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The idea of controlling both characters works really well and is fun to play!

Nice submission! I liked the santa gift gun model.

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The gameplay is pretty fun and challenging. Santa's hitbox is a little too big though, which isn't great in a game like this. I do like the fact that the elves actively move towards the dropped presents.

The game still does not run for me from the link you provided. It's also still quite small compared to the other games at 625kb. When trying to start I get an error saying UnityPlayer.dll was not found.

The collissions are a little awkward but the theme of the game is very relevant and I enjoyed it!

The idea of this game is pretty creative and the art looks nice. Ultimately it's a kind of memory/puzzle game where you try to remember the value that each of the items has to each of the characters. A minor improvement could be a progress indicator, as I had no idea when the game would end.

Good job on managing to finish and submit a game!

It ran great for me and I didn't run into serious bugs. Gameplay-wise the fact that just avoiding the dinosaurs worked a lot better than fighting them is a little problematic, but I had some fun nonetheless :)

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After seeing previews of this game in discord I had high hopes and I was not disappointed. I actually played this game for over an hour. The interdependence of buildings is fun to manage the power-up after each level gives it replay value.

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This game has a nice, coherent artistic style and some actually solid gameplay. 

The game seems to end fairly abruptly though. I'm not sure if I'm missing something but in the end I always run out of presents and don't get any more, despite hitting every single present. People keep dropping down but I have no presents to give them, so that's a sudden game over.

Edit: I take that back. Sometimes you need to dodge people while waiting for presents but thanks to the santa hat power-up it seems entirely possible to keep going for a good while.

Quite a short but enjoyable little game that highlights the fact that quality artwork takes a while to make. I especially loved the art but the game also seemed functionally sound.

Quick remark: You might want to explain to the user that he needs to press space to advance the dialogue. For a second I thought the game had just immediately crashed when I saw the empty dialogue box when starting inside the van.

Fun little game, particularly for non-native english speakers like myself I presume.

A minor improvement could be to make sure each phrase gets used only once per round/game.

I've also found a bug where the first phrase after a restart will sometimes fly very far out of the screen.

Nice little game, I had fun playing!

Couple of remarks:

The amount of dynamites spawned goes up a bit too quickly for my liking. Also, maybe you could link the amount of dynamites spawned to the amount of presents currently laying inside the house?