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Yay, we escaped! As others have mentioned it's a bit tough to figure out what to do / how you influence the town, but once you get the controls it makes sense. I wish there was a way to know how complete the longboat is, I wasn't sure if contributing 10% to it was worth it vs using some other building. It seemed to me that I got a lot of "villager +1" messages (pretty much every day), but I was running out of people to sacrifice towards the end!
The game seems to be a very cool half way point between Kingdoms and Reigns, with a sweet viking theme. Well done!


Yeah, that's very fair feedback - something we'll definitely address once the jam is over :) And yes, that's something that we just ran out of time to address during the jam (but again, something we'll add post jam). That's a balance issue I ran into as well (RE: villager number) so definitely something to look at. 

That's very high praise, thank you! Never played Kingdom, but I've certainly played Reigns so that was something that definitely inspired some elements. In fact the board game version of Reigns the Highrollers played a few weeks ago was something that was in the back of my mind, for sure.

Thank you for the feedback, very appreciated :))