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Thank you for making this game, it felt like an extra message to watch children playing this game at Now Play This

Had a great time slapping things, would recommend for people who want to slap things. 10/10

✌ works for me, though the great sound is a little loud :P 

It looks great and plays great too! My only feedback is that I didn't know I could click on the book, until I did, and that's the only way how I learnt I could actually defeat the animals instead of having to try to sneak though, though it would be nice to do a pacifist run. 

Thanks all :D I definitely could improve the GUI, I think if I wanted to make it amazing I'd use SVG to make hit-boxes perfect.

And yes that learning curve is an issue.

Brilliant, I think this is great. It's really funny, a decent challenge and fits the theme really well. Only issue I'd have is that I feel the rocket should have the classic keyboard positioning + mouse firing, otherwise you end up firing backwards when moving backwards.

Great job!

Was fun! With a bit of polish on this (with some sound effects and an art theme) this would be really awesome. A nice challenge and plays well.

Also dang that evil lewis we'll never defeat his schemes!

Great aesthetics, would be amazing with a few beeps or audible number counts as you click chests/ kill clowns.

All in all did not rip my dick off. Also learnt basic counting.

Great game! I feel some of the choices weren't recorded correctly, but apart from that it was great exploring the dungeon.

This would be amazing as a procedural game as well.

I may revisit this at one point to add in cross-platform compatability, but it was entirely developed in Chrome so that's definitely an issue.

I've updated the main page with some free music done specifically for Sipsjam! by https://soundcloud.com/holfix

Created a new topic Voting Topics

We can put in custom voting topics for the SipsJam, so it's not just voting for "The best" because everyone has different ideas of what that can be.

So the current voting topics are:

Ya big dum dum (For things which are amusing)

My dick is literally in outer space (For things totally dick-ripping)

Fan-fucking-tastic (For things which are just generally great)

Anyone want to suggest any changes on these topics? Or another voting topic? (I'm thinking up to five would be cool)

I moved it forward a week (because Rezzed is on the other weekend and I'm gonna be there)

Great! I've linked this on the front page.