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Pack a pack of sheep into pens
Submitted by shoze, JoAMD, Julien Mulard — 1 hour, 12 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Game Design#513.6923.692
Adherence To Theme#713.9623.962

Ranked from 52 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Really simple gameplay but really well done. The graphic design looks really polished too, which is a plus. Keep up the good work!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Simple and effective, what a great entry!


This could be a really addictive mobile game. I could play this all afternoon! Really nice job!


I didn't know such a simple concept could be so fun! This is really nic


I was horrified when sheep started throwing themselves off of the cliff! How did they even get up there in the first place!?

Amazing work, really tight art style, and a very effective design!

Improvement wise, perhaps you could ramp difficulty on a less harsh curve?  Introduce cliff edges as a gameplay obstacle along herding pathways.  Maybe you could then add wolves that chase after sheep, or giant birds that swoop down and pick them up?  Not sure what counter play to this would be... perhaps just whopping them on the head with the herding stick?

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks :) xD 

We didnt have time for intermediate levels, thats why the difficulty increases like that. Thanks for the feedback, we'll think about these when we work on it :) Whopping wolves on the head with a stick sounds funny and nice, but we have to see if we get time to implement it, we'll polish the existing ones first and then move onto the rest if possible. We'll discuss with the team in a few days 


Really cool game, amazing that it works this flawless while being a GameJam game!

Also, really cool art and sound design, this is on a paid release level


Very enjoyable and easy to play, and pick up with cute graphics


This was great. Music, art and gameplay was perfect. I we could control the sheep using mouse click, because I was struggling to not change direction of other sheep while moving mouse from one end of level to other. 😆

Awesome game and thank to this game, now I hate sheep 😜


I love it! I was disappointed that there were only 3 levels. I wanted to see what other challenges and perilous landscapes were coming next for the sheep!


Really nice and well done game! I really enjoyed playing it. The progression is a bit off but it didn't affect game play! Keep it up


Thank you! We didnt have time for more levels tho we had some designs ready. We are thinking of having it in a later version


This is a highly polished concise experience well executed!


Adherence To Theme
  • Fits the Theme well enough, calling a group of Sheep pack is a bit of a stretch, (In the way you wouldn't describe a group of Crows... A murder of Crows as a pack of Crows) but that's just semantics at this point!
  • You incorporated the grouping part of a pack deep into the Gameplay, well done!
Game Design
  • Pretty straight forward mechanic, you hold up your Shepherd's staff to force the sheep to not go full Lemmings. 
  • It was a tiny bit unclear as to the exact effect the staff had on the Sheep, they seem to prefer diagonal movements in a game where the obstacles are all horizontal and vertical, which makes sense, for more of a challenge, however, in game it sometimes felt a bit random. This became frustrating on Level 3, where the difficulty ramps up quite significantly. No major gripes here but a point worth looking into.
  • The idea of being able to close off the herd before they try to get out  again and possibly fall off the cliff to their untimely demise is an excellent addition to the simple design, as it adds an extra layer of depth. 
  • I'd like more of these little mechanics, maybe stationary Shepherd dogs, that have the same effect as the staff or a pack of Wolves that might eat the Sheep in an area to disrupt the play-style a bit would make for a welcome change of pace.
  • Extremely original idea. Haven't played much like this before. It got me this Dungeon Keeper feeling of being this overlord over Minions that act on their own terms, while I have some influence over them but they tend to act in accordance to their personality after a while anyways. Maybe this could be another feature of different kinds of sheep having different behaviors.
  • Very clean UI's and Graphics, the sounds and music fit excellent. It was clear as to what will happen with any given object from the get go.


Very good entry, that has the potential to become a really good title!

Thanks a lot for the very much detailed feedback!! We'll look into all the possibilities! :)
We had tried to show feedback for the effect of the staff on the sheep, basically it push the sheep away radially.
Glad that you liked the game :)


Ohhhh after replaying it, I can see that now. It makes sense and I feel stupid. 


Love the art. the gameplay is engaging as well, although I gave up on level 3


Thanks :)

Also for level 3, or any other level you can try focusing on one sheep if it feels hard, you can pass the level with minimum one sheep in the pen


what an awesome game!

Art (music and visuals) is simply top notch

Gameplay is a little slow for me, but Level design is really awesome!

This is the kind of games i would want to play on the go! Did you think about making a mobile version?

(little detail: The music would be even more awesome if it was a seamless loop)

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

We're actually thinking about a mobile version due to popular demand ^^ But it will be a lot of work and we're all busy people, so no promise right now. 

That thing about music has me worried though... It should be looping. Can you elaborate? You're talking about the in game music? Or the intro theme?

Thank you for your feedback, Lucus, and have a great day!


The in game musics stops and then starts all over again (i'm playing on the web version).

It loops, but it's not seamless => Your game is so polish at this point, that this is one if not the only thing I have to give you any feedbacks haha


Okay, I replayed it but was more focused on the audio this time (rather than saving the sheeps), and yes, you're right, the in game music has a small thing happening when it's begining that makes it NOT seemless when looping. We'll fix that for the next release! Thank you again for your feedback!


i really love how the game loooks and its really fun to play,
Good game.


Nice game !


haha love the sfx and music. The art is really crisp and mechanic all works smoothly, well done :)


Thank you! I was lucky to found such good quality sheep samples so quickly.  It's really not my usual style, but I'm really proud of what I did for the intro theme. I'm glad you liked it!


The game feels super polished! Well done. The second and third level were a little too hard , but possible to beat. I feel like maybe when a Sheep is already in the Pen they should maybe move inside  for visuals but without getting out the Pen again, because it was too hard maintaining them inside while trying to push inside the other Sheep. Overall, amazing game! Great Job.


Thanks :) Yea we decided to have the sheep move outside as well, for higher difficulty. Once you play around with it for a while you'll get the hang of it and understand the mechanics! 

Jam HostSubmitted(+2)

This is great! I really like the idea of choosing when to "cash in" your sheep to avoid more  damage. Nice work!


Thanks! :)


That was some good fun. I always like games where the player pretty much has to deal with AIs being dumb, and this got that perfectly. The game's calm atmosphere was really effective, and kinda funny when juxtaposed with me screaming over trying to stop sheep from game ending themselves. Art style is also really charming. Great game overall, would play the shit out of this on mobile.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks man! We were able to polish the sheep movement a bit thanks to my teammates.

We are thinking about getting it to android too later on in the post jam version.


Welp, the game is preety fun! Really enjoy playing it! It should be on android!

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks! We are thinking about getting it to android too later on in the post jam version.



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