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Don't touch my food TDView game page

Tower Defense for the Yogscast Game Jam! Increase your income!
Submitted by BelindaMakesGames (@BelindaGameDev) — 1 hour, 20 minutes before the deadline
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Don't touch my food TD's page


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Submitted (1 edit)

Feels like a mix of Kingdom Rush and Team Line Tower Wars. ;D


It's pretty fun and unique. Well done for finishing it with the time restraints!


Really nice game! Loved the music and the squeaky noises on the buttons!  I'm bad at TD games but this was great!


It's a unique take (as far as i know) on tower defense, but personally i would have preferred it in a classic wave type. Also the family units seem kinda out of place, not really themed like the rest of the game.


awesome game tower defense seems pretty hard to make in 2 days so good job

please check out our game too if you have the time!

thank you!


Fun concept: giving the player an incentive to invite your enemies to attack, but there's no real strategy here.  Or challenge.  Also, is 4100ad good?


Would make for a good multiplayer tower defense game and the art style reminds me of Kingdom Rush. Nice Job!

Feel free to check out my game :


Thank you for your feedback =) I have the art assets from and they were inspired by kingdom rush.

  • Interesting Concept
  • Time doesn’t pause when you’re viewing the tutorial
  • Feels more like a clicker game with a time limit since you pay to ‘invite relatives’ at your own pace
  • A system similar to the flash game ‘Villainous’ where those you invite ‘loop back around’ may work, causing the difficulty to increase incrementally as the player adds more and more relatives and subsequently gains more money and upgrades, again making it a touch closer to an ‘idle game’.

Thank you very much for your feedback =) When I release an update for the game, i will include a pause, when you are watching the tutorial. And yes, it was meant to feel a bit like a clicker game, too =) 

Thank you for mentioning ‘Villainous’. I haven't known this game, but i tried it now and like it. I think i can get a lot of inspiration from this game =)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

It's ok, it feels a bit like a lot of other tower defense games, it's functional as a tower defense game, I don't notice any bugs either.

edit: an option to turn the music off would be good


Yes, i was in the end-run a bit to lazy to put in the option for turning off the music XD When I update the game, I will put this in.


Reminded me a lot of the old Warcraft 3 TDs I used to play!


The game is indeed inspired by some Warcraft 3 maps =) I have always really loved the maps, where you can send enemies to your opponent.


I love tower defense games, so I had high hopes for this game, and it did not disappoint! Really cool game, good job!


Thank you very much for your feedback! I'm glad you liked it =) 


Love this wonderful game. Makes the christmas much better.


Thank you very much, for your feedback =)