused us to not want to finish the game.

That final level was definitely very hard, we didn't get to beat it :( Really glad to see you back for another year of jamming though! :) The game was really fun.

The mechanics were definitely very original, especially that you can push the present by opening it from the inside; really cool. Though this was kind of unclear at the start and we just stumbled onto it. :p

Really cool idea, and very well executed. Though having space as 'change perspective' felt a bit unnatural since it is always used for jump, maybe using another key would have worked better.

I... don't know how to feel about this. The pants in pants were definitely the best imo. Though we did miss the eggplant :p

Oh we didn't even realise there was also a purple one (though we played it now :p it was also really fun), why thought the first scene was one of the minigames since we got the green one like 6 times in a row!

Surprisingly wholesome ending! :) The 'explode' animation looked really good, the entire game feel was very well done. Though sometimes characters overlapped making their text unreadable.

The artwork is really nice, which is definitely important in a game like this where there is only a single background. Having multiple rewards and a goal to work towards is very satisfying and helps to keep people engaged. Good submission! :)

The soundtrack was... amazing! Where can I buy the OST? The game itself is very simple, but also strangely entertaining. We managed to get 202 seconds in the second minigame (humble brag) :p

We didn't really know what was going on at the start, and the strong visual effects definitely didn't help, next time lowering those a bit would definitely help. Though after understanding what was going on, it was quite fun and the idea itself is really original.

Wow thank you so much! This is some super awesome feedback and definitely very helpful. "mindlessly improve everything then afk" Thank you for noticing that, that was exactly my train of thought as well! Though it is not actually your own head you are seeing but your hat. :p Thanks for playing my game! <3<3

"Nah just kidding"; haha you motherfricker. We died because of that! :) Though sometimes enemies spawned inside of the player, which was quite a pain, literally. Also you can leave before actually killing all the enemies in the last wave lol.

That was really fun. Though there was a bug where we used both our keys to open a single door, which caused us to have to restart. The art style looks very basic at first glance, but it actually looks really good and the puddles of dead snowman add a really nice touch.

We were a bit confused what exactly the rules were, for example some snowman gave candy cane and some didn't. We managed to make it to the last level but sadly didn't get to beat the game. Maybe we're just bad :p

Fun idea, the theme is really cool, it all looked really good. Taking down those ships was super satisfying. Though sometimes you could look through the world, I think this could have been fixed by lowering the near plane of the camera. Also after 15 kills no more ships appeared. :(

It was very unclear what was going on. Like the comment below says, it feels very unfair. Next time a sensitivity slider would be very nice. Also clowns get stuck in doors lol.

This was super funny, we literally laughed out loud. It's short, unlike Santa's little helper :smirk:

The idea unexpected things happening was pretty fun. Definitely a very hard game. Sadly the game was a bit buggy.

We sadly didn't get to beat the game :( Though it looks like there's a bug where you can't move after restarting, we had to close and open the entire game. Cool idea tho, but definitely very hard near the end.

Super cute game! Walking through the different seasons is a great concept. Though apparently you don't need to have the ball to complete the game lol.

Thanks :) No there is not really an ending, you're basically done when you've unlocked everything.

Pretty fun, definitely not my kind of game though, it was super stressful haha. I didn't really know what to do exactly at the start, but it didn't take too long to figure out. Overall a pretty good game, I'm not sure how it fits the theme though. :)

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Really fun game, it is super polished. Also this is one of the first games with a volume slider, so thank you for that. :) The only tip I can think of is that the animation to get out of the chimney was a bit too slow for my tastes, especially when having to do a level many times.

I agree with one of the comments below that the UI is lacking, for some reason I just ended up clicking randomly after some time. Though honestly I don't know what you could do specifically to fix it. It's still a fun game though! I like the art for the main characters.

Wow I'm glad I clicked, I really thought it was just going to be pong, and I am very pleasantly surprised!