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thanks so much for playing! Serves you right for trying to get mr tibbles killed xD

glad you enjoyed it :) thanks for commenting with feedback!

thank you for playing! Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback!

thank you for playing! Glad you liked it :)

Glad we could hit you in the feels with our game! ^^

thanks so much! So glad you enjoyed it :D

Amazing work!  Really impressed that you made such a beautiful, well animated game with such awesome music in such a short period of time!  Controls were super tight, which is excellent for a platformer!  Having the player choose between jumping and dashing was an excellent design choice and made for some excellent (and frustratingly tricky) platforming.  With a bunch more levels and a fully realised story, this could be up there with the greats ^^

Thanks for the kind words!  If you're interested, we've created a build that fixes player movement - we think it makes it a lot more fun!  I'll upload it now that ratings are over :)


I was horrified when sheep started throwing themselves off of the cliff! How did they even get up there in the first place!?

Amazing work, really tight art style, and a very effective design!

Improvement wise, perhaps you could ramp difficulty on a less harsh curve?  Introduce cliff edges as a gameplay obstacle along herding pathways.  Maybe you could then add wolves that chase after sheep, or giant birds that swoop down and pick them up?  Not sure what counter play to this would be... perhaps just whopping them on the head with the herding stick?

thanks so much for playing, well done on your score! That's a pretty high one :) Glad you enjoyed it!

This game is amazing! Absolutely hilarious getting splatted by the car xD

I think tightening up the controls and having a larger level, and maybe varying the path that the car takes would be good places to start if you're looking to improve it.

Awesome work!

No worries! Thank you so much!

Hey, it would be awesome if you'd play our game!  I'll be sure to play yours too :)

Hi! It would be awesome if you would play our game.  Thanks so much for taking the time to play and rate all these games :)

Really great game!  Interesting, creative take on the theme, and a nice challenge deciding which items to take - rewarding when you choose right!  A very strong submission!

Could use some direction, or indication of progress.  It's unclear which items in the world are interactive or scenery.  What's the overall objective?

An addition of enemies or things to jump on and bounce off of would be welcome!

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Thanks, it's royalty free, we didn't make it - will add the credit to the description

Thanks so much!! :D  Caught yours before i did the stream, it was great!

Woooooah this was nuts!!! I loved it :D Fantastic work! I scored 39!  Probably cos i was running around a lot before pressing space to shoot my gifts about!

Awesome idea! Hilarious being called "Boy Toy" over and over!  much preferred shooting to the melee, maybe increase damage on melee reward the risk?  Great work!

Awesome work! Very relaxing sound, but my reactions were nowhere near fast enough! i could only manage a high score of 1 :((  Well done!

Really cool idea! a lot of overwhelming information on the gameplay side, but really nice art and sound, it looks and feels very polished!

Really nice game! super challenging at later levels, lovely art style, nice relaxing music!

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This game is soooooo memeable!! as a Brit and a tea lover i approve! Lewis screaming is gonna give me nightmares.  I hope he gets bees for christmas now....   Amazing work!!!

Amazing use of colour palette, really awesome premise - a lot of room for thought provoking expansion in terms of both mechanics and story!  Fantastic job!

Amazing use of colour palette, really awesome premise - a lot of room for thought provoking expansion in terms of both mechanics and story!  Fantastic job!

Super tricky game, requires more advanced tactics than i have the sense or dexterity for! xD  would benefit a lot from power ups, or a charge slam,or doing more damage dropping from a greater height.  Awesome work!!

Best twist i've seen on this type of game in this jam! very creative!

Awesome game, loved that there was looping music and a new background for each stage!  Really had me thinking about a lot of the choices, but maybe some of them weren't that deep? hmmm

Nice work!!

Really challenging!  Loved the frustration of balancing fending off the slimes whilst building the pipe and digging a climbable hole.  Will test the strength of any relationship!

Control scheme could probably allow for more keyboard space sharing!

Really nice work!  loved the moment of accidentally hitting a bird with coal.  feels bad xD  increasing the speed as the score gets higher to ramp up the difficulty would be a good idea.  Keep it up!

No words.  Has to be played to be believed.  That's a spicy meat-a-ball

Fantastic work!!  Loved the music, character designs and gameplay.  Very frantic.  A leaderboard for this kind of game would go a really long way!

Really nice game! Loved the music and the squeaky noises on the buttons!  I'm bad at TD games but this was great!

Great fun! Insanely hard if your fingers are giant sausages like mine xD

Awesome work guys!

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In the last run up to the end of ratings, send me your games and i'll play them on stream!

Post here or in the stream chat and i'll play your game and give you a rating.

In return i'd be delighted if you could check out my game:

Also there are parrots in my stream!

Awesome looking animation, and hilarious hearing vo clips from previous videos/streams ^^  nice work!

Nice relaxing game :) lovely art style, and ominous ambient music.  great work!  One of the more polish jam games i've seen! :D