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may your day be blessed with warm dogs to hug


I put the ball in the hole and it said yay, very good!

btw I decided on literally the first day of October "Hey let's make this the twine" rather than say one of the days before.

Try pressing the button which says "tap the egg" rather than the egg. 

Well, not if you let other people use the mouse. 

Great game! though definitely needs VR, and at one point I had a bug where my cursor turned red? after flying through a marshmallow 

I mean that while walking I kept falling off, I landed fine! I just kept falling off while walking on the planks, partially b/c they're pretty thin and partially b/c when doing things a few times (due to falling off) I end up rushing. 

I'm glad you had a great jam!

The initial puzzle is nice but not super intuitive in itself, the music is kinda cool, but I kept falling off the edge ._.

Amazing :D very cute, and the concept is brilliant! 

Lovely! Nice aesthetics! Played ok, though on the second level the lack of double jump and speed meant that a few jumps felt like unfair deaths, otherwise a lovely sandwich story. 

Beautiful :D

Haha, it's true there should be some instructions on how to read the book in your items. But it's very cute writing! I like how the bad cake was thought of as a threat. 

Really good! Some of the puzzles were quite tricky. 

The only issue I had was initially the slashing didn't seem to connect, but that was because I was moving the line past the character models. Really fun! 

Wonderful :D I love puzzle games, and this is a lovely one. 

i luv hermie

Wherever hermie is I hope he's ok ;_;! So cute, very good!

I'm headcanoning that they had to go home and get the blanket

Yeah! You can enter, there's just a button which you click to show you've made assets before the jam time started. 

Traditionally in jams you complete them (or don't finish completing them sometimes, as I've done in the past) in the jam time. Some jams last a week, some a month, many a weekend. 

I personally think storyboarding is fine, like taking code from games you've made in the past, but making assets beforehand should be marked. 

Really cute! I love it. 

If you've no clue what pastel game you want to do, or you've come up with too many ideas and think someone else could use it, or you just like coming up with ideas, share them here. 

Here's a start:

Pong - except with an apple which gets progressively more damaged. 

A platformer where you're a ghost 

You have a bucket and have to catch falling fish 

Of course :3 I understand. It might not be possible to show the difference on the main page, but on each page I'm thinking there should be something. I'll test it before submission deadline. 

It's true that jams are far more varied than they used to be. I think there's not as much an issue as reusing code snippets, as long as whole games aren't put together before the start of the jam. 

Best wishes! Remember making something simple which just does one thing is easier to add onto before the deadline, than not finishing something. 

Yeah, like most jams.

Though for people who've already prepared assets or the like, I have added in a button which people have to click on submit which says whether they've pre-prepared assets or not. Since it's obviously unfair for people to compare a few weeks of drawing to two days worth. 

As long as it will upload to it's allowed, the only issue is if you're not exporting in an exe file or something which can be played in browser, you're likely to get much fewer plays. 

The Jam page will show your computer's time zone. For me the time zone is BST so it shows: Submission open from Friday at 8:00 PM to Sunday at 9:00 PM

You are in the USA or Canada? so it will show the times in your local time zone. 

Personally I'd think that in the spirit of how a jam is, Summerlands shouldn't be submitted, since it was started way ago. But I think it'd be fine to add to a collection of pastel games.

I was personally brought in to just set up the jam rather than as the initial idea, but in my experience it is definitely disheartening to see a bunch of highly polished assets next to something which has been done in a weekend. 

Perhaps if someone has been preparing something like Summerlands it may be a good idea to add a button which people click to say "Yes this has been made entirely over the weekend" versus "This has had assets prepared beforehand but was programmed over the weekend".

I'd say general rules: no assholes 

But yeah you can even form teams, just for fairness it's good to leave actually putting it all together until the actual start date

You can either chat to people here, use or make a post (and look) under the hashtag of #PastelJam18 on twitter. 

Thank you for making this game, it felt like an extra message to watch children playing this game at Now Play This

Had a great time slapping things, would recommend for people who want to slap things. 10/10

✌ works for me, though the great sound is a little loud :P 

It looks great and plays great too! My only feedback is that I didn't know I could click on the book, until I did, and that's the only way how I learnt I could actually defeat the animals instead of having to try to sneak though, though it would be nice to do a pacifist run. 

Thanks all :D I definitely could improve the GUI, I think if I wanted to make it amazing I'd use SVG to make hit-boxes perfect.

And yes that learning curve is an issue.

Brilliant, I think this is great. It's really funny, a decent challenge and fits the theme really well. Only issue I'd have is that I feel the rocket should have the classic keyboard positioning + mouse firing, otherwise you end up firing backwards when moving backwards.

Great job!

Was fun! With a bit of polish on this (with some sound effects and an art theme) this would be really awesome. A nice challenge and plays well.

Also dang that evil lewis we'll never defeat his schemes!

Great aesthetics, would be amazing with a few beeps or audible number counts as you click chests/ kill clowns.

All in all did not rip my dick off. Also learnt basic counting.

Great game! I feel some of the choices weren't recorded correctly, but apart from that it was great exploring the dungeon.

This would be amazing as a procedural game as well.

I may revisit this at one point to add in cross-platform compatability, but it was entirely developed in Chrome so that's definitely an issue.

I've updated the main page with some free music done specifically for Sipsjam! by