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a beautiful name :)

hell yeah

Works fine for me? Should be small images also

What problem do you have?

finally chess is good again

It's a choose your own recipe generator

It's only you who sees it

I'll finish this one when I get round to it, but it's at the absolute bottom of the pile, the fairy tale I can link tho

the rest of the fairy tale



he will love it forever

I completed  and it did a thing and then I got the site lock notification


Cheers :) This was done pretty quickly in an old version of base harlowe twine 2 as well, in-page loops can make pretty cool stuff! 

I played with one hand on the mouse, and the other hand on my forehead


They're their own people!

And I'm sure he loves you too , you freed him from his eggy prison!

Cheers :)

Cheers! Yeah I wanted to make something a little less hard for people than last year's haha 


Good suggestion :D I'll put that in later I think

I'm pleased you've figured out one result :3 I've made sure in the text on the page now that people should click "ready" once the egg is ready to hatch. Thanks for the feedback! I thought you were kidding around with the death stuff before haha

Did you click "ready?"

Cheers! Haha, I actually had to balance things for ben to show up more. Have you also encountered the mysterious Bentom? :) 

Also if you want more control over your webpages, have you asked for css to be enabled for you? 

I did 117 moves :3 very nice lil game! good brain thoughts

I'm not big on platformers but I'm more just annoyed that there's no real build up to the jumping, just it starts with a dark character on a dark background with dark elements and then you have to get your character over a big spike jump. I managed to make it over the spike but then fell into the trap immediately. It feels less forgiving than flappy bird D:

Thank you :D

u mean they are supposed to live a long time? sounds fake

I hope you liked to look at your bois!! 

Thank you :3

It's very nice! I'm not very good at these games though so I didn't get past the third stage of the car.

Very good! Looks very polished, great concept! 

thank u I hope you and your child have had a good time

ye I only started halfway through saturday haha

Thank you :D 

Thanks :3

Aww :3

I'm glad you had a good time! I'm gonna add audio too