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Lazy Monday Games

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We loved your game olewollie! Great work :)

Sorry to hear that, any error message it's giving you?

Haven't had trouble running it anywhere else so I can't guess without more info :(

Awesome game! Great fun, very slick and polished

good work here - felt a bit odd being able to shoot in any direction with the mouse while being restricted to 4 directions for movement

still fun :)

simple mechanics but quite fun - deserves to be fleshed out more 

thank you!

i found the controls quite difficult to get my head around but i like the environment - nice and crisp

wasn't too sure what to do but i like the idea - there's actually a big girl easter egg in our game, if you knock over the computer monitor 

fun little game - and I like the click and drag mechanic, would love if there was a little more leeway on where you were allowed to click and a bit more juice 

givebot is great! ended up squashing more survivors than i saved probably but i had fun

thank you for playing! i agree with the point about objects having bigger colliders than they should - we ran into quite a few issues combining 2d + 3d in this way, given more time we would have tried to iron that out and make it less frustrating.

bit of confusion at first but did manage to escape after sacrificing everyone in the village 

interesting game idea and i like the art - just some clearer instructions might help in future

i must protect my kobolds

the sound effects for digging and gathering are quite pleasing - i thought the game was quite relaxing

good work


cool camera and style - the beginnings of something fun, maybe some sound effects would help delivering gifts feel more gratifying?

love the feeling of grabbing those little dudes and shaking them around !

cool game! nicely polished given the timeframe

let us know what you think and consider rating - thank you

This was great! Super snappy and fun, loved stacking the gifts

wow! impressive level of finish for so little time - love the voxel style

you're feeding my city builder addiction

our game is quite short - would love to watch your reaction

if you're still looking for games to play try our stealth santa game

i really love this game! the art is so clean and cute, great sound effects, a real pleasure to play. 

i hope more people find this one :)

i really like the pixel art - character might be moving a bit too fast for the run cycle playback speed though

cute graphics - it's fun to drive around and cause total mayhem

fun game loop - i like the lights and shooting effects

if you're still looking for games to try please let us know what you think of our stealth/action game

if you're still looking for games to play would love to hear feedback

hope you enjoy - let us know what you think :)

Great stuff! Granimation is awesome

this game is quite hard but i love the random names

i like the different characters skins - great idea

i don't think i can make it past the 2nd level i'm too slow, but i had fun all the same :)

thank you for trying it! will bear that in mind in future to try and make the goal a bit clearer

i like the facial expressions !