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Aww :3

I'm glad you had a good time! I'm gonna add audio too

How beautiful :O


Ah, I thought it automatically updated things that way, my mistake :3 best wishes! Still honestly a bit weird that after the voting closed two games were removed?

Results are finished now! You got first! :3 I'm 20th, I think a couple of games were removed from the ranking though?? I was previously 22nd, they might have just been checking things.

Really good! My only comment is that my reindeer all got obsessed with making christmas trees, meaning I had to keep building storage so that they'd finish a bit and go take full sleighs places.

The success sound effect is a royalty free one from this lovely album:

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Thanks :D also I'm gonna change it so that it appears only once/on refresh rather than stops after the second time you go through - it seems people get annoyed by it appearing twice

This is a great lil multiplayer game! I'm single player but I can see how this would be really great to play with a couple of other people. I love that it has controller support and I think that the art style definitely suits it :3 the movement feels pretty nice too, though a little slidey.

Great overcooked-like game! I love your horrific granny. Things did seem to glitch out a bit? I'm not sure if many jaffas actually made it to santa. Also the plates seemed to disappear and sometimes I couldn't put things down on them. But in general, good job!

Unfortunately didn't really work? Was a black screen, then refreshed and the game appeared, but that then is a black screen with a grey square in it, I can zoom in and out but can only press the "next turn" button, which gives a game over.

Once the jam voting is over I'm changing that to not appearing after the first time you die (until refresh), rather than after the second time you die.

After the second time you fail you can skip it, but I think I'll adjust that to on the first fail.

veuwuy gouwud

I like the added platformer challenge, which I figured out by checking controls and thining "so cats crouch before they jump to go higher?" I pressed all my controller buttons but that didn't figure it out haha

A couple of the items collected didn't show on the last screen, but other than that no real issues, just play testing and adjusting for gamefeel :3

Pretty and functional, same comments as other people! It's entirely possible to update after jam etc. It'd be great to play a full version. I'm do it! 


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I got a 61!

I think the core game loop is alright, though I feel like the way it's currently designed the best way to get a good score isn't engage in fighting. but instead stand on one of the baubles and wait until enough people have gathered underneath, because they can then be defeated pretty easily as one group rather than individuals who all steal your presents.

It's a great start of a game, all I think it needs is refinement to be amazing :3 Cute art too!

Edit: and I agree with all about the zoom in and "merry xmas"

Thank you :3

Oh no! Pooned! 

A good game! I wondered what the difficulty was at the beginning, but it's quick to appear.  It's a great challenge dodging those 'poons. Cute little art too :3 even if you're only giving a couple of people presents.

On the second replay you can skip the dialogue :) It's not actually a memory game, though it does look like one at first! It's all about taking a second look.. Glad you had a good time either way! 

I like it! Even though I'm playing on my own.

Took me a bit of time to scroll down on the screen, maybe info about the control scheme on the front screen? I assumed that it was that we have to deliver to elves and avoid the children. 

It's pretty good, I'm happy with the score I got, I feel maybe swapping the control schemes for santa and the elf would be a good idea? It feels that the "weak santa" is more nimble than the elf, though he's very slow.

Before I realised that the fact that you can't see the letter is part of the game mechanic I was a bit annoyed it wasn't in the corner of the room, perhaps an animation showing it get burnt up?

I also tried to use the glue/saw/drill on the wall, are they pure decoration or intended to be used later?

Either way, lovely game once I understood it :), and the art style feels very McPixel

Thanks! I made all the art myself :3 I'm open for hire atm as well.

Yup, drops presents.

I'm happy to give it a replay if you choose to update it! 

Cheers! I love Twine! 

Great art, but no instructions on how to gather food or water, though I did eventually figure it out. Also when gathering water my player character disappeared.

Happy Birthday! 

Also I manage to complete the first two levels ok, but it moves far too quickly in general, so if I have to move I don't have time to fire things.

Cheers, I forgot to put in draggable this time round. 

A lot of people don't know what you can do with twine which isn't just a narrative game, I like to show it's capabilities! 


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It's ok, it feels a bit like a lot of other tower defense games, it's functional as a tower defense game, I don't notice any bugs either.

edit: an option to turn the music off would be good

Yay aseprite! 

Great art, wonderful asethetic, I think needs a bit more playtesting though, I gave it about 10 goes and I have no idea how close to the end I was. Perhaps something which shows your location, a bit like in "Ridiculous fishing" would be good? I also think the timer could be a bit better. It's a decent challenge, and the variety of enemies as you go down is interesting. I do really like the mechanic of like-counters-like.

Really good game! The battles I think need balancing, and maybe information on how much each attack hurts the skellybums but it's pretty engaging.

It's alright, it works decently, though without reading the text I didn't get that some of the elves were bad and some were good and I just thought the bad elves were functionally immortal. 

I feel like some sort of particle effects on the elves would be good when you hit them, perhaps hearts when you give a good elf a present, and frowny faces when you give a bad elf coal, and if you can do it have them run off rather then disappear,  since disappearing in a narrative sense doesn't work very well, though I know it does for the simple game mechanics. 

Is broken?

I got 92 as  my score :) I think it's a good start! The text says that you get tired? But I don't see anything which says you get tired. If you work on this more it'd be interesting to see some of the gifts be power ups.

As a note to other players: press fullscreen to see all of the map/info available.

If you plan to update it or work on it after the jam I wouldn't mind playing it again!