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A Town Called Hjell (actual build in description)View game page

Yogscast Jingle Jam 2019: Keep your Vikings alive by offering them up as sacrifices...
Submitted by mattydidsomething, Andrew Stewart — 38 minutes, 47 seconds before the deadline
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A Town Called Hjell (actual build in description)'s page


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Great looking game. Love the idea. It was hard to understand what to do.
If you wanna see us playing it visit:

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Hey - thank you for playing the game! 

I completely agree RE: it being hard to understand, but sadly we ran out of time to really tailor the UX and do a tutorial - something we'll address in a later version post-jam :)

Thank you for linking the stream too, it's a fantastic user experience demonstration and shows us where to improve - especially in communicating mechanics (and showcasing the end-game bug). And well done for playing  jam games for almost 6 hours!


We had a fun time and it looked like a cool game. 

The concept is super interesting. If you keep working on it make sure to send me a link to an updated version.


i love the art a lot the game looks very polished and the gameplay is great once you get the hang of it, good job!

if you have the time please check out our game as well!

thank you!


Nice one!  Ended up sacrificing almost everybody - but got to enjoy some lovely Viking artwork and  soundtrack along the way!  Really liked the premise and set up - with some more animations to communicate the mechanics it would be really good!


bit of confusion at first but did manage to escape after sacrificing everyone in the village 

interesting game idea and i like the art - just some clearer instructions might help in future


I really liked the pixel artstyle and music in the game. Proper nordic feels!

It took me a while to understand the game, and it was tough to find out where to click. More instructions would have been nice! 

Great game, congrats on making it in the jam!


Yay, we escaped! As others have mentioned it's a bit tough to figure out what to do / how you influence the town, but once you get the controls it makes sense. I wish there was a way to know how complete the longboat is, I wasn't sure if contributing 10% to it was worth it vs using some other building. It seemed to me that I got a lot of "villager +1" messages (pretty much every day), but I was running out of people to sacrifice towards the end!
The game seems to be a very cool half way point between Kingdoms and Reigns, with a sweet viking theme. Well done!



Yeah, that's very fair feedback - something we'll definitely address once the jam is over :) And yes, that's something that we just ran out of time to address during the jam (but again, something we'll add post jam). That's a balance issue I ran into as well (RE: villager number) so definitely something to look at. 

That's very high praise, thank you! Never played Kingdom, but I've certainly played Reigns so that was something that definitely inspired some elements. In fact the board game version of Reigns the Highrollers played a few weeks ago was something that was in the back of my mind, for sure.

Thank you for the feedback, very appreciated :))


As Darksbane said, it's an interesting idea and I'd like to see where you might go with it - the art is a big plus for me too. It felt quite difficult to know what to do with regards to who to sacrifice as you're sort of thrown in without any easy way to see your villagers other than trail and error, but I like the concept. It's a shame the game wasn't uploaded!


Looks really good. I like the intro demo and the music as well!


Really enjoyed the art and music! Would love to hear more about this if you continue to work on it post jam.


Amazing quality for something that was made in 48 Hours! I saw your comment in my post after playing it  and forgot to write a comment. Great Job!


We done goofed - we uploaded the game... without a game.

Click here to actually play the game (it's just another Game Upload on

Thanks for your interest, hope you enjoy and happy sacrificing! (and let us know what you think!)

We know this may not count towards the Jam, but we just want to show off what we did as we're proud of it!


i don't understand it is just 90kb file level0. How to start it?


Yup, we've just noticed that ourselves - the actual build never made it up (oops! Tired game jam woes).

It may not count towards the jam, but here is the project on another page so people can still play what we spent 48 hours making. 

Click here to actually play the game (it's just another Game Upload on

Thanks for your interest, hope you enjoy and happy sacrificing! (and let us know what you think!)


The game still does not run for me from the link you provided. It's also still quite small compared to the other games at 625kb. When trying to start I get an error saying UnityPlayer.dll was not found.


ahhh! Not good at all! 

I'm currently on a train, but I will sort it out once I get home in an hours time.


Hi! If you're still interested, we've re-uploaded the build (and it works this time!)

It still has some bugs, but on the off chance we're still considered for the game jam, we thought it only fair to submit what we'd actually done :)

Thanks! And let us know what you think!