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Very insightful Tim. Its always good to see what goes on behind the scenes in AAA games.

1/1, better graphics than crysis

Thanks for playing! Unfortunately we ran out of time before the jam so we couldn't figure out and fix all the bugs. Thanks for reporting this one though!

We're planning on expanding this in the future. Thanks for playing!

Hi! Thanks for the great feedback! 

The error sound along with the loss of life only occurs when the time for your order runs out. Unless there's a bug we don't know about (which is very likely), you should have a success sound effect play after you complete the burger (The recipe is on the top left) with all the ingredients in the right order.

The spawning of ingredients is not completely RNG, there are certain biases in place  (that kick in at specific times) to help the with the ingredients they need.

Thanks for playing the game!

Thanks! We were wondering if that was going to be an issue for players, figuring out where the hitbox of the pick was.

Thank you @Eltea. We have been updated this game since the jam, haven't updated it on itch though. Will do tomorrow. :) The issues with death and the green fish eating the boat have been balanced.